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06-07-2007, 23:17
Having recently deluded myself into thinking that I'd finished my WFB Chaos army, I managed to make a start on at least 3 semi-new projects. Then I promptly found more unpainted models hiding in a box that was mislabeled as belonging to my dwarf army... Having seen a huge number of successful logs here from those people with backlogs in need of painting and motivation I've decided to join on in and get cracking. And now for the to do list.


1x Daemon Prince - WIP
1x Chaos Spawn
4x Flamers - WIP
4x Minotaurs (mostly from the old warhammer quest boxed game)
3x Dragon Ogres

~60x Warriors - some to be done as longbeards
20x thunderers
10x quarellers
10x rangers
20x miners
3x cannons
1x organ gun
1x flame cannon
10x slayers - need repainting
2x runesmiths - including kragg the grim
3x thanes - one as a BSB, one on oathstone. that new box was too tempting...
1x master engineer - old special character model with powerfist-like arm

This is the army I'm painting for the TOFP and is practically new, I only have a couple of old school Von Carstein models hiding somewhere. But since they're not even undercoated and I'm building a Lahmian army that doesn't change much.

40x skeletons (have 32, currently being worked on)
8x calvalry - unbuilt
2x vampires
and a bunch of other models that I still need to get to flesh out(bad pun I know) the army, including a huge number of zombies/skeletons for summoning.

I also have some classic high elves that may some time start to get worked on, but that'll probably wait until after the new book comes out. No chance all of the rest of this stuff will get done before that.


Thousand Sons
9x Rubric Marines
9x Rubric Terminators
1x Sorcerer - repaint
2x Rhino - one in dire need of a repaint

The goal is to get these guys done before September so I don't have a backlog of models to modify to fit the new rules.

Other Chaos
1x Cypher + command squad - for fun, not much game use these days
6x plague marines
3x chaos bikes - probably will wait for the codex on these guys

Dark Eldar
~20x warriors
2x Raiders
5x Jet bikes
1x Archon
8x witches

3x Dreadnoughts
~30x tactical marines
2x rhinos
2x land speeders
3x bikes
2x attack bikes
5x scouts
5x assault marines
several random characters

I'm debating whether or not to use these to expand the DA army I painted ages ago or to just start a DIY chapter from scratch. I had a couple of models in my bits box that took a quick slap of paint to test out a purple-bone scheme that I rather like.


Ratskin Gang
8x ratskins
1x special heavy stubber character


Dark Elf Team
Orc Team
Human Team

The last 2 are the ones that came with the game and it'd be fun to have them painted even if I practically never play with them any longer.


1x Leviathan Helljack
6x Bane Thralls
6x Revenants - think undead pirates
1x Skarlock thrall
1x Pistol Wratih
1x Liche Lord

Wow, looking back at that its going to be a rather long project to get all this done. And that assumes I don't add more... like that'll ever happen.

So first up on the painting desk I've got a unit of 20 skeletons, a unit of 10 dwarf handgunners and a dwarven thane (plastic one from warhammer quest). That should take care of my TOFP painting and allow me to keep up the dwarves and undead on that project. Pics should improve once I get my camera set up properly, but heres whats getting started on

Lars Beernuts
07-07-2007, 10:01
Best of luck with all that, I know exactly how you feel - using a project log for the exact same reason!

09-07-2007, 01:01
After a bit of a painting spree I've got a couple of updates on the projects at hand. First off, I finished the 32 skeletons that I had built and primed. Both of them have movement trays, but they all still need to have their shields done. One of the units (the 20strong one) needs a bit of static grass to improve their bases, though at least the base model is done.

I realized I didn't have a color scheme for my dwarves after I'd finished their faces and beards so I pulled out a runesmith and slapped some paint on him. Also did a vampire countess/thrall in between waiting for him to dry at various stages.

Sounds like a decent progress, but I then proceeded to go out and get the beginnings of my grave guard regiment (13 of em) that I'm making out of Tomb guard models. They fit better with the lahmian VC IMO. Add a banshee and there's another several hundred points to work on.

Comments welcome, especially any regarding how to set my camera properly to take better pics.

10-07-2007, 02:30
Its rather encouraging to know that I'm not the only one with a huge backlog of models in need of painting, it makes it just that much easier to keep churning out painted goodies. Time for another little update since I've gotten a small amount of painting done today.

After getting my color scheme (somewhat) set for my dwarves I took off and half-painted the unit of thunderers before I realized that I really do prefer batch painting in groups of 5. Especially with flesh and highlights to do, I tend to keep them more regular and don't skip as many spots due to lots of similar plastic bits. So the first rank is almost complete, I say almost because after taking another look at them I feel they still need a little something else. Static grass is a possibility, as is a bit more highlighting on the beards, any comments or suggestions are most welcome.

The Laughing God
10-07-2007, 02:43
Wow! Looks like you have a lot to paint! :D

The pics are a bit fuzzy except for the skeleton pic. They look really good, I like the purple on them.

I looked through your long list of models and saw that you have a Dark Eldar force! That's awesome! I havn't seen anyone on these logs with em.

Good Luck,
-The Laughing God-

10-07-2007, 21:51
Yea, its rather a huge project to get them all done. But I don't really anticipate ever finishing all of my mini's, they have this bad habit of multiplying when I'm not paying attention. Having not had a lot of time to invest in the hobby for the last few years makes it just seem that much more daunting.

I'd been looking forward to working on the DE for a while, but after several failed paint schemes I put them back in the box. I couldn't find a dark blue or purple armor that I liked enough to keep painting them. Though with the rerelease of the Eldar Codex I've been thinking about finding a way to warp one of the craftworld schemes for something like the "Ulthewe Betrayers" as a theme. Any suggestions?

Anyways, enough tangent rambling. Its time for another update. Finished the thunderers unit, added some static grass for the bases and added another touch of highlighting on the beards. They still feel like they're lacking something though. Thoughts?

Up Next: Skeleton shields, Daemon Prince/Exalted, Dwarf Thane

12-07-2007, 04:06
Having fiddled around a bit I put together a photobucket account so I can post (hopefully) better quality images of the stuff I'm working on. Due to a lack of good lighting I can only take decent pics during the day, but the dwarf thane is done and the daemon prince is progressing nicely. The sprues of shields for my skeletons have been put on temporary hold since I ran out of superglue... no point painting them if I can't stick them on right away.

My current VC stuff in my case:


And another try at getting a good pic from the thunderers:


As always, C&C most welcome.

12-07-2007, 08:56
I like the way you did your skellies. And the red tied everything together nicely. keep it up! ;)

(oh, and thank you for getting a PB accoutn! i'm sometimes too lazy to click thumbnails! :p)

13-07-2007, 22:08
Just a small update for today. I managed to finish my dwarven thane a couple of days ago, but couldn't manage to get a decent picture of him. Now that my camera is behaving a bit better I have some. I also finished off the batch of shields I needed to do for my skeletons, so that makes my first TOFP instalment for both VC and Dwarf armies.

VC Month 1:
20x Skeletons - full command (185)


Dwarves Month 1:
10x Thunderers (140)
1x Thane - great weapon, rune of stone (74)
Total - 214 pts


I stalled out a bit on my daemon prince, so my banshee, organ gun crew and a rank of dwarf warriors have been undercoated and added to the queue at the painting station. I'll try and get a shot of the WIP daemon posted later. As always, C&C are welcome and appreciated.

14-07-2007, 23:59
I must say that painting war machines is a superb way to feel like your army is getting done. 4 models, 120 points and an entire line on my to do list. So for a minimum amount of painting my organ gun made me feel like a lot got painted.


And having finished that I'm back working on my daemon prince and finally got stuck. I'm fairly pleased with the skin, but the yellow-gold armor still needs some work, the bone bits need a bit of shading and I'm at a complete loss at what to do for the hair. So here's the WIP pic, quality on the pic is fairly terrible but I'd appreciate any input.


18-07-2007, 17:06
Its been a couple of days since my last update, but its been slow going on the painting. Those 3rd edition plastic dwarf warriors are certainly not an inspiring unit to paint. But I finished off the front rank of them, the old metal command look a lot better and the plastic axmen look terrible, but a lot of that is due to the sculpt I think. And given the color scheme I'm working with I've started thinking of them as the Adeptus Dwarvicus.

Again, apologies for the quality of the pic. I'll take some better ones once the other 18 are done.


And my banshee got done, I'm a little disappointed with how it turned out. I might repaint it later, but in all likelihood I'll wait and see if new banshees come out with the VC redux next year before I redo what I just did.


As always, C&C are welcome.

03-08-2007, 00:16
Its been a while since I last updated this painting log, but time for painting has been a bit scarce for the last several weeks. Since I finished enough VC models and dwarves to cover August's TOFP installment and the new Chaos Codex is due out shortly I've put my thousand sons on the painting table. After far too long the terminators had their weapons properly replaced and have been rebased on 40mm large bases so they'll match the new ones and not fall over.

The last of my rubric marines are about half done, but the rhino has just recieved its first layer of regal blue. Still to do on them: gems, eyes, metal bits (pipes, rebreather grills, etc) need detailing, guns and then finall basing. They'll probably need a bit of touching up on some of the blue as well.


03-08-2007, 09:03
looking really good there, blue is looking quite nice and so does the yellow, metallics are done really well too! :D keep up the good work would like to see these finished!!!! :)

Best regards

07-08-2007, 19:58
Well I've "finished" the rubric marines. The bases and guns aren't quite done yet, but everything that I showed earlier has been cleaned up and the details got a fair bit of highlighting. I ended up switching from the yellow eyes in the WIP shot to a red/orange to match the gems and keep it a bit closer in line with the rest of my army.


As usual my photography leaves much to be desired, but as my 3rd squad of rubrics, they look far better than the first two. The blue-yellow striping on the helms is much better than the previous units.

I also started in on some of my terminators, but since I've got 9 of them they're going to be done in batches of 3 so they get a bit more work each. Hopefully the spare sprue will hold the arms through painting.


And since I actually do have a lot more painted stuff than has been seen here, here's what is sitting on the shelf with the Rubric squad awaiting their guns.


The army also has 2 rubric squads with rhinos, another defiler, a daemon prince, a small host of lesser daemons, a dread, Ahriman and a couple other sorcerers that have all been finished. I'll probably take a group shot once the army is done and before any new chaos start getting added.

And if anyone knows a way to size the pics I post so they don't add a scroll bar to every pg of my log I'd appreciate it. Oh, feel free to crack the whips if my progress starts slacking off. Codex: Chaos is imminent.

17-08-2007, 18:06
Progress has been fairly dismal on my terminators, but I finally got the last of my rubric marines armed, based and varnished. The terminators are probably about half done by now (all 3 of them...) and still need touch ups, metal highlights, red/yellow details and a solution for the coloration on the spikes.

First off the WIP shot:

The arms are at the same stage but the pics invariably turn out worse if I try and get everything in.

And my rubrics, again I can't seem to get a decent photo of these guys to save my life, but they looks significantly better in the flesh imho.


My next mini-project is going to be an easy one I think, something I can finish and call done. I'm thinking a blood bowl ball should fit the bill....

19-08-2007, 20:12
Quick pic-less update while before I go off in search of more batteries for my digital camera.

The first 3 terminators are done, which leaves me with a grand total of 6 terminators and 1 rhino (WIP) to do before September 8th when my new chaos stuff will show up. I might even make it.

Unfortunately all this 40k painting has left me lagging on my ToFP stuff which needs to be done by the 31st. I could use some of the extra stuff I finished last month, but I've got another 18 dwarves to add to the command rank shown above and 13 grave guard (TG models) that were my planned units for August. Assuming of course I don't get side-tracked again on some other project.

22-08-2007, 15:27
Hmmm... another double/triple/etc post from me. Oh well as long as I'm adding pics of my progress I don't think its to much self-agrandizement. That and I did say in the ToFP thread that I was going to post my to paint in (now) just 9 days.

A little more work has been done since this pic was taken, ~5 coats of yellow on some details on the rhino, more highlights on the dwarves' skin and the cloth bits on the GG have gotten a lick of red.


As always I'd appreciate any comments out there, hopefully I'll get one of the units done in the next day or so and post more pics.

31-08-2007, 00:28
There's been a bit of a dry spell in my painting, though that was rectified yesterday with the arrival of my new brushes. These ones actually hold a point... imagine that.


Brand new brushes in hand I finished another months' worth of ToFP undead in the form of 13 grave guard w/command. They will get shields eventually, but somehow those were misplaced.


My last unpainted rhino is almost done as well, just needs the combi-bolter and havoc launcher done. Hopefully that'll be done tonight, if it is and my camera doesn't give out there'll be more pics later on.

04-09-2007, 23:38
Hmmm, I just looked at how many posts I've made w/o drawing any commentary. Oh well, I'll try another update and see if its worth my intermittent pic posting.

First up are the Terminators. Currently 6 are done, 3 are left to try and finish before Saturday when my army box is due to show up.


Not a fantastic picture, but they're my rubric terminators for the next 5 days. Then they're just Tzeentch marked ones, hence the reaper autocannon I dug out for the one on the left.

Next up is the rhino for the rubric squad shown previously (not the termies):


I also fixed up the first rhino I painted so it doesn't look as out of place as it used too (it was an excessively bright blue).

After that I ransacked my box of SM parts and found my broken landraider, several unbuilt squads of marines, a unit of extra old school unit of the original plastic marines and a pair of rhinos which have now been appropriated for the dark gods.