View Full Version : NZS take on anyone in the Breather

Deng Ham
08-07-2007, 11:23
If I understood it corect. We can freely play games against other stunty teams. If so, the steaks are ready to take on anybody. To make up for the loss of two trophys that clearly shoud have been hauled home.

08-07-2007, 15:08
Take on th0r first.

08-07-2007, 17:57
So in the first game after the championship the Pants let the fans down losing 2-1. However.. the pants destroyed the chaos flings and sent them screaming off the pitch. :skull: Word to the wise, mess with our offense and we will kill you! 12 total casualties!!

Friendly reminder to the rest of the stunty league.


Deng Ham
08-07-2007, 18:34
It was a messy game. Kyle clocked in 10+ SPP only on cas... And at the last turn in the game I had no player left on the field. This included a killed Spuzt and gimme lip. The loss of sputz was a hard blow. But we will recover. The win was the only comfort the steaks had. And the Steaks have awarded a bounty on kyle. To get him served at a steak party will mark the end of the grudge the team now have for that player. Ghorlaz was close to kille the dammed frenzyed player. when his saw grinded into the chest of kyle. Unfortunatly 'pant apo managed to patch him back together.

09-07-2007, 12:49
Ouch that's a hard outcome! But then again, what do you think will happen when you put over-acheiving 'flings in front of crazy Gnomes with bombs!

Deng Ham
09-07-2007, 14:00
Ouch that's a hard outcome! But then again, what do you think will happen when you put over-acheiving 'flings in front of crazy Gnomes with bombs!

OVER-ACHEIVING... no 'fling on my theam have performed above what I have expected of them. They have not won any title since the stunty weapon turney. And that's 2 trophys back. No they shoud do much better than this. Mutch better.

09-07-2007, 22:51
Over achieving is any fling or stunty that lives for more than ten games.

My match with Deng;

NZS 2 Mecca 0

Not surprising my fan factor dropped in this game. It all went Pete Tong. Too many bone heads, too many early injuries and to top it off when i had a great chance of scoring with my ag4 stunty/dodge slave worthless, all i had to do was move out of a tackle zone and he tripped, lost the ball lost the game. It was "Worthless" who did this and will be considered for the scrimmage line next game as punishment. I even considered blitz the opposing fling, Worthless was drugged up with str2 and had a slave assisting but I thought no better play it safe and just get the touchdown. To put me in a better mood the mouse I am using was playing up, a cheap scroll ball (remember them with all the dust that collects inside) startd playing up. My optical had died a few days ago the led kept on having fits.

However moment of the match was when superhardman fling Gumball picked on ulyses 31 hahhahhah. He had a fling assisting giving him a choice of three attack dice. They all came up skulls and he had used his re rolls, oddly he was only badly hurt I was really hoping for a death.

For this I will award man of the match to Ulysses 31 (his name is inverted).

After the game Worthless skulked in the corner while the techies fitted this magnetron device to Robocop. It seems that stunties are not keen to stand next to him and often try to get out of his tackle zone. So by using the magnetic pull of their armour robocop will follow.

Deng Ham
14-07-2007, 14:35
New Zaggarund Steaks vs Disney Faire Union

The steaks where full of confidence when thay took on the pixies. Word had gone out among the fans, to demolish the Disney morale prior to the game. They had broken into the locker room of the DFU, sabotached vehicles, spreadin roumorurs. The result of this was a mass arest and that the refs favored the DFU. But still the Steaks where fealing good.

The game was sett in a quick Steak attack. And within short time. They had scored. Both chainsaws performed briliantly the first half. And started on the first attempt at both kick offs. After the re kick, the pixies sett forth. With amazing dodges and runing tru the dens packed Zaggarund defence. But alas for them, the ball was covered in gress, and they where unable to make a sucsessfull pass. NZS had plenty of chances to puch forward. But the greese stopped them as well. Not untill the finale minutes of the half, Murphey got the ball into the TD zone. The Steaks where full off bloodlust. And wanted to see players down. But unfortunalty, there where no blood. But they got plenty of wood resin. As two trees where out for the rest of the game. Including killing Birchfoot.

As the second half began, the Disney union where dramaticly low on players. And with only one Treeman to protect the line. It was open for the minos to strike on softer targets. And maqny a faires where taken out early. And another early TD for the Steaks. But DFU stil wanted to win the game. And in the kick off they rushed forward. And getting the ball way down the NZS half. But where stopped fiew feet from the line. The steaks could not manage to get the ball up field, and the game ended a somewhat dissapointing 2-1 for the Steaks. Who had hpoed to score mutch more.

14-07-2007, 15:27
Great to see DFU back in action.