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08-07-2007, 15:32
Hey guys

Been on a break for half a year now, and since GD Germany is approaching very fast (exactly 4 weeks from now:eek: ), I realised I needed to get my lazy ass back into gear and start gettin' back my skills. I started painting about a week ago. These were the results:


08-07-2007, 15:32



08-07-2007, 15:37

Both models are still being worked on ofcourse, but the vostroyan is almost finished.

I'm also assembling my empire reinforcements battalion, lovely stuff. I'm hoping to pump out a nice empire army this summer. I almost did it last year, but now I'm hoping to get a real army done. Just need to get the army book and make a list. I've got a few conversion ideas. The new plastic flagellant look quite good with swordmen's arms. The only thing I do need is a colorscheme for my soldiers. Any suggestions?

More pics will folow

C&C welcome,


08-07-2007, 15:48
ohhh hello :D

i'd put a coupl more bits of slate on the vostroyan base, apart from that they look very promising and glad to see you again :)


dave is the best
08-07-2007, 15:53
Yay my idol is back. another thread to hang round in. Good luck at keeping with this.


12-07-2007, 17:40
Thanks for the comment guys. Ive been quite busy last few days. Very rare for me to get a model painted up within a few days! So I present to you:

The Hellblaster Volley Gun





This model is a realy beauty. I enjoyed assembling and painting it very much. Only some places need finishing suchs as the wheels, the hammers and the skulls. All the wood is layered, a time consuming job, but the result is very cool. The base is made of balsawood and cardboard. Unfortunately it warped slightly, but I'm going to make add balsawood strips on the side (once I've bought them).

Next up: Hellblaster crew (I hope to get a few pics up tomorrow, because Saturday I'm going to Orlando, Florida for a week, so no pics next week. I do hope to buy some more Empire stuff)

C&C welcome as always,


P.S.: What do you guys think of the pics? Are they of better quality than first?

12-07-2007, 18:36
Picture wise, tone down the lighting eversoslightly and you should be fine.

Just for some helpful critism, the back of the gun is a little plain. I think if you painted the circular thing at the back bronze or similar you would get a nice striking model. I do *really* like the base though.

- Huw

24-07-2007, 19:52
Thanks mate. Well, returned from Florida (after a bit of a detour of 500 kilometers by bus :S) but I bought some cool ****. 2 boxes of outriders and a box of handgunners, some sculpting tools, hacksaw and a load of balsa wood. Here's what's going on:

Almost finished crew member (painted before I left):



Sorry for the crappy pics, still suck at taking pics.

GD Germany entry:


The oval wooden thing will get a stain, to make it look better. The champion will get new arms sculpted on. They'll be painted in talabheim heraldry. Nothing difficult. Still got 9 days to get it finished.

Any suggestions, comment or critics welcome as always,


25-07-2007, 00:00
Heres a Suggestion.... Hurry up and finish! It all looks really good, Especally that Hellblaster. Im so jealous....

25-07-2007, 10:03
Especially for EmperorsChamp01 and everyone who likes the Hellblaster:


Added balsawood rods around it, so you can't see it's warped. Don't know which colour it will be painted. But I'm quite satisfied with how it looks.

Here are some WIP pics of various stuff:




As you can see, I've got enough different units. Maybe even enough to make an army. I'll get the armybook tomorrow.

25-07-2007, 10:08
GD Entry:


Guns are now cleaned and glued on. Heads are also cleaned, but still need to get them glued on. After that I'll get on with the accessoires, pouches, daggers, etc. Upper arms of the champ have got some more GS now, looks good IMO. More tomorrow.

C&C appreciated

23-08-2007, 14:34
Finally back again

I've been quite busy last weeks so here's a few pics:




Well I'm in a bit of a hurry so I'm off to work now

C&C as always, welcome


23-08-2007, 15:08
looking really nice there, the checkerds on the GD mini is nice and neat great job there the only thing to me that looks incomplete on the mini is the skin, other than that over all nice mini :D
the wizzy seems to be going well but to dark to really tell :P
on the cavalry the metalics are done spot on great job there, and the feather is really nice top job!

Best regards

23-08-2007, 21:57
Cool ork! Awesome painting on him too.

24-08-2007, 07:39
Thanks guys

I still can't get the pics at a good quality without flash unfortunately. I'll get some pics with flash this weekend, maybe today (have to work from 1200 pm 'till 2200 pm today, so there's little free time).

Here's a little more info on the pics.

The wizard is an amethyst wizard for my empire stuff. I painted him mostly with warlock purple, graveyard earth and catachan green or a mix of these colours.

The outriders (also for my empire army) are still very WIP. Only the metallics and their pants are painted. Still have another box of pistoliers/outriders, but I'm not sure which guys I should build, suggestions welcome.

@ discover&see: Could you please tell me why the skin doesn't look finished? I presume it's too dark, but that's because I didn't use flash on the pics.

I've still got 3 more GD minis (of which I'll paint another one), so if anyone is interested PM me

This is an attempt at sculpting a savage orc thingy:p I gave the legs more bulk and attempted to sculpt the chest since this picture has been taken.