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Commissar Bob
08-07-2007, 18:49
Hi everyone,

I recently played my first necromunda campaign while I was out in college, and my friends and I are planning another. But as I have pondered the upcoming campaign a few questions have come to mind and I was hoping all you smart, intelligent, kind, handsome, brilliant etc. warseer geniuses could help me out. :p

1. I thought I read somewhere that there is some form of strength modifier for armor saves in addition to that possessed by certain weapons like the lasgun and chaisword. But I didn't see it in the online rulebook when I checked. Is this true and if so where could I find it in the rulebook?:confused:
-I ask because I am planning on a Goliath gang and I want to give my gang leader a massive club, yet still want him to be able to deal with enforcers if neccesary.

2. Is the sharpshooter skill too powerful? In our last campaign one gang had a BS 5 sharpshooter with a lasgun and he was very dominating.

3. Has anyone played the Chaos Gate campaign? I will also be the arbitrator for the campain and I liked the looks of the Chaos Gate. Is it a fair and balanced set of rules?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

Commissar Bob

Fire Mountain
08-07-2007, 19:33
1. Yes, the S also modifies the save.
A S4 hit will give a -1 modifier to Armour Saves.
A S5 hit will give a -2 modifier to Armour Saves.
A S6 hit will give a -3 modifier to Armour Saves and so on.

For instance:
A Lasgun fitted with a Hotshot Powerpack recieves a +1S for a total of S4.
The Lasgun has an additional -1 As modifier. Combined with the S4 of the weapon it will give a total of -2 to the Armour Save.

2. Sharpshooter?.
Do you mean Marksman?. If that is the case, no. It's not to good.
It all depends on what you arm the model with. If you arm him with a Lasgun, then yes, he will be pretty powerful. But there are always ways around this.
Just use terrain and then wack him in the head or pour some flames over him if he is bunkered.

3. I don't really know about this. Never tried it. But if you do, please tell us how it was ;).

09-07-2007, 01:52
The additional Save Mods only apply in H2H. And even then you only use the highest modifier. Thay don't stack. For example, a S4 ganger with Bionic Arm using a Chainsword still only gets a -2 Save, not -2 for S5 and an adiotional -1 for the weapon.

As far as Marksman goes, it's a good skill but not overpowered. OK, longer range and doesn't have to shoot the closest target. Heavy Stubbers still have a longer range and can do way more damage.

It's just a random skill, it's not likely that the whole gang will get it.

Commissar Bob
09-07-2007, 05:20
Where in the rulebook does it talk about the armor save modifiers? I coudn't find where it talked about the strength of the weapon being factored in when I looked today.

Also thank you for the responses.

Commissar Bob

09-07-2007, 09:01
On page 24, part of the Hand to hand section, in reference to weapons without a set strength, it provides the guidelines for working out their armour save modifier. Note that catferret is right and it only applies to weapons with a strength that is modified by the user's strength (ie swords, clubs, knives, etc). Weapons with a fixed strength only get the armour save modifier listed.

Edit: Thats in the living rulebook, in the original printed rulebook its page 28

10-07-2007, 14:15
So range weapons doesn't give any save modifiers, regardless of strenght?

10-07-2007, 14:20
They have their own Save Mods as shown in their profiles.