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09-07-2007, 20:28
what exactly are spyres, the fanatic mag i got does not explain them very well

any advice would be great and if any one has any model ideas that would be great

Damien 1427
09-07-2007, 20:58
Essentially young Spire nobility using hyperadvanced combat rigs that hunt commoners as a sick rite of passage.

Where the rigs themselves come from is a mystery. Odds are they're Dark Age of technology relics, but there's a (Frankly silly when you consider the distance, age of the Tau Empire and even the technology used) theory it's Tau tech.

They rules used to be brutal, just as they should be in my eyes. They're trained killers in equipment that'd give a Space Marine pause. The current versions are nerfed something chronic.

As for models, it's pretty hard as the style used is rather unique. I daresay you could build an Orrus out of terminator, Tau and Eldar parts, and I recall a 1,000 Credit Malcadon built out of a Striking Scorpion Phoenix Lord with a head and arm swap.

10-07-2007, 02:24
The Spyrers are meant to be the gang of elites. You only get 3-5 members, so you have to be careful with them. They require tactics different from the usual gangs. They come with a lot more eq and special rules to make up for this, they all start with armour a couple get invulnerable saves and most start with extra movement. They have special rules regarding their hunt as well, certain objectives to complete.

Recently they have been toned down a little in regards to their long term power (they are still just as powerful at the start). It's not possible to buy them so much xp anymore and their power boosts can't be gained 3 times anymore just once like a skill. However this means that in some cases the powerboosts have been increased. They have also been provided with a couple of mentors that can be used once per hunt. And at the end of the hunt now, you can replace spyrers (both the dead ones and the crap ones you want to retire) with new (inexperienced) spyrers, providing more long term playability (which is part of why they had to be downgraded a bit).