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10-07-2007, 21:34
I've been digging around through some boxes and I found an old disk with the attached file on it. I wrote it about 10 years ago just as Mordheim was released.

Looking through it now I think it's not as balanced as could be, but then again I can't be bothered to change it now. Hope you like it!

Here's a taster:



Humanity is barely out of its cradle, yet it strides towards self-destruction with all the determination of a Slayer. If the Humans fall, it will be only a matter of time before Ulthuan follows them into darkness.

~ Cyeos, High Loremaster of the Tower of Hoeth

* * *

Of all the fortune-hunters, crusaders, mercenaries and miscreants who rushed to Mordheim, only the High Elves fully understood the sheer magnitude of the threat posed by that most accursed of cities, and of all the races to walk its dark streets they were the most resistant to its malign influence. Their disciplined minds and indomitable willpower allowed them to resist the madness that seemed to saturate the very air of the city for longer than any other race.

* * *

The Elves of Ulthuan had long kept themselves apart from the affairs of Men, but that was to change at the dawn of the second millennium of Our Lord Sigmar, more than five hundred years before the reign of our current Emperor, the most benevolent Karl Franz.

When Morrslieb’s twin tailed meteorite was seen arching through the night sky towards the Empire, it passed through the star-constellation known to the Elves as The Knuckle Bones of Morai-Heg, (the Elven Crone-Goddess of Fate), before impacting to the north-east of the Empire. The ancient High Elves - or Asur as they are called in their mother tongue - saw this as an omen that the fate of Humanity was somehow linked with their own, and though normally an introverted race with little interest in the world beyond Ulthuan’s sacred shores, they took a renewed interest in the Human Realms.

Though not a fact recorded in Ulthuan’s great Book of Days, the appearance of the twin-tailed meteorite was the deciding factor in the Phoenix King’s decision to allow one of his princes, Finubar the Seafarer, to open relations with the Human Realms once more.

Far from the Court of the Phoenix King, in the dreaming province of Saphery, the Tower of Hoeth’s mighty Geomancers sensed the cursed-meteorite’s impact in the distant land of Ostermark. They advised the Tower’s White Council that the event had radically changed the flows of the Winds of Magic across the Old World, causing them to swirl in a nexus around the impact site and that the event was a portent of great change.

This news concerned the aged High Loremaster of the White Tower beyond measure, and from then on his every sleeping moment was filled with terrible visions. So disturbed was he by these nightmares that just one year after the meteorite had passed overhead (2001 by Imperial records), he made a desperate pilgrimage to the shrine of the great-god Asuryan.

Prostrating himself before the Eternal Flame of the Emperor God, the High Loremaster begged to be released from the nightmares. The story goes that in the twelfth hour of thirteenth night of his until-then sleepless vigil, the ancient High Loremaster gave in to exhaustion and slept. The moment his eyes closed the nightmares returned, only this time clearer and with a purpose. When he awoke once more, Cyeos, High Loremaster of Hoeth and greatest Mage in all of Ulthuan, broke down and wept.

In his vision Cyeos had seen the return of Chaos to the Mortal Realms. He saw the darkness that had been brought by the meteorite to Mordheim spreading across the land, preparing a way for the Apocalypse, heralding the return of the Four Powers and a second great Chaos Incursion. Upon his return to the Tower, Cyeos called a closed session of the White Council. Few can say what evidence Cyeos brought to bear to verify his claims, but whatever his words they must have been dire indeed. By the time the assembled Loremasters emerged from their council chambers, they had already set in motion a chain of events that would forever change the course of Ulthuan’s history.

The decision was made to send a small force of Tower agents to investigate any threat that Mordheim might pose to the Asur, and if possible, to neutralise it. The mission was to be an entirely clandestine affair, kept secret from even the Phoenix King and his advisors. Relations between Ulthuan and the lands of Men were all but non-existent at that time. If the squabbling Elector Counts of the Old World learned that a powerful faction from within Ulthuan was launching a military expedition so deep into contested Imperial lands, it would have spelt disaster for the venture before it had even begun.

Several months passed without word from the small force of Swordmasters that had been sent to Mordheim, until that fateful grey morning when the captain of the expedition returned. His armour was tarnished and battered, a fresh scar stretched down the side of his haunted face, and it was clear that he was the sole survivor of this doomed venture. Most astonishing of all was the Swordmaster’s long mane of hair - where it had been a glossy black before, it was now an almost translucent white.

He brought a tale of horror from Mordheim, calling it the City of the Damned. He told of crazed Humans, driven to extremes of savagery and brutality by the promise of gold. He spoke of Beastmen, Orcs, and all manner of mutants and monsters walking free through its soot-blackened streets. He described how daemons and the restless dead lurked in every shadow, waiting to catch the unwary.

Yet worst by far was his description of the tangible evil that hung in the very air of Mordheim. He described it as sentient, daemonic and dangerously powerful. He gave it a name; the Shadowlord.

The Swordmaster strike-force had been slain, one by one; stalked by creatures of darkness until only its captain remained. The hunted Swordmaster managed to escape the city with his life, but the scars inflicted upon his body and mind while in Mordheim would stay with him for the rest of his days.

The Swordmaster’s words were confirmation enough for the assembled Loremasters that Cyeos’ vision at the Shrine of Asuryan was true, and for the first time in many hundreds of years the White Council of Hoeth came to a unanimous decision. Their hands had been forced. Their enemy had been named. The time of the Asur’s complete isolation from the Human Realms had to come to an end. It was clear to the assembled Loremasters that it was in Ulthuan’s best interests to have a renewed presence in the Old World, and more specifically, within Mordheim. So was born the secretive Order of the Yenlu-Ceyl – the Shadow Hunters.

Recruited from the Order of Swordmasters, only the strongest, fastest, most skilled and resilient of warriors were accepted into the ranks of the Yenlu-Ceyl. They were trained to fight without emotion, feeling neither anger nor hatred, lest the malign influence of the Wyrdstones magnify their passions and than turn them to the service of their great enemy – the Shadowlord.

None can say for sure how many or how few of these Shadow Hunters departed for Mordheim. There have been sightings within the city of beings that might answer to the description of the Yenlu-Ceyl, though this is by no means certain.

Tales of silver warriors battling against daemons abound in the less reputable taverns surrounding Mordheim, and many a servant of the Daemonic Powers feels a chill at stories of tall spirits with pale faces come to wreak the vengeance of the Lawful Gods against those who have forsaken them…

Sword Warden
11-07-2007, 19:24
Good job! You 've put a lot of work in it.
Especially the fluff is very nice.

But... the rules are a bith to complicated for me.:o
Sorry, I think I 'll stick with the Shadow Warriors...

Please, do forgive me.