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11-07-2007, 08:21
I ended up having a possibility to play on a weekend and Charad had time to come as well. I decided to field the v1.0 of the Scions and I ended playing against Ulthwe. Though I noticed after the game that I had done error on my spreadsheet calculated list (sum missed one cell) and had 300 points more :(.

Rules used

All experimental rules
- Landers cannot contest conditions on turn they land
Scions of Iron v1.0
http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin....;t=9891 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=73;t=9891)

Ultramarines Armour Battlegroup

+ 4 Land Raider Crusaders
+ Prometheus
Bikes 1
+ Chaplain
+ 2 Land Speeder Typhoon
Tactical Detachment 1
- 2 Predator Destructors
Tactical Detachment 2
- 2 Predator Annihilators
+ Hunter
- 4 Predator Annihilators
+ Hunter
Land Raiders
+ 2 Helios
Thunderhawk Bomber


Ulthwe Raiding Party


Black Guardian Warhost
- Seer Council
+ 4 Wave Serpents
Guardian Warhost
- 3 Heavy Platforms
+ 3 Support Platforms
+ 2 Wraithguard

Swords of Vaul I
- 3 Falcons, 2 Firestorms
Swords of Vaul II
- 5 Fire Prisms, 1 Firestorm
Windrider Troupe
- 2 Vypers, 4 Jetbikes
Shields of Vaul
- 3 Night Spinners
Aspect Troupe
- 4 Dark Reapers
+ 2 Wave Serpents
2 Revenant Titans BTS
3 Nightwings


11-07-2007, 08:21

Dice was rolled to decide who goes first and Ulthwe is the one. Ulthwe puts the blitz in west behind a hill. Marines deploy the blitz behind a forest in the centre. One other objective on Eldar end is put into a crater in some amount southeast of blitz and other between halfway between ruin and building in east. Marine end has one between two forests in west. Other is within the city in an open ground between roads a bit north from a building.

Marines garrison scouts to a building in east on overwatch.

Eldar deploy Nightspinners of Shields of Vaul in west behind a forest in front of the blitz. Right next to them are Swords of Vaul I. A bit more and the Swords of Vaul II are then in the centre of the board. After them come Revenants. Aspects are next behind and in a forest. Last on east are Black Guardians within ruins and behind them.

Marines deploy Predators in far west behind a hill. Then in centre there is Whirlwinds behind a forest. Right next to them are Tactical 2. Then come the Land Raider formation using ruins as a cover. The Tactical 1 is next and they are next to some ruins with marines in cover there. On the road the bikes wait near edge. Last in east are Terminators taking cover of their Land Raiders and a building.

11-07-2007, 08:23
Turn 1 "Occupy the city"

Initiative: Marine

Space Marines play the waiting game and put Ulthwe to go first. And Eldar put the Nightwings on combat air patrol as the Thunderhawk is going to arrive at one point.

Marines decide to move the Tactical 2 forwards and they double behind a ruin in centre with marines taking up positions within the ruin and bringing one of the Hunters front. Response from Ulthwe is quick as the Nightspinners sustain at the them. Webs land from the air killing one Tactical unit and a single Predator causing two additional BMs.

Then the Thunderhawk comes screaming over the road in east and targets the Black Guardians. Nightwings break the patrol and engage the marine craft. They come in from the east make a tight turn and come from the southeast. Lasers fire and 1 damage is caused. Next is the defencive AA from the Revenants, but they fail to make any damage. The the Marine craft fires at the Black Guardians, but only 1 Wave Serpent is wrecked in the fire.

Aspect troupe is next and they don't want to be near the Thunderhawk and double to centre within the same ruins as Tactical and fire for 1 BM.

In east the air battle continues as the Thunderbolts are sent to intercept the Nightwings before they can escape. They come in from south and target the rear of the crafts. Two of the Eldar ships fall as the multilasers and stormbolters fire.

Next is the Revenants in the centre. They advance ahead to bring their weaponry within range of the Scouts. A torrent of fire later only a single Scout unit is killed. Scouts really not wanting to fight the Revenants advance west and bring their weapons within range of the Aspects. However no damage is done in the firing.

Next is the Windriders which move out of the Wraithgate and engage the Tactical 2. They skim next to the ruins keeping out of the Scouts support fire range. Then the firefight is fought with Marines and the Windriders supported by the Aspect warriors. But the damage done is equal as Marines lose 1 Tactical unit while Windriders lose one of their Vypers. However the resolution is for Ulthwe by 1 and Marines fall back towards the west behind a forest, broken. Windriders consolidate moving forwards coming ~30cm north of the Whirlwinds next a building.

Then the Landraiders decide to move and they double to clear the Ruins between them and Revenants. Lascannons and Whirlwind launchers target the Eldar Titans and the result of the weapons is 2 damage to a single Revenant. Ulthwe response is quick and the Sword of Vaul II advances east behind the Revenants. This also brings the Firestorm within range of the Imperial aircraft. Skimmers pop up and the Fireprisms target the Land Raiders. Even their heavy armour doesn't help as the lance weapons do their damage and two of the heavy armour is destroyed by the beams.

In the Marine end the Tactical 1 then doubles to west. They occupy a forest between Windriders and the Whirlwinds and fire at the Eldar skimmers. One of the Jetbike units is unable to avoid the fire and is destroyed.

Then in the west the Black Guardians are ordered to move. They march down the road as two of their members don't have transports. Their target is a large building within the ruined city. Wave Serpents stay behind the building. This brings the Terminators to life and they mount their Land Raiders and double down the road and dismount just west of the building occupied the Black Guardians. Then they open fire with everything they got. While the amount of weapons is good the effect isn't and only one Wave Serpent is wrecked by the meltablasts. Ulthwe move to counter the Marines and Sword of Vaul I doubles eastwards to bring their weapons within range. Marines seem to have forgotten their armour home as the Eldar manage to kill one Terminator unit and also one Crusader is destroyed. Now all the Eldar Firestorms are within the range of the Imperial craft.

Now it's only Marines left. First the Predator Annihilators double ahead to bring themselves within the range of the Nightspinner. Lasers are fired and one of the skimmers explodes, breaking the formation which moves a bit east to hide behind the hill still.

Next the Whirlwinds sustain and the target is the Sword of Vaul 1, which has two Firestorms. All tanks are under the blasts and both Firestorms are wrecked by the fire. This breaks the formation which falls back behind the ruins where the Black Guardians started from. Last is the bikes which just moves ahead, staying out of the intermingled range of the Terminators.

End Phase

One of the Thunderbolts is shot down by the Eldar AA fire as they try to move out. Others survive without problems except the Thunderhawk which is forced out of Eldar end.

Marines require the Supreme Commander to help to remove BMs from Terminators, but rest rally without problems.

Ulthwe fails to rally the Sword of Vaul I and Aspect fail to remove BMs. Others rally with Supreme used to help the Shields of Vaul.

11-07-2007, 08:23
Turn 2 "Battle for the City"

Avatar is summoned between Black Guardians warhost and the Terminator detachment.

Initiative: Ulthwe

Eldar decide to a decisive strike on Marines to take control of the east.

First the Guardian warhost doubles out of Wraithgate and moves to a crossroads and open fire on the Terminators. One unit dies under the Wraithguards powerful weapons. Then the Eldar retain with Black Guardians and engage the Terminators taking the Avatar with them. Avatar crashes into the Terminators getting two remaining Land Raider Crusaders into close combat in addition to one Terminator unit. Marines countercharge bringing another unit into fight as well. However that doesn't help any. The Marines manage to do 1 damage to the Avatar, but in return they lose 2 units of Terminators and both Crusaders. Avatar and nearby Guardians do most of the damage. Resolution is heavily on the side of Ulthwe and the detachment is wiped out to the last Terminator and Land Raider. Victorious Black Guardians move to a ruin on west of the building while Avatar moves around the corner towards the south.

Then the Ulthwe retains for the second time. The Revenants are next and they sustain fire at the Land Raiders. Lots of dices are thrown and the Marine armour is not able to resist the blasts from the Eldar titans. 2 Land Raiders and a Helios is destroyed, leaving the last one broken. It falls back behind the ruins behind it taking cover from the rest of the Eldar.

Marines ponder for a minute and then respond with Whirlwinds. Target is the Swords of Vaul II and all the skimmers are beneath the templates. The barrage is quite accurate and 3 Fireprisms as well as Firestorm are destroyed by the missiles. The formation breaks and heads behind the nearby ruin. Then retaining to prevent the Windriders from doing nasty things the Tactical 1 sustain. They target the Windriders with all they got and manage to wipe out the Eldar formation to the last bike.

Next is the Nightspinners who try to sustain. However the laser barrage in last turn has caused serious problems to the tank crews and not even the Seer Council can get the crews to operate. Instead they hold and break staying put behind the hill.

Seeing that the Ulthwe is running out of activations the Marines call in the Thunderhawk. And despite having 4 BMs it comes into play! So it moves from east towards northwest and flies through the Revenants air defences. 1 hit is caused but that doesn't penetrate the thick hull of the craft. It targets the Aspects and unloads all that it can. The turbolaser and missiles fail to hit anything, but twin heavy bolters cut down two units of Dark Reapers, which is sufficient to break the Aspects and they fall back to the forest where they started from. Nightwing is called to intercept the Marine craft, but it fails to activate and stands down doing heavy repairs from the Thunderbolts attack last turn.

Then it's the Marines turn. First the Scouts advance moving closer to the Black Guardians and fire at them failing to do any damage. Next is the Thunderbolt however it is not in shape to fly and stands down. Then Annihilators double from west to the crater and target the remaining two Fireprisms from SoVII with their las cannons. The Eldar formation is wiped out.

Lastly the Bikes engage the Black Guardians into a fire fight. First turn sees 3 Bikes lost (I saved 1 hit from 4). In return the Ulthwe loses 2 Guardian stands and Wave Serpent, mainly from the Scouts support fire. The resolution is +1 for Marines due to Chaplain. Dices are thrown and it's equal. 2nd round effect is that Marine is unable to do anything while the Black Guardians utterly devastates the Chaplains unit.

End Phase

Thunderhawk leaves without problems from the table.

Lone Helios fails to rally, but the rest of the Marines do so.

On Ulthwe the Aspects, Swords of Vaul I and Nightspinners all fail to rally. Aspects and Swords of Vaul stay put, while Nightspinners move to northwesterm corner. However the rest of the formations remove BM normally.

The city in the east is almost lost to the Marines.

11-07-2007, 08:24
Turn 3 "Breakthrough!"

Initiative: Marines

Again the Marines start with the Whirlwinds. This time the target is the Guardian Warhost in the city. They get blasted with both templates and lose 2 Heavy and 2 Support weapon platforms and 3 units of Guardians. This causes them to break and they move to a ruin with 3 floors (southeast of the bigger building) and hide in there. Retaining the Annihilators advance out of the crater and move to crossfire the Revenants while still holding the objective in the crater. However with abysmal rolling the Annihilators fail to annihilate anything and just do 1 DC damage to a single Revenant!

This causes the Revenants to engage the Predators into a close combat. Once more the dices are fickle and the Predators manage to do 1 damage to a Revenant (both having now 1 DC left), while Revenants manage to destroy only a single tank! Dices are thrown and again second turn. This time nothing saves the Marines and all but the Predators are wrecked by the Eldar titans without any more damage. Single Predator moves to hide behind the Hill near Eldar blitz while Revenants consolidate to control same the blitz.

Retaining the Black Guardians engage the Scouts and proceed to show their supremacy once more. Scouts on the other hand seem to have lost whatever skills they had and fail to hit even once! In return the Eldar kill 2 Scout units and a Rhino causing the remains of the formation to fall back behind a the last building in southwest (more west really).

Then the Marines move in for a kill and order the Thunderhawk to wreck the Revenants. However there seems to be a problem with the engines and the craft is unable to take off. Eldar show no such problems anymore and remaining Nightwing goes to combat air patrol. Since the Revenants really needs to be broken the lone Thunderbolt is given orders to attack it. The Thunderbolts inform 'Roger, going in for an attack run.'. Only to get attacked by a Nightwing. However first the nearby Hunter fires ... hit, but save. Then the Nightwing ... miss. Lastly one Revenant as other is suppressed ... hit and the Thunderbolt crashes to ground from the missile. So much for that try.

But Marines aren't over yet. The Tactical 2 then doubles ahead to bring itself to the blitz and opens up with all it has against the Revenants. They score several hits and one penetrates the Holofield causing damage. Since both had only 1 CD left one of the titans crashes to ground while other breaks and moves southwards to be on west side of a ruin.

Then the last activation by Marines is march from Tactical 1. Moving through the east of the ruins through the road they manage to reach within 15cm of the objective in the crater.

End Phase

Marines secure the win with 2 - 1. Marines have 'Blitzkrieg' and 'Take and Hold'. While the Ulthwe has 'Break Their Spirit'.

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Very cool!

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Exellent Bat rep
Just getting back into it now