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12-07-2007, 21:25
Internal Putrefaction 2 - 0 Underpant Stealing Gnomes

The match started with the gnomes receiving. they immediately set about blocking living christ out of my nurglings but failed to pick up the ball. Seeing my chance I rushed a nurgler towards the ball and managed to nearly reach it. The following turn th0r's lad threw a block on this guy but knocked himself over. I stole the ball and in a couple of turns managed a TD. I lost a Nurgling on the first drive, got himself killed despite Regen! Rest of the half was a stalemate where neither coach could impose their will on the other.

Second half started with the Pukes receiving. I quickly punched a hole through the gnome lines and ran the ball 15 yards to get away from the slower gnomes (utilizing a MA6 player and 4 gfi's) and scoring in the following turn. The rest of the match saw me defend against a solid advance from th0r. He slowly eeked his way towards my TD area and on the last turn a ball carrier of his managed to reach the TD zone. needing a gfi to score he failed, despite a RR! A bloody game ended 2-0 for the Pukes. Revenge is ours [for them kicking us out of the Stunty Summer Cup)!

12-07-2007, 21:51
You did not mention that th0r jacked his team in after this game.

13-07-2007, 08:50
Well I thought that it was mentioned elsewhere. But yes, worth mentioning again!

13-07-2007, 14:17
Piku vs. Flobalob

The match started with Piku kicking off to the much more experienced team, Flobalob. During the first turn, the mighty Strigoyan Lord .:Ahriman:. made a brutal push down the right sideline, send a poor pygmy crashing to the ground. However, Piku was quick to react, and as the alligator warriors closed the gap in the front line, the great Kroxigor Mitok crashed into .:Ahriman:., breaking his leg clean in two. The vampire crawled off the field, trying to reattach his leg, but the team necromancer says he may never walk the same again.

Invigorated by seeing the enemy beast off the field, the little pygmies pushed hard on the Flobalob ball carrier. Unfortunatly for Piku, some ill timed turnovers and punishing blocks from the vampires left Piku down several players and a touchdown by halftime. More poor performance from the Pygmies let the vampires score yet again in the second half, although the Kroxigors were holding their own now that they had free reign of the pitch. In the last seconds of the game, determined to not let this be their worst loss yet, star Eagle Warrior Pu made a daring solo blitz down the sideline to knock out the vampire ball carrier just before he could reach the endzone. Although their record now stands at 0, 2 and 2, coach Spoonie says the team is still in good spirits, and are excited about getting some experience under their belt and putting up a proper fight.

14-07-2007, 16:15
Would love to play some games, but tenpole won't allow it because of the current tournament setup (which he has already said means nothing). This means me and some other coaches will be entering the next tournament severely weak compared to (funny enough) Tenpole's rats and Deng's Chaos Halflings.

So how about it Tenpole, let us play?

14-07-2007, 16:32
As it does mean nothing I will restart it. there will be no points awarded for winning loosing whatever.

15-07-2007, 05:22
Piku vs. Gremlin FC

Victory and tragedy in the jungles of Lustria today, as Piku won their first game of the season against Gremlin FC, but at a terrible cost. Both eagle warriors, Machip and star player Pu, were killed in action during the game, along with another pygmy who died pulling down a troll. Each team had 5 confirmed casualties by the end of the game - combined with chainsaws and stumbling halflings, this turned out to be one of the bloodiest games in the league's history.

"We are very saddened by the loss of Pu", said head coach Spoonie after today's game, "But we must press onward in his memory". The team has recruited a new eagle warrior named Puchek, but still have not found a replacement for Machip. Fortunatly for Piku, the rest of the team has started to take form, and can hopefully fill the offensive void where Pu will be sorely missed.

Deng Ham
15-07-2007, 10:10
Each team had 5 confirmed casualties by the end of the game - combined with chainsaws and stumbling halflings, this turned out to be one of the bloodiest games in the league's history.

Dont know about that... The league is know for it's bloody matches... I'v played in a game with 14 CAS
New Zaggarund Steaks vs The underpat stealing Gnomes (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=1758264)

15-07-2007, 10:14
Tenpole mecca 3 Rebul fakshun 2

WSFA Friendly

The first half was dominated for much of the duration by the Fakshun. I used the Death roller early on to run over the Pogo stick Mogrot in my first team. Oddly the gobblins laughed loudest as his screams were heard. No loyalty amongst them. The Ref sported the foul so both the Pogo stick and deathroller were ejected from the game. However the other Pogo stick had a clear run after the fanatic had finished smashing up the centre, Oglug boinged to get the first td.

So my Mechavermin started making some injuries but that damned Red Gobbo countered making injuries to my players. He broke the neck of my team Kaptain Dixie and later in the game fouled ganster Town and broke his back. Gangster is an original Mecca player.

I equalized by using the blunderbus but Apache dropped the ball and had to pick it up next turn.

The fakshun were begining to feel the pressure with a reduced force. Then bagnag demonstrated he Who Dares Wins by waltzing through tackle zones to get another touchdown. An equalizing TD at the end of the first half was ended when Apache with Sure Feet stil failed his GFI.

In the second half the Fakshun were now under pressure with only 6 players, the mecca had a full compliment. Now its nice to be on the other side of the coin. most games it is the Mecca with a few player faceing kill crazy stunty flings or gnomes.

The Fakshun were still able to get possession, the Red gobbo being instrumental in this in receiving a catch running down the pitch and trying a hand off to Biggob. But this failed. If he had not have dropped it the game might well have gone to the Fakshun.

Luckily I was able to use Worthless high Ag to steal the ball back and make a pass to Rat terminator who waltzed the ball the rest of the way to get a touchdown.

After this the Fakshun were greatly reduced in players and in the next drive only one player was left on the pitch. Trip to Trumpton was allowed to score in his opening game.

That was it nothing much happened in the next drive besides the mecca causing another injury.

It was great to have the Mecca win a game for once. After all this time training we have finally reached a point where the team can win. Luckily the Fakshun had no bombers in this game and few players.

Man of the Match: I give this to Da Red Gobbo because of the pain he caused me by reducing two players to scrimage linesmen. He was awarded a picture award in the warseer forum.

15-07-2007, 10:16
Tenpole Mecca 2 Not So great Maw 1

WSFA Friendly

Feeling hyped up from there previous win against the Fakshun the Mecca stormed through again to get a second win. Like London buses no wins at all then two come together. The lack of block on his big guys helped with the win and the Meccavermin being skilled up to the eyeballs probably helped. The game was basically a punch up in the middle field.
The trip to Trumpton was a a nice touchdown as I blitzed a gnoblar off th pitch to score a touchdown.

Man of the match: trip to trumpton - check out his player card (and bio)

15-07-2007, 13:01
Piku vs. New Zaggarung Steaks

Up and comers in the WSFA Piku took on one of the top teams in the league in an epic match against NZS. The Steaks received the first kickoff and started a steady push down the left sideline. The chainsaws had both been started and the NZS offense was looking strong untill a failed handoff caused the ball to bounce into the crowd and be hurled back towards the Steaks' endzone.

Trying to bring the ball back past half field, the halflings tried another handoff that also failed, allowing the Piku defense to surround the ball and prevent any score in the first half. Kroxigor Mitok managed to grab a bouncing ball, but a failed 'go for it!' prevented him from scoring a touchdown. By halftime Piku was down to 8 players, but fortunatly both chainsaws had been removed from the game and NZQ was feeling a little short on players themselves.

Piku made a hard offensive push up the sideline, but were ground to a halt before they could break away due to their lack of players. Fortunatly Piku was able to keep the ball out of halfling hands and the game ended in a draw.

Kroxigor Mitok is currently undergoing investigation from allegations of illegal steroids.

Deng Ham
15-07-2007, 20:22
good report spoon

17-07-2007, 22:33
Kiss of the Vermin vs Da Rebul Fakshun

So in my preliminary game to try and get some skills my Gutter Runner dies and apothecary fails.. *sigh* lol. At least I won the game 3-1 and had a ff increase. My Guys pretty much dominated the game as I was able to cause enough injuries and ko's to keep the gobbos down to 2-5 players most of the time. I think yorkie ended up playing the entire 2nd half with 2 players.

19-07-2007, 01:36
Snots Feeling Well 0 - 2 Kiss of the Vermin

The Vermin looking to do nothing but keep there players alive and make some money to get a new assassin came out very flat in this game. However eventually the ratz were able to outmaneuver the slower snotlings and stupid trolls. Combined with the poisoned daggers (which btw for a 10+ get thrown out a lot) injuring or stunning (due to thick skull) the snotlings. In the second half down 1-0 the snotlings went for first action pick up and failed. The much more agile vermin raced in and picked up the ball. The rest of the half the ratz scurried away from the trolls to avoid being stomped on. Finially with time running out head coach th0r gave the go ahead command and the game ended 2-0 for Kiss of the Vermin. After the game th0r announced the replacement assassin. Little is known about Mr.Lee, but hes got one hell of a kick!

19-07-2007, 12:39
Snots Feeling Well 0 - 2 Not So Great Maw

Just to point out, that Murdok the Grand, the ogre catcher, managed to have 2 receiving touchdowns, during the game.

Nobody suspects the ogre catcher. :)

19-07-2007, 13:00
Ever see in the NFL when a defensive linemen gets an interception or fumble recovery and runs it back for a TD, and its so slow it feels like hes in slow motion and at the end hes out of breath and needs the oxygen tank... thats what I think of when your ogre scores :D

19-07-2007, 14:13
Well needless to say the Snots got blown out (pun intended) in both games. The trolls were suffering from a awful case of the dumbs and were unable to do much during the games, more intent on the goo hanging out of their mouths.

When finally waking up to realize they were on the pitch they proceeded to enjoy having an ice skating party (most have been blizzard conditions) and push all the little stuntys around for a ride.

The Pump Wagon provided some much needed comic relief as who couldnt laugh at it.

Not a great start for the Snots but still much fumbbl to play

23-07-2007, 14:23
The Not So Great Maw 1 - Chicks Dig Squigs 2

As part of the preparation for the big upcoming tournament, The Not So Great Maw confronted the Chicks Dig Squigs this week-end.

Murdok the Grand was denied of a touchdown on 2 occasions. The ball was a bit greasy, everybody had a hard time picking it up. But in the end the squig hopper manage to score a touchdown for the win.

Not really a bloody game, the gorger was only pushing herders around most of the game. It was an overall good and fun game.

24-07-2007, 12:01

Piku vs. Chicks Dig Squigs

Piku started the game on par, kicking to their opponent. The goblins started off with a strong offense down the sideline. Piku pumped their little pygmy legs to mount a defense, and a scrum erupted mid field. The terrible Akotek made a mad blitz for the sideline and crowd surfed the goblins only squig hopper, but was then surfed in turn by a single squig herder - what a block! Before the goblins could capitalize on taking out one of the Kroxigors, disaster struck as a failed handoff sent the ball bouncing into the crowd and sailing to mid field. Eagle Warrior Upi capitalized and made a breakaway run for a touchdown with the help of pygmy Pik knocking out the last defender in his way.

Unfortunatly for Piku, Akotek didn't return for the second half due to a case of "the squirts" - so after Eagle Warrior Upi received the kickoff, he made a mad dash for the endzone to score his second TD of the day. Akotek returned to the game for the next kickoff, but even with his help Piku wasn't able to stop a daring last ditch effort by the goblins to score, with a highlight reel handoff to the squig hopper in tackle zones and a flying leap over defenders to put himself out of Piku's reach.

Piku 2 - Chicks Dig Squigs 1

Piku vs. Snots Feeling Well

Pleased by their earlier victory, Piku steeled themselves for their first game against the diminutive snotlings. Despite being small, Snots started the game with a brutal push straight up the middle of the pitch. Kroxigor Akotek nearly stopped the drive dead in it's tracks by blitzing through to the enemy ball carrier, but he was swiftly struck aside by an angry troll and the snotling hero was allowed to escape. Just as it seemed the little snots were going to make it past the Piku defense, a clumsy troll slipped on the leftovers of a pygmy while blocking him and caused a drive stopping turnover, allowing Kroxigor Mitok to blitz through to the ball carrier and kill him outright! The rest of the Piku defense did their best to get the hell out of the way of the pump wagon, as a bouncing ball landed in the unlikely hands of alligator warrior Orize. Just before he could waddle in for a touchdown, disaster struck for Piku. The apothecary had to be called onto the field to save jaguar team captain Azip, only to watch in horror as a troll killed the other jaguar warrior Tek. Orize made for the touchdown, but sadly the first move by the Snots in the second half was the death (again) of team captain Azip.

Furious, Piku went on the attack, and as eagle warrior Xix leaped his way across the field with the ball, the rest of the team went on a rampage, bringing their casualty count up to a respectable 7, with 4 belonging to Mitok, who was apparently very fond of former team captain Azip. For being the first alligator warrior on record to touch the ball, much less score a touchdown, Orize was awarded the position of new team captain and will hopefully lead the team to more victories.

Piku 2 - Snots Feeling Well 0

That's 3 games so far where if one of my positionals dies, the other one of the same kind dies a few turns later. At least this time they weren't skilled eagle warriors...

24-07-2007, 13:08
Good match reports here. Remember in the upcomming Are you looking at Me tournament to copy and paste to the match page on fumbbl for an extra point.

With all this killing eagle warriors business, to cash in on the trend I have to do a player award for killing a piku eagle warrior. Yes / No?

24-07-2007, 14:25
If any of them live long enough to skill up they might be worthy of such a bounty, but between all 6 warriors that have died (two of them also died twice in the same game) only one ever lived to see a skill up. I mean, pretty soon everybody would have a "I killed an eagle warrior" badge. I do however think a "I broke a big guy" award would be neat since they're the only ones who don't get hurt religiously. Just in general, that is.

Edit - What's the code again for making a linky?

24-07-2007, 15:01
<a href="wherever.com">This would be highligthed as the link</a>