View Full Version : Kyussinchains' painting log

12-07-2007, 22:18
ok, this is where I'll be keeping track of my various armies, I'm doing the ogres as part of the tale of loads of painters thread, the rest is just to get stuff up to date!

I have

Unpainted chaos:

36 chaos warriors in need of a re-paint
48 marauders undercoated black
24 plaguebearers undercoated green
8 mounted daemonettes undercoated white
6 screamers undercoated black
1 beast chariot undercoated black
10 mounted marauders undercoated black
1 mounted sorcerer in blister
1 foot sorcerer in blister

Unpainted Ogres

12 bulls (4 half painted, see below)
8 ironguts
4 maneaters
8 leadbelchers
50+ gnoblars
2 tyrant/bruisers
2 butchers
1 gorger

Unpainted Skaven

2 battalion boxes
10 jezzails
20 night runners
30 more clanrats
plague priest
6 censer bearers

I'll be starting on the chaos stuff soon, but I need to get my ogres done first

comments? suggestions? tips?