View Full Version : Warhammer Tournaments whos going?

18-08-2005, 15:32
Right i think i may have posted this thread in the wrong area before but am now placing it here.

In a nutshell i'm a very nosey person so i wus wundering who out of you lot has attended heat 1 or is going to heat 2 and 3. What are you taking, What r ure reasons for choosing them. Basically your reasons for attending.

Me i'm thinking of attending heat 3.... wait scratch that i'm definitely going ;).
The army i'm thinking of taking is high elves that i will be collecting during lavflurius' tale of the eight gamers WFB edition. If i don't manage by then :rolleyes:

So don't hesitate to post

18-08-2005, 16:44
Are you referring to the US heats? UK heats? Australian, New Zealandian or Canadian heats?

Or perhaps it is Danish heats? Or Spanish heats? Or Italian heats?

Or I might have guessed wrong, and it could be the Albanian heats. Or the Egyptian heats. Or perhaps the Hongkong kung fu heats. Or perhaps the Antarctican heats featuring Chaos Penguins versus Fish Dwarves live Blood Bowl match on the lunch break.

OK, enough with the uncalled sarcasm - but we are an international community, and it is difficult to guess from what part of the world a person is talking about, especially if it is not mentioned in the profile or in the post.

Lord Anathir
19-08-2005, 01:31
im in canada....but i wont be going to any tourneys this year cuz i dont got my driver's license just yet

22-08-2005, 09:58
any heats, tourneys whatever i'm and inquisitive nosey person and i'd like nothing more than to here about other peoples lives (sounds slightly seedy "snigger") ;)

Sorry i'm interested in anywhere