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14-07-2007, 21:33
Hello, I am going to do a big order to FW in a few weeks and wanted some AI models but i dont no what race I like the Orks but also the Chaos?
So what would you pick?
I do like both super hvy plains, but ork do look more better


14-07-2007, 22:35
Personally I'm biased, but I choose Orks!


15-07-2007, 14:57
I have both forces. Having had Chaos a bit longer. Chaos can be best described as 'gribblies of the skies' their Fighters are cheap, fast, manouverable, pack a decent punch, but have armour of cardboard getting shot down for one hit. They also have a decent bite, being great medium range shooters. Their bombers are a good combination of zippy and resilient.

Orks are similar, being a bit tougher, a bit more expensive fighter wise, a bit less manouverable, but having more close range bite. They won't be as numerous in true planes as Chaos plane for points... but they're not entirely that far off either as their bomber is cheaper and can produce grot bombs.

I do like my orks more, simply because I like orks more than Chaos :D

But they are both IMHO fun forces to use. Chaos can outnumber enemies a bit easier due to their cheap fighters than the orks can.. except when it comes to Orks spamming grot bombs.

16-07-2007, 01:39
[Orks are] a bit less manouverable,

FAR, FAR less maneuverable :p

I would say Chaos are more effective in the right hands, and you can probably win more games against a variety of opponents with them.

However, Orks are more fun to play I think :D.

16-07-2007, 04:21
FAR, FAR less maneuverable :p

Bit of an understatement I suppose :D

I just can't say I overly miss the zippiness of the Chaos planes when I'm playing orks though... I'm better at thinking of how to setup close range attacks with the orks than the medium range attacks with the Chaos fighters (not that I hit much either either but thats another story :D ) Again it probably becomes my Bias towards the Orks...

16-07-2007, 10:08
My vote goes to the Orks.

Ingame Chaos might be better, but I'm always first on building and painting, second on playing - and on that front Orks always win! Not only that you can loot the whole imperial range of models (you could do that for Chaos though, but it'd look awkward beside the Bats), but you can use the older Epic metals and even scratchbuilds without them looking strange.

So Greenskins FTW. :D

16-07-2007, 11:50
Go the orks. They're about to get their new bomber :)

16-07-2007, 11:51
Go the Chaos, they already have theirs!

16-07-2007, 13:56
Or do they? I ordered one and it never arrived haha, out of stock

Da Reddaneks
16-07-2007, 15:34
Deff Squadron! 'nuff said!

18-07-2007, 22:15
Cheers all for voteing

So far i think Orks will win,
WIll be fun using them in games once i get my model what will be in 11days once i got to Warhammer World......