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The Fury is the BFG Imperial star fighter. The Eagle is the Eldar BFG bomber. I would suggest a few changes to the Eagle. The Distort charge is a bit gimmicky, potentially overpowered, and there really is little previous fluff basis for it so I would suggest dropping that. However I'd also suggest that if the Eldar can manage a High maneuverability in their Vampire craft, they might still be able to manage High in an Eagle. Might make for an interesting twist on the usual lumbering bomber and compensate somewhat for the lack of all round turret fire. I'd also consider reducing its number of hits. The Manta is in BFG at the very upper end of attack craft, so if that's 14 hits, all other craft should be below it in raw durability, with the Eagle compensating with its holofields.

Critical Hit #2 appears to be a death sentence in the later stages of the game. Could potentially be overpowering as a result.

Critical Hit #1...Wouldn't it be easier to just have the hit destroy one weapon system? It would also yield more immediate concrete results, such as silencing a turret fire arc and opening up a weak area for followup attacks. Given the comparative rarity of critical hits, I'm not sure whether reducing Ammo is enough of a significant impact.

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A very thorough and comprehensive work sir! I like it a lot.
There are obviously things which may be contentious to some, but as House Rules I think they work fairly well.
Very complicated of course, as you stated at the beginning, but it's a big ship, it's gonna get complicated! ;)

One thing I'm not sure about here, Quoting your reasons for entering a "Slow Stall you say "(reducing speed to below it's maximum,...", Page 6 of the Rule Book under the heading "Speed Max" states that no matter what an aircraft cannot exceed its maximum speed, even if a manoevre would take it above that maximum, it just stays at its maximum speed.
Not sure if this is something I'm misreading in your workings or something you've miss-typed (should it read "Minimum Speed"?) or what, but may be worth checking. (And yes I did read it twice, so if I'm reading it wrong, blame old age! ;) )

HG - Glad you took on board my "Large Target" suggestion! :D

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I don't know the "Hunter", is this an IA book thing?


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Fluff continuity:

In the BFG book Shadow Point, there is mention of Eagle bombers mounting linked series of shuriken cannons and having multiple forward mounted scatter lasers. The sonic charges they use as their anti-ship armament are in the form of missiles not free fall bombs.

Furies have autocannons, I think in their turret mounts.

Sidenote: Knocking out a Manta's weapon system would have an effect. Knocking out one set of burst cannons would drastically reduce its close range defenses and leave either its upper or lower arc undefended.

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No, but then the novel doesn't go into detail other than the vaguest terms necessary to move the story along: ie they describe Furies dodging the forward scatter laser fire, one getting an engine shredded by shuriken cannons, Furies firing their rear turrets and an Eagle getting torn apart by autocannon fire.

To represent the fragility of Eldar craft and their philosophy of war, I'd almost suggest the following for playtesting: Eagle to drop to 10 hits, but enemy fire against it doesn't get the +1 to hit and Eagle gets High maneuverability. Eldar craft are about weaving around and avoiding fire and being hard to lock onto, not so much about enduring the hits.

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We have just started to play AI..... its extrem fun and soon i will test some of this units here.