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16-07-2007, 11:25
With thanks to Brimstone for providing the box set Orc Team for me to use, I have now painted them to a table top standard, and added a few converted 40k Orks, 2 RTB02 Orks as additional Blitzers and 4 2nd Ed "Flat-pack" Orks as additional Linemen.
So I now have 4 Blitzers, 2 Black Orc Blockers, 2 Throwers and 10 Linemen.
Any ideas as to a decent starting team lineup?
Here's a picture of the whole team so far.

They may even see a first game on Wednesday night as our club is starting a League. Obviously as a complete tyro I don't expect miracles, but I will see what it's like!


Spartan-001: Master Chief
16-07-2007, 13:05
I'd go for 2 blitzers, 2 black orc, 2 throwers, 8 lineman. You stick three guys in the reserves box. realy nice models btw awsome colours.

16-07-2007, 18:55
Thanks for the compliment!

So basically you are suggesting I go with the set up straight out of the box?
Ok it's a thought.

I've been advised on another forum to take 4 Blitzers and 3 Black Orcs!!! Amazing the variety of suggestions! LOL

As it happens I have 4 models that can be Blitzers and only the 2 Black Orcs, so it looks like a combination of the two suggestion at the moment.
4 Blitzers, 2 Black Orcs, 2 Throwers and 3 or 4 Linemen, depending on Fan Factors and Rerolls.

Not being a player I have to ask, what do Fan Factors do? In this Tourney/League you have to stick with the Fan Factor you start with unless you "win" another FF. So one list I have has only 1 Fan factor and the other has 3FF. Should I try and afford more? On the list with 3FF I could possibly squeeze some more to start with 5 or 6? Is this worth it?

I also can only afford 2 Rerolls. :(


16-07-2007, 20:06
Depends on which ruleset you're using.

If you're using LRB 5 (ie the latest rules) FF isn't that important, so you can live with a low one.

If you're using LRB 4, you need to have as high a FF as possible (9 if you can get it).

Get 2 more Black Orcs as soon as possible, and get a couple of goblins.

For orcs, you don't need a starting sqaud of anymore than 12. In fact, I'd be tempted to drop a Blitzer, start with 11 players and get that 3rd reroll, but that does mean problems if you're unlucky with armour rolls. (I had a norse team that had 11 players for 4 games before I bought the 12th player [no injuries] and yet an orc team I had had 2 deaths in it's first game!:rolleyes:)

16-07-2007, 20:13
Using the models you have, here's my starting rosters:

3 Blitzers
2 Black Orcs
1 Thrower
6 Linemen
3 RR

3 Blitzers
2 Black Orcs
1 Thrower
5 Linemen
3 RR
9 FF
10k in bank (Apo next)

I seriously suggest you get some more Black Orc figs ASAP though. Black Orcs are normally slow to skill up, so the longer you can have them in the league, the better. Blitzers will skill pretty quickly, which is why for long-term league it's suggested to start with more Black Orcs than Blitzers.

16-07-2007, 21:51
OK thanks for that, we're using LRB5 so I won't worry about my FF staying above about 3 then.

I will try and get some more Black Orcs asap, but can't guarantee to have them by Wednesday when the first games take place.

But as I've never played before I don't intend to use this league as anything but a means to teach myself Blood Bowl. In at the deep end so to speak! ;)

If it's fun and I like it I will spend more time and possibly money on it, if not, well it's not cost much so far! Just 3 days of my time so far.


17-07-2007, 05:39
Looking good Bob, although I'm playing 40K on Weds, I'm up for a match next week gives me a chance to get used to the LRB5.

Brimstones Bruisers will make their return. :evilgrin:

3 rerolls and as soon as you can afford it a apothacary would be my suggestions.

Edit - I forgot to give you the Ork transfer sheet, once you've decided on your starting team you'll need to number the players

17-07-2007, 18:58
nice work on the team. I would recommend trying to get some goblins before you get more black orcs. BOs are great, I use three of them, but goblins add some much needed dodging to the orc team.

I'm not all that great because I just started playing as well. I've got 5 games in and only won 2, but the others were close. Anyways heres my starting team as an example

Thrower, 2 Gobbo, 3 Black Orcs, 3 Blitzers, 3 linemen, 3 rerolls. I think that is it.
I just got a troll so I will see how that goes tonight. Anyway good luck and remember the orc rule of thumb, 'beat down until second half and hope for a touchdown.'

17-07-2007, 21:25
OK guys, I'l try and remember to beat up the other team. ;)
That might be a bit hard of course, being an Orc we're so passive and placid it'll be difficult to get up the angst and anger to turn the other team into a bloody mush!

"Beat dem! Kill dem! Stamp on dere squishy bitz! Murder dem! Maim dem! Cut off dere danglies! Waaaagh! Oh, and don' forget to get da ball! "

OK, I think I'm in character now! ;) I may just be ready for that fight,... err game of Blood Bowl!


I'll think about a Gobbo or two, but for now I have no plans for anything other than just Orcs. I'll see how things go further down the line.

I have some more plastic BB Orcs on the way so I should soon be able to try fielding 4 Black Orcs and 4 Blitzers! ;) Should be fun!


Oh and Brimstone thanks, I've painted numbers on the bases for now, but will take the sheet off you too! ;)

20-07-2007, 16:48
Heres a Rooster for you. Its based on easy to play with.

4 Blitzer
4 Black Orc
3 Line
3 Rerolls
30K cash

After first match, you probably get 20K winnings and can then buy an apothecary.

Sorry if my English is too bad.... I live in Sweden.

21-07-2007, 13:55
Not a very helpful roster when he says he only has 2 Black Orcs available.:rolleyes:

21-07-2007, 16:53
LOL at Darksun!

He's trying to help, bless! ;)

As it happens I received the extra minis in the post so I'm currently painting up 2 more Black Orcs!

I have played 1 game so far in total, and that was the first in a League. However, as I now have the models to make my team the way I want to, I will re-start next week with a better team, as follow:

4 Blitzers
3 Black Orcs
2 Throwers
3 Linemen
2 Re-rolls and 3 Fan Factor

I'll start with a spare Lineman in the Reserves as a "Back-up" option and see where the Black Orcs and Blitzers can take me from the off.

I tried the "ball cage" thingy and it failed twice last week, so I'll probably just opt for hitting people as hard as possible to start with, and then worrying about the ball afterwards.


27-07-2007, 20:45
OK, the game against Brimstone's Bruisers was a result!
Mainly due to some bad luck on Brimmy's part and some good luck on mine, I won 2 - 0! And caused 4 casualties to his 1!!
I seemed to "get" the game about halfway through and it made more sense to me than last weeks abysmal first effort.
The test will be next week when I go for a Pick-up game against a Blood Bowl Vet!
We'll see.

However, with the extra winnings I bought another Black Orc and another Lineman, making
4 Blitzers
4 Black Orcs
2 Throwers
4 Linemen
2 Re-rolls and 4 Fan Factor (I also won another FF! - League Special Rules)

That extra Black Orc made all the difference to my Front Line which seemed to hold it's own very well against Chaos Dwarfs.


11-08-2007, 22:36
OK two new additions to my team.
I won 2 old style Blood Bowl Trolls on eBay and spent this afternoon painting them .
Here's the pics.
Skull Fist:
Chain mail fist:

I've flocked the bases since I took these pics.

Just got to get a gobbo or two now.


12-08-2007, 13:05
OK final addition to this thread for a while, I've now completed two old 40k Grots as my BB Gobbos.

They are very small compared to the Trolls and will, I hope, add to the "comic appeal" of the team!


Again these are table top quality and not meant as GD winners.

C&C welcome.


Edit: New whole team picture:

13-08-2007, 18:51
Looking good, nothing WOW! but really nice team, the painting looks solid.

13-08-2007, 19:58
Thanks for that.
Yeah I know what you mean. The minis aren't very Wow! to start with being mainly the bog-standard plastics from the box set. I will start to introduce some of the old metal figures painted similarly, and then there will be at least some more variety!
But it was never intended as more than a players team! Nothing too fancy, just good enough to look good on the table whilst getting their head's bashed! LOL