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16-07-2007, 15:27
Would you prefer if a scratch model was as close as possible to the epic version, or wouldn't you care if someone altered the design a little?

I am currently working on a Warlord, and I am planning a Warmonger. That being said, I find the design of the warmonger to be both silly, and hard to replicate.

I just don't want someone thinking a titan that took me a year to make looks like crap because it only looks 80% like the epic version.

Any imput on the subject would be appriciated.

16-07-2007, 15:30
You might get a better reply in the epic forum (http://www.warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=95)

I'd prefer something that looks good over somehing thats a clone of a poor model.

Puffin Magician
16-07-2007, 17:51
You're talking about 40k-scale versions of Epic models, correct?

I wouldn't even bother adhering to the Epic Warmonger design, since the walking church design is past it's prime. I would keep overall proportions in mind [head location, knee height, carapace width, etc] but other than that just Lucius-ify it. Add some Warlord MkIII style to it, change the Doomstrike Missile battery into something modern [MRLS box-launcher, B-52 rotary launcher], update the Flak batteries to resemble Hydras or completely change them from Autocannons altogether. Design the legs so they could actually maintain the 100 defensive Adeptus Titanicus soldiers.

Other than that... have fun with a model that's 16 times the volume of a Warhound Titan.

Chaos and Evil
16-07-2007, 18:59
You could do a Warmonger in the style of a Lucius Pattern Imperator: http://forum.specialist-games.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11346


16-07-2007, 20:34
That Imperator is amazing. It looks like it uses plasticard, one imperator model, and two Warlords to cunstruct it.

16-07-2007, 23:14
As long as it looks good and basically the right scale you're set.

I've been trying to do a Lucius Pattern Reaver in 40k scale for some time now and all I've got is the feet on a base and a lot of drawings :P
I'm going back to start with something simple...

Like a Bane Blade :)

16-07-2007, 23:20
You're NUTS.

I dont mean that in a bad way really.

But you have to think - to do it right *which I assume you are*
Is going to take months of work to end up with a large model, which will take up a lot of space and probably never be used in a game.

It'll look cool though.

Partisan Rimmo
17-07-2007, 00:08
Hey Freebooter, FW have done one of those in their Epic range already I think :-)

That Imperator is quite godly. It brings warmth to my cold jaded heart.

And quite honestly, OP, I'd be pretty disappointed if you DID just copy the design. I want much more variance in my equipment!

17-07-2007, 00:22
Thats Mon Partisan :P

But I meant for 40k scale :D

Lornak Bloodgreed
17-07-2007, 00:32
If I were to make 40K scale titans, greater titans, super heavy vehicles, ect, I would use plasticard to build them because honastly, it is easier to PAINT ON detail instead of work with it.

17-07-2007, 04:09
The warlord I am making right now is almost completely plasticard. The only things that aren't are the GW bits. Although I may use some PVC piping in the legs.

I am thinking of making the Warmonger double as a carrying case. However, that might be tricky. It will definatley get used though. I am attending an annual mega battle where titans are the norm. (Think about 40 superheavies on a board at once:eek:) Although it is too late this year to make the warmonger I might try for next year.

I hope that whoever made that Emperator doesn't mind if I steal some ideas.

17-07-2007, 05:52
I've found it's best to work with plasticard.
But even better than painting the details on is to layer the plasticard so it's a 3d look. Simple but effective.