View Full Version : Carnage Here we come maybe

Dodgy Ed
19-08-2005, 18:52
Hi its 8 oclock the night before carnage and not a mouse was stirring except 2 gamers! gortexgunnerson has failed miserable to finish his army infact he has only done 1 or so model!

So its 14 hours til the tournment (minus sleep)
We have 60 models to paint (Well I do as gortex is lame!)
A bottle of vodka
Its dark and were wearing sunglasses


Mod: Gortex is hear and actually insisted on the word lame being attributed to his painting ability/performance

19-08-2005, 20:44
LOL :p

Its nearly ten now and i aint finished my army wrote my list or my fluff and i cant drink my damn bottle of vodka as i gotta drive - damn :cries:

19-08-2005, 20:50
It's 10:03

I just finished printing out my army list (x2)

I already have my fluff, my equipment, and the last bit of my army has just been packed into its xcarry case.

I'm off to bed for a good nights sleep. See you tomorrow guys!

(cue - waking up at a riduclous time cos I remember something I've all to smugly forgotten now...)

Dodgy Ed
20-08-2005, 00:17
Right have finished the army! And the vodka, it all looks ok (ish) for a fast paint job and we avoided most problems except melting 3 of the bases on one of the crews lol! Now just have to get up tmw find a computer/printer to get 2 lists and print out background.

Not that we left anything to the last minute or anything, good luck to everyone playing shall c u all tmw! If you fancy a laugh you can come check the 56 model 5 hour paint attack tmw!