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20-07-2007, 01:47
so the other day i played my first one-off game of blood bowl and i loved it.

theres a league starting at my GW, so im going to enter.

now...i have killed the following teams just because

khemri, humans, orcs, chaos, amazons, wood elves, dark elves, high elves, elves, ogres, chaos dwarves, halflings, and lizardmen

so that leaves me

necromantic, undead, norse, nurgle, skaven, vampires, goblins and dwarves

i generally like beating the pulp out of them rather than running the ball, though i enjoy making ditch efforts toward the end of the board, at least, thats what i see so far.

so that sort of kills off skaven and goblins, aye?

now...model wise...thats where i get tricksy because im picky like that.

most of the models for blood bowl absolutely blow donkey...er...ears. they seem like things out of 2nd edition, so ill probably end up doing my own conversions.

norse: chaos marauders with a few norse players from the actual team
necromantic: duh
undead: duh
vampires: im thinking of using the actual vampire players, but using the free companies sprue for my thralls
dwarves: im not too sure how customizable the plastic sets are for dwarves...and the team does NOT look too...good...
nurgle: this is where im at a loss. i dislike all of the models. i was thinking of running a counts-as nurgle force, as i like them the most...nurgle woo!

clan moulder!

indeed...so...i want to use the skaven plague monks, obviously. i was thinking of running regular plague monks for the warriors, converted beasty-looking plague monks for pestigors, a crazy nurgle beast for the...crazy nurgle beast...and zombies for the rotters, mixed with free company sprue maybe.

what does warseer think?

also, any tips starter wise would help...as in max out on people or take all the 0-2 people as possible?

20-07-2007, 16:44
As you are just starting I would strongly recommend Undead. They fit your criteria as a hitty team with the 2 mummies, and the expendable zombies. Also they are capable of decent running plays and even passing moves thanks to the ghouls who quickly develop into the stars of the team. In fact they seem to fit your idea perfectly of grinding down the field and then releasing the fast ghouls nearer the endzone. I would definitely avoid the Vampire team if a beginner because they are very tricky to use.

20-07-2007, 17:02
Avoid Nurgle and Vamps. As stated, they are difficult to play with. Norse are a good team, but a little fragile, while Dwarfs, you will struggle to score to start with.

So yeah, go with Undead or Necro, both great teams.

21-07-2007, 14:59
I'd take Undead over necros, tbh. When the rules changed recently, various minor nerfs had a major effect for necros in league settings, so much so that the rules commitee are looking at what changes they can bring in for them for the Rules Review in Oct 2008 (LRB 6).

22-07-2007, 07:20
right o...necromantic twas my first team to try...but im going undead now...

so i entered into the league at my store today...and acquired my first parts of the team

here is my starting lineup, its not really subject to change :P

9 zombies
3 ghouls
2 wights
1 mummy
1 reroll
4 fanfactor

so i have the ghouls and the zombies all built and converted, nows the tricky part

so i have an issue model wise...so to say

and the other two (i saw them in a catalogue at the store today) but i was told that they looked genuinely classic...weedy and all that

im going for a classic undead approach...nothing footbally besides maybe a shoulderpad and a pose here or there, so the actual models are out of question.

m other option that i came up with was to scratch build a mummy, wireframe and greenstuff...wrappings and such. anyone have any other ideas? perhaps another range?

also, i have NO idea what to use for wights...any ideas would be gladly appreciated.

22-07-2007, 17:55
Ouch! Way to many players for a starting roster. At the very least you should drop two zombies and take a 2nd reroll.

If you can get your hands on one, get a heroquest plastic mummy, add a shoulderpad and you have a perfect BB mummy.

For wights, I have a hankering to use a ghost-type bottom half, and a armoured top (Imperial Knight for example), but hollowed out (especially the head).
If that's to much hassle (the reason I've not done it yet), there's always the Heresy Fantasy Football Wight (http://www.heresyminiatures.com/deathball.htm and scroll down the list).

23-07-2007, 14:32
A bit of a conversion job, but my mate has two OK ogre bulls, wrapped in 'plasticard' bandages. They are a lot chunkier, and look Strength 5.

23-07-2007, 20:38
actually...that sounds like a good idea...though i wont use ogre bulls...too big...

i could use that idea though. maybe ill take some random big humanoid model and just wrap him...my original idea was to just wrap a zombie on wrappings...but thats not s5...good idea there

as for wights im still stuck. i was looking at reaper miniatures...and i got an idea...wights are just long dead heroes correct? would a ghostlike model still work? i dont know, im still stuck on the wight part...and if anyone can find a 28mm mummy model please pm me...i would rather buy then convert...my GS skills arent that great

edit: so i found one or two models to use for my wights
and perhaps one of the other mordheim zombies....jus clip the weapons...

as for mummies...i cant exactly find a model that i want to mummify...but i did find these guys
http://www.crocodilegames.com/secure/item_details.asp?Page=6&CatID=24&SubID=30&pageHeading=Items%20-%20Miniatures%20-%20Aegyptus (http://www.crocodilegames.com/secure/item_details.asp?CatID=24&SubID=30&Page=6&pageHeading=Items%20-%20Miniatures%20-%20Aegyptus)

http://www.crocodilegames.com/secure/item_details.asp?Page=3&CatID=24&SubID=30&pageHeading=Items%20-%20Miniatures%20-%20Aegyptus (http://www.crocodilegames.com/secure/item_details.asp?CatID=24&SubID=30&Page=3&pageHeading=Items%20-%20Miniatures%20-%20Aegyptus)

what does the board think? yay? nay? barring them, im either going to have to scratchbuild one, or order those classics (which i like but am iffy on if they'll come in fast enough).


01-08-2007, 00:55
ok random update here.

ive decided to scratch build the mummies, figured thatd be the easiest and best route...cant find a good enough model to mummify.

as for the wights, ive decided on ethereal hosts...av9 from their etherealness, though i may green stuff armor on them or some such to make them more heroic...

thats about it...i plan on getting the mordheim zombie dog as one of my players as well...

huh...ive covered all the major undeads...ghouls zombies ghosts and mummies

go me

01-08-2007, 19:22
the VC Black Guard are the most representative of Wights IMO