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20-07-2007, 17:21
all the choas marine armies basicly the same? Will there be in difference between Alpha Legion and Word Bearers for instance, besides armor color?

20-07-2007, 17:36
I think it's a bit early to judge that, it will largely depend on the person playing with and the enviremont, at tournaments you'll likely see multiple chaos lists that look the same except a few minor toys and some paint.

20-07-2007, 18:30
well, i doubt all those people out there with iron warrors/night lords/alpha legion/etc.. are going to suddenly strip all their models.

but rules wise yeah, i think there's some room to trick things out between the different gods under the new book.

maybe it's just my location, but chaos lists were pretty similar under the old book too. --now place the defiler, now place the havocs...ok there's your deamon prince...blah blah blah....

20-07-2007, 18:35
That's pretty much the case with all armies in 40K, in Tournaments particularly. There is always a best and most efficient configuration for an army in any Codex (Mech Eldar, Nidzilla, etc.) and this trend will continue until GW spends several Editions perfecting and balancing the rules rather than ripping them apart with each new release.

20-07-2007, 18:56
40K is steadily moving in this direction unfortunately. Generic seems to be the the word of the day for GW.

Lord Inquisitor
20-07-2007, 19:02
I doubt it, the Khorne players probably won't start shoving Slaanesh units into their armies, etc. I know I'm going to add Obliterators to my Emperor's Children army. I might consider adding some Nurgle units in, just because I like the modelling opportunities (I've a nurgle predators that has always just been a display piece, but something I can use now if I wish).

But no. My army is still going to be the same army, it just won't be quite the same ruleswise. The only unit I can't use anymore is my noise havocs, and even then they're probably going to get converted into another noise squad.

20-07-2007, 19:23
There is no diffrence between the Night Lords and the Word Bearers wules wise. There is now no diffrence between the Thousand Sons and the Black Legion. Ruleswise the World Eaters and Death Guard are now the same.

20-07-2007, 19:26
It will be player regulated, but I would suspect that those drawn to the background of an army will build it in a different way for each legion. However, at tournaments there will likely be a generic way of making armies (although the new BA and DA codexes are such that there is less of an optimised option)