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Cpt. Drill
21-07-2007, 00:04
Hi guys Lord Lucifer recently sent me a copy of the Mighty Empires adaptation for warmaster that I believe was originally posted in the warmaster magezine.

I also stumbled accross a copy on the specialist games website!

Well me and a fresh band of 'Warmasters' decided that linking our games together with a campaign seemed like the way to go... Also with the new release of the mighty empires tiles set how could we refuse!

But this campaign seems to be missing something.... I think it needs a few more interesting specific buildings like the stone circle and mine and stuff like that, but I cannot think what!

Possibly something to include all the new towns and citys that you recive from the plastic box... Maybe rules along the lines of buying towns and citys for your provinces with points earnt from battles? Then if you have a town or a city you get some bonus like +1 to break point or '+Xpts'?

Any thoughts that people have or other interesting ideas would be great to hear along with any other campaign system rules that you think would be adaptable to this system!


Lord Lucifer
21-07-2007, 08:48
Personally I feel the game works better the less complex you make things. Adding specific locations to be purchased and so on detracts from the beautiful simplicity of the game, especially considering how abstract the system is in the first place.

I could see adding new Special Territories, but I don't really see the need to.
What I'd do, simply to keep it simple and to still add the element of flavour, is just add cities and farmsteads etc. to conquered plains so you can name all the features in your empire, not just the big ones like Mountains, Rivers and Forests.

It's nice having the Brandenberg Village in peril, instead of merely having The Plains Tile At The Edge Of My Empire be in danger of enemy takeover.

It doesn't alter the rules, but it means something to the narrative, and the narrative element is the most important one in a campaign.

It also gives you a visual cue on how to set up terrain.
Plains you put one or two hills on, mountains you load up with hills, forest tiles get lots of woods, and cities you get to play with lots of buildings, field boundaries, and ruins.

I still prefer the free printed Mighty Empires tiles to the new ones. Although the new ones look nice, the printed ones have proper River starting tiles, and coastal tiles and so on.
But as said, the new ones ARE nice, and 3D is always fun :)

Seriously, though, keep it simple.
The games are what's important, don't add complexity to the point of making the campaign a separate game.

Cpt. Drill
21-07-2007, 13:54
It's nice having the Brandenberg Village in peril, instead of merely having The Plains Tile At The Edge Of My Empire be in danger of enemy takeover.

This is what we were getting at... we want a real story to be generated so we can look back and remeber how the town of Folkshire managed to defend themselves from the greedy dwarves! Or how one race commits a massive genocide of another...

One more simple way we were thinking of incorperating villages would be to have that there would be a small defenable village terrain piece that would be worth 100vps or something.... so the attacking army would be able to capture it or the defenders could defend it... Not massivley game altering but it tips things in the favour of the defender ever so slightly...

I think we will try to get our campaign off the ground at the start of september... as there are a few people who have recently been roped into playing and are just starting armies.... Until then we might try some proxy campaign turns or do a very small map or something.

28-07-2007, 07:53
today, me and my girlfriend (dageraad, from the dragon sculpting project) will pick up the mighty empires system. We tried the mightly empires tiles glued onto cardboard and a big wooden square, but tiles fell of, it is difficult to store and is aestethically not as pleasing as the plastic tiles of course.

I will probably write my own campaign system for it, not very complex, but not overly simplified that it takes away any strategic possibilities on the campaign map.