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21-07-2007, 13:57
Me and my friends are just starting a blood bowl league. In our teams we have incorporated some big guy players, my team is an ogre team. We are having problems with the big guys fitting on the pitch. The bases are bigger than the squares on the pitch. Im sure many of you have had similar problems?

To rectify this i have decided to attempt to build a blood bowl pitch. Im sure ive seen it done somewhere. If anyone knows where a link would be appreciated.

This is not why i have posted though. I intend to mark the squares with tile spacers. However i wondered what best to make the pitch from? Would wood work? or foam board? Ideas and thoughts appreciated.



21-07-2007, 14:49
As a matter of fact I'm building a stadium right now :) What I've done is take a chipboard and saw down to size (about 1.0m x 0.8m). On this I marked out the pitch-area using pins stuck into the board. Painted the board with a mix of green (grass) and brown (worn grass) and onto this I spray-glued flock (green/brown). I then sprayed some watered down glue on the flock to keep it in place.

That's as far as I've come. What's left is marking out the reserve/CAS boxes, turn/RR boxes and painting out all the lines. I painted a logo onto the middle of the board pre-flock with the stadium name. I'm also making a dice-tower that'll fit onto the sideline :chrome:

21-07-2007, 15:03
A popular alternative that's is being made more and more is a 40mm pitch, which allows big guys to fit in the squares standing and prone (apart from the odd treeman).

If you're interested (and serious) there's a thread about it on TalkBloodBowl (can't find the link at the moment), and one about getting some scaled passing templates made. The thread originator is a member of league that all play on 40mm pitches.

21-07-2007, 17:09
Thats a good idea, I always hate playing against big guys, especially when they fall down and take up 3 squares behind them.

21-07-2007, 17:46
I'd be interested in that link too if anyone has it.


22-07-2007, 17:45
Still can't find the thread on the 40mm pitches, but here's the one about the passing templates:

If you contact the threads originator (generaljason) he can tell you more.

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23-07-2007, 14:33
WE always had a problem with the passing templates, when we built a bigger pitch.

We used a hell of a lot of 40mm bases...

23-07-2007, 16:59
I have 'Prone' and 'Stun' templates when using big guys. Means you don't have treemen taking up six spaces on the board.

23-07-2007, 17:23
The best pitch I've ever seen was done by rev, a member on here, and he wrote a full step-by-step article (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63327) on how it was made. Hope that helps!

10-09-2007, 18:47
You can get the 40MM pitch at ImpactMiniatures.com