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Autobot HQ
23-07-2007, 20:53

This week is Round 5 of the Warseer Warzone for the North League, which many are calling the crunch round as it is here that the leaders will have to pull away from the pack before the final round in the run up to the Warseer Cup. Among the matches taking place is the strength of Athletico against the speed of Nevermore and possibly the return of the touring FPF going against the dour Medics, but one match up that many have been awaiting as the ultimate test of ability is the Amazonian Playboys against the sheer evil NZQ. One man that has been waiting for this match up since the Playboys entered the League is Team Captain of the New Zaggarund Quakes, Harzuk "The Destroyer".

"I'll say what everyones been thinking - women don't belong in Blood Bowl. They should dance around and look nice whilst we, the true players, take up the challenge and do what we do best, and that's Beat people. They obviously don't have Intelligence or they wouldn't be here, and as for intensity they couldn't bring that to the table if their lives depend on it, and coincidently it does. We'll see this week if they have the integrity to show up, maybe they can at least have a part of what we consider the essentials, before we break their *******' necks! Oh it's true, it's DAMN true!"
- Team Captain Harzuk 'The Demolisher'

Deng Ham
24-07-2007, 14:16
"What a load of minotaur crapp" Was the spontanius respons we got from the PP team captain, Bambi."Just becouse you (Harzuk) are pumped up on Steroider and testosterone does'nt make you a man. A real man have a brain. And know how to use it.
"Apropo know how to use." Ginger, curently in the shower, reply in response of the captains statement. "Using that battering ram you carry under your tunic. Learn something, and you might get a date that want to come along. And not dragged by the hair. It might suprise you, but we women dont get turned on by that."

Deng Ham
24-07-2007, 21:23
It turned out as we expected.. The Quakes entered the pich ready for a bar brawl, and not a ball game. Something the game also showed signs of. And the Girls dodged past the brutes. And scored an early TD. But they where starting to suffer from knock outs. And at the re kick. There whernt many players left. And the effort they made was almost enough. As a hobgob had to enter a tackle zone, pick up the ball, hand it over to a AG 2 Centaur who had to do 3 GFI. All of witch sucseded and thus it was 1-1 at half time.

The NZQ was obviously not satified with the striking force of there fists. And in the break they filled ther gloves with lead. And beat up the referee. So that he would not stop them, hurting the gilrs. The gilrs used the half for a back rub, foot masage, penicure and general gossip. Where totaly unprepared for the boxing mach that awaited them. In turn 6 only 3 Girls was left on the pich. And at that time the Quakes scored the winning goal. The last fiew turn the girls did whatever possible to get the ball into the end zone. But alas, they stumbled on the last fiew yards. And the game was lost.

Autobot HQ
25-07-2007, 21:10
The NZQ came out today and said that they refute all cases and allegations that they filled their gloves with lead at half time - The lead was there right from the beginning.

"Listen man, we don't need no gimmiks. We don't tippy-toe all up in this place. We come to play the game, and when it's game time, it's pain time baby WOAH!

The girls knew what we were about, and if they didn't then they need to do their research baby! We don't just beat team, we break teams. We retire teams man, and we're going to keep adding names and keep checking fools till they learn that this is our house baby, WOAH!"
- #56 'Terrible' Toraz Taze

And so another victory goes to the NZQ, but at what cost? Another Centaur seems past his prime, with Hul' Kogan set to potentially lose out on game time after having hip replacement surgery. The NZQ have publically stated they hope to set up a legends deal for all members of the team in case of early retirement, but everyone knows it's the game that really matters, and the teams next game is against the current leaders Never Ahand Always Afoot. Can the heavy handed New Zaggarund Quakes defeat the resilient and nigh unbeatable Necromantic team? Only time will tell.

- Nikkit Kwikk, WSTV News

25-07-2007, 21:29
Make it a night to forget for AM, playing most of the game in the pouring rain with one blitzer and no luck does not a good game make for a human team.