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24-07-2007, 19:49
Rules used

All experimental rules
- Landers cannot contest conditions on turn they land
Tyranids v8.2 http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=21;t=9837
- Also the changes in http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=21&t=9752&st=15#entry210229
Marine mods as in here http://forum.specialist-games.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9464
- without the leaders remove 2BM.

Ultramarines Strike Force Omega

Thunderhawk 1
Terminators Detachment (in Thunderhawk 1)
+ Chaplain
Thunderhawk 2
2 x Devastator Detachment (in Thunderhawk 2)
Tactical Detachment
+ Razorback (heavy bolter)
+ Supreme Commander
Devastator Detachment
+ 2 Razorbacks (las cannon)
+ Hunter
Land Speeder Detachment
+ Librarian
Land Speeder Detachment


Tyranid Consumption Swarm

Assault swarm 1: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 6 Termagants, 8 Hormagaunts and 2 Gargoyles
Assault swarm 2: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 8 Termagants, 6 Hormagaunts and 2 Gargoyles
Biovore swarm: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 4 Biovores
Support swarm 1: Hive Tyrant with 4 Dactylis
Support swarm 2: Hive Tyrant with 4 Dactylis
3 x Genestealer swarm with 6 Genestealers
Lictor swarm with 6 Lictors
Lictor swarm with 5 Lictors


24-07-2007, 19:50

Marines put the blitz in eastern side behind a hill. Tyranids replied with putting blitz little east from centre behind some forests. One of the other objectives on Tyranid end was 35-40cm south of the blitz. Other was in same height on east in a hill. On Marines end the objectives were on both edges in east and west some 35cm from deployment edge.

Marines garrisoned Land Speeder 1 in east behind two buildings. Then Tyranids put the Support 1 in behind a hill side on east. Then Land Speeder 2 in west behind a swamp there. Tyranids then put the Biovores in a forest in centre on overwatch and Genestealer 1 in front of the forest on overwatch.

Rest of the Marines were deployed in eastern side. The Tactical detachment was little east of the centre next to a forest. Then the Devastators were west of the hill, just outside of garrisoned Support swarm 2. Last was Whirlwinds behind the hill also out of Support 2 range.

In "the west" actually in centre is the Genestealers 3. Next is a Support 2 on the blitz behind the Biovores. Then is the Assault 2 with Genestealers 2 within them. Cover in the eastern side is Assault 2 just behind the Support swarm 1.

24-07-2007, 19:51
Turn 1 "Air Strike"

Initiative: Marine

Battle starts with the Dactylises of support 1 and sustain fire. Or so the Hive Mind planned. Instead of sustain fire it gets hold and removal of BM as Hive Tyrant is having some mental difficulties. Instead the the boys in the Imperial Navy is called to do some pot shots. The Thunderbolts come screaming in to fire at the Biovores. they score two hits, but the Biovores save and only one is destroyed.

Next is the support 2 and this time there is no problem. The swarm quickly fires the spore mines high up and targetting the Land Speeder 1 behind the buildings. They score 3 out of 3 hits, but Speeders save twice and only one is lost.

In centre the Tacticals are next and they advance to fire at the 'stealers on overwatch. However that only creates a single BM on the Tyranids. In return the Genestealers stop hiding on the ground and move into a building nearby getting within charge range of the Tacticals.

Now there is little that the Marines can do to wait and go on attack mode. The Land Speeder 1 formation doubles ahead to fire at the Dactylises. One of the speeders manage to hit and melt a Dactylis. Then retaining the Thunderhawk 1 is called in to make an air assault. However there is reports of problems that the Supreme Commander can fix (snake-eyes!) and the aircraft stands down instead. Assault 2 then thanks the Marines for a snack and engages the Land Speeders in front of them. Speeders manage to kill 3 Hormagaunts, but are wiped out by the return fire and resolution.

So the marines move back to slower attack and advances with the Devastators to bring the Genestealers within range. Missiles destroy the building around the Tyranids, but no units are killed. So much the Imperial highly trained and bio-enhanced soldiers. Instead the second Genestealer group moves into a building putting them within charge range of the both Tacticals and Devastators.

Now with all the units in east moved, the Marines call in the second Thunderhawk. Targetting the Dactylis group in east the Thunderhawk moves in from east and lands nearby. Out come the Terminators getting into close combat with 3 Dactylis and hive Tyrant. Living up to their name they terminate all Tyranids and suffer no deaths in return. They consolidate towards the assault swarm 2.

In west the Genestealers march near the Tacticals ready to pounce. And Land Speeders move to counter the threat and double towards the just move Genestealers, but they fail to hit anything.

End Phase

Thunderbolts suffer 1BM on exit as Gargoyles fire but miss. Thunderhawk avoids all and exit without problems.

Assault 1 (less than 30cm) fails to spawn. Assault 2 (less than 30cm with spore) spawns 3 Hormagaunts. Biovore (less than 30cm) fails same as Support 2 (less than 30cm).

24-07-2007, 19:52
Turn 2 "Up close and personal"

Lictor swarm 2 teleports next to Whirlwinds. They get 1BM for doing so.

Initiative: Marines

After some thinking the Tacticals go first. They engage the Genestealers in open into a firefight. Moving west of them near Land Speeder they keep about 8 cm from Tyranids. Genestealers move a bit forwards in case of second turn. However they are not that lucky as the firefight with speeders supporting wipes them out. Next retaining the Whirlwinds advance. They target the genestealers in building right next to Devastators. Missile barrage is more accurate than the Devastators one and kill two units of the Genestealers. Tyranids start then with the very same 'stealers which engage the Devastators. All marines are caught into close combat and one of the units as well as a Rhino are lost faster than they react. In return they kill 2 and resolution wipes out the rest. Not wanting their prey to escape the last 'stealer group engages them. Only two reach combat but they kill two units. Marines are unable to kill anything and are forced to withdraw without losing any more. They move to west to a hill.

Then again is the agonising situation that all that needs to be done still cannot be done. Decision is made and Marines air power shows it's might. First the empty Thunderhawk ground attacks the Biovores on overwatch. However only one unit is killed as the forest and saves protect them. Then retaining the Thunderhawk 1 comes in carrying Devastators. They assault the Dactylises and land west of them. Overwatch from the Biovores kills two units before the fight. However that helps little as all the Dactylises are killed and the Hive Tyrant loses and withdraws east. However they do manage to kill one unit of the second Devastators. Devastators 1 move into forest with the remaining two units, while Devastators 2 keep behind the Thunderhawk with their three units.

Next is the Assault 2 which tries to advance. However they fail and use hold to engage the Terminators instead. They move to the hill crop while Terminators counter charge to prepare to move into close combat if there is second round. In battle three units of Hormagaunts are killed for the loss of one Terminator unit. However the resolution is for Marines and 3 Termagants are lost while the Tyranids withdraw from the battle.

Since it's inevitable that the Assault 1 will engage as well the Thunderbolts are called into fray. They manage to kill Termagant and Hormagaunt units as they strafe the Tyranids. Then it's the Tyranids and the Assault 1 engages the Terminators. They move into extreme range and assault commenses again. The assault goes for two rounds and turns sour to Emperors finest. First round they lose the Chaplain and in second they lose the remaining two units. In return the Tyranids lose 6 Hormagaunts. They consolidate to bring the Gargoyles in range when the Thunderbolts are going to withdraw.

Seeing that the route is free the Land Speeders are ordered to move out. They double towards the lone Hive Tyrant. Skimming fast and low over they ground they quickly catch the Tyrant. Marine targetting is accurate and the Hive Tyrant is incinerated by the melta blasts.

The last activation done by the Lictors which march after the escaped Whirlwinds.

End Phase

End phase sees one of the Thunderbolts being lost from Gargoyles while one Thunderhawk exists the table from opponents edge and other flies through the Gargoyle flaks without any problems.

All Marines rally.

Biovores (under 30cm with spore) spawns 3 Termagants. Assault 1 (under 30cm) fails as does assault 2 (under 30cm).

Marines break through the Tyranids lines.

24-07-2007, 19:53
Turn 3 "Objectives, fresh objectives, get 'yer objective here"

Lictor swarm 1 appears to the behind the Devastators without any BMs.

Initiative: Marines

This time the Land Speeders go first. They are ordered to engage the Lictors and skim fast towards the devastators. Three reach into fire fight while last two are out. They drop two Lictors with their melta blasts. Then comes the support fire. Devastators drop two more while the few Tyranids that are within reach of the Speeders manage to wreck one. Resolution is heavily on Marines though and the rest of the bugs are wiped out. Speeders move a bit back to take control of the blitz. Retaining the Whirlwinds double. They had planned to go behind the Lictors, but with scout ZoC and Genestealers that is impossible. So they accelerate to take control of one of the objectives on Tyranid end and fire at the Assault 2. But only 1 Termagant dies in the barrage.

The Genestealers on Marine end are ordered to engage the Tacticals next. They reach into close combat and score four hits. However marines save all. In return they wipe out the Genestealers with some help from the resolution. They move a bit more southeast, but stay out of Lictors engage range. Then the Tyranids retain with the Biovore swarm. They engage the Devastators 1. Two of the Termagants move to close combat while rest stay in fire fight that reach it. Both Termagants die and in return one Devastator is killed. Resolution gives out second round in which one more unit dies from Tyranids, but so does the Devastator unit. Tyranids move back towards where they started, instinctive.

Next it's airpower and first Thunderhawk is called in. It comes from west and circles to fire at the Tyranid Warriors that are in one side of the Assault 1 swarm. They manage to hit twice, but Warriors save both. Marines retain and bring in the second Thunderhawk as well. It has the same route and same target. Three hits are scored and all are saved. Marines start to be rather annoyed as the Warriors refuse to die.

Then it's Lictors which march to hold the blitz and spread out to keep the Marines away from it. Devastators 3 makes a similar move with march to hold the objective in east in order to prevent the 'Take and Hold' from Tyranids.

In centre the Assault 1 ponders on what it should do. Eventually it decides to engages the Whirlwinds. Three units with FF gets within range and 3 Hormagaunts are brought forward to act as shields. 2 Whirlwinds are lost as is a single Hormagaunt unit and Whirlwinds lose. They move behind the hill in Tyranid end on east while the Assault 2 consolidates to hold the objective.

Marines call in the last Thunderbolt, but it has severe engine problems and cannot take off just yet.

In east the Assault 2 is next and it engages the Devastators holding the objective. The battle is surprisingly bloody as 2 Gargoyles and a Termagant dies from Tyranids and Marines lose 2 Razorbacks and the Hunter (all saves failed). Marines lose by one and last Devastator falls backwards broken while Tyranids consolidate to hold both objectives on east (in Tyranid and Marine side).

Suddenly the Tyranids are in 2 - 1 situation. To fix this the Tacticals double ahead to get within range of the objective on east and fire at the Tyranids. One kill is needed, but marines fail to hit a single time. So no help in there. Next is the Devastator 2 They double to clear the forest and fire at the Assault 1. With two Termagants and a Gargoyle killed the Assault 1 falls to instinctive and won't hold the objective anymore.

End Phase

All Marines rally, while all Tyranids fail to spawn (two of three are instinctive and all within 30cm of enemy). Conditions are 1 - 1 as both sides have Blitzkrieg and off we go to 4th and final turn.

24-07-2007, 19:55
Turn 4 "Ending"

Initiative: Marines

Turn starts with Thunderhawk making a ground attack. Target is the assault 1. Targetting the hard to kill Warriors again. 3 Hits with 2 saves means that one Termagant unit is killed. Retaining the Tacticals sustain at the assault 2. This one goes bad as well as two Warriors keep on saving. The death toll is 2 Termagants and 1BM from going to instinctive. Tyranids respond by marshalling the Assault 1.

Retaining the Biovore swarm engages the Devastators. A single Warrior unit gets into close combat while Biovores hang back. 2 hits are scored by each. Marines fail both saves while Biovore saves leaving one Warrior unit dead. However the battle goes to Tyranids the last unit falls out to the nearby hill.

Marines respond by sustaining with the Whirlwinds at the Assault 1 but failing to hit anything. In order to get assault 2 to mindless before it can marshall Land Speeders try to advance to fire at them, but fail to activate and hold removing BMs. Assault 1 uses that time to marshall removing the BMs it has.

Marines try to reply with second Thunderhawk, but it stands down.

Last activation by Tyranids is Lictors moving to hold both Blitz and the objective on east, just in case the Assault 1 would go instinctive. Marines final activation is the lone Thunderbolt. Imperial navy fighter screams in to save the day targeting the Lictors. And two hits are done with both being conformed kills and that throws the Lictors into instinctive mode.

End Phase

Without any AA units on board planes can leave without problems.

For Marines Devastator 3 rallies while, Devastator 2 fails.

On Tyranids side, Biovores (less then 30cm) fail to spawn. Assault 1 (less then 30cm with spore) spawns 2 Termagant. Assault 2 (less then 30cm) fails to spawn.

Conditions are 1 - 0 with Marines still holding Blitzkrieg, while Tyranids lost theirs. So off we go to count points and result is 1800 for Marines against 1287,5 for Tyranids and so the Marines win.

The Land Speeders keep their hold on Blitz objective.