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floyd pinkerton
24-07-2007, 22:38
Hi guys, our local GW is going to run a Mordheim campaign.

First of all, am I doing the right thing? Should I do one of the "regular" warbands (ie the ones in the book)? I play necromunda and I always advise doing a gang in the rulebook before scavvies, enforcers, spyrers etc., though in mordheim there seems to be more variation in the basic warbands, so it wouldn't matter too much.

If it's ok, I was thinking about a fairly basic Noble (2CCW or a 2-hander) and then as many thunderers w/ crossbows as possible, and saving up for a engineer and a slayer.

Your thoughts please

24-07-2007, 23:13
Get the engineer and the slayers FIRST.

First rule of warband making. Max out on heroes before you start worrying about henchmen. If you have max heroes, you will make the money to buy henchmen. If you have no heroes, you aren't going to make enough money to replace your losses, let alone buy more.

26-07-2007, 00:00
I'm also new, and I'm also playing dwarves, and with a couple games under my belt I've found a screen of expendable beardlings to be invaluable. Advance your slayers behind a beardling or two armed with daggers, then the enemy is forced to charge the little guys, leaving the slayers to charge back for a first strike. The beardlings are durable enough, that they often come out OK.

26-07-2007, 10:01
Quickly bashing up a dwarf warband, I was able to get maximum heroes and a nice screen of beardlings within 500 crowns. However the only missile weapons are pistols, and if your local group plays without loads of terrain you will feel it against anyone with crossbows and that nasty S4. All the games I remember playing in store had minimal terrain, often just a few buildings, and all the shooty warbands dominated.

Anyway, heres the list I put together

Thane: Dwarf Axe, Pistol, Helmet
Engineer: Axe, Pistol
Trollslayer: Dwarf Axe, Hammer
Trollslayer: Dwarf Axe, Hammer

2 Beardlings: Hammer, Dagger
2 Beardlings: Hammer, Dagger
2 Beardlings: Hammer, Dagger

10 models, plenty of beardling shields and the dwarf axes mean you get some measure of protection in combat. Comes to just under 500 and dont forget the range increase on the pistols.

Blagrot Squigbreff
26-07-2007, 11:41
The guy (Rob) making the board intends it to be fairly heavy on terrain, I think he's played a few campaigns where the only good warbands were massed shooting ones and there was no movement or CC phase worth mentioning.