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25-07-2007, 04:43
Possibly... 'How to lose money the fast way'

Theres a new log by me so you know the story by now - Short of cash, problems ahoy, painting needs to be done quick as hell yadda yadda yadda. Thats partly why the space wolves havent cropped up recently despite coming on nicely

Anyway, the list stands at...

5 Grey Knight Terminators including a custom grand master
3 Grey Knight Dreads
The Land Raider from the previous thread (might be a slight change of scheme..)
12 Bretonnian Knights in Yellow
Various other fantasy gubbinz that I might not post...

Anyways, I decided to get on with one of the grey knights as per the comissioners directions. The details been killed completely, and it looks a little brighter then it does but hey, thought I'd show it off and get a bit of feed back.

(BTW you can see my first entery in tale of fantasy painters in the background...)

The eyes are a bit of a deviation but I like enchanted blue and its a nicer contrast then the green. I've also refrained from using any metalics - I know I cant do NMM but I can sure as hell give it a go for awhile - the Liber Chaotica is administratum grey with brown ink on for example looks link tin bitz. Not sure how to do the purity seals so if you have any suggestions please chime in.

No obligatory dog picture as I'm at Uni for now, and stuck here until I'm rescued by my family. Suffice to say that when I get back home the gorgeous westie in the previous threads will appear for all the dog fanciers out there.

No desk picture either as I'm working on my tool box and it looks rubbish. I might take a picture of my huge room to prove the fact that, while your at Uni and looking for a woman, that size does matter
'Wana come back to my place? I've only got a single bed so you'll have to snuggle up tight'
'Or love, come home with me - I've got a double. Means there plenty of room for rolling around and if you get annoyed you can sleep on the other side (and saves me having to pay for a bloody taxi)'

The new trend does seem to be a picture of the missus in something interesting, however as my most recent missus is my house mate, and we split up (was quite an interesting week - cheered me up after the mess of the last one), I'd feel bad posting up the picture of her doing a Carmen Miranda this morning (Just got out of the shower, towel round body, towel on head). I've been known to bow to pressure though and it would tickle me heartily... Plus she wouldnt know and Im planning to drag her to games day which would cause much chuckling... and pain when I get hit for posting the picture.

Currently Listening too - William Shatner, 'Common People'

25-07-2007, 05:37
Nice Job AD. I know that is only WiP but it has good potential.... cant wait to see the Finished Project

Penguin of Death
25-07-2007, 08:08
Nice neat mini and I like blue eyes on a Marine, brings out the colour of his armour...

Snuggling in a single always sounds good up until you get an elbow in the windpipe or a knee in the groin, supposedly accidents.
The photo would be nice in the short term but the long term effects of getting her to Games Day out weighs it. Save the photo until afterwards

25-07-2007, 20:00
Right got a bit more done but I'm in a bit of a rush so I'm sorry for the dodgy pictures...


Needs a little cleaning up mind but hey, for free hand work without a lamp in the dying day light that'll do nicely. The comissioner didnt ask for this kind of work though however, and didnt include the shields so I've supplied my own (hey, if he doesnt want them, I'll find em a happy home :D )

Anyways, onto the big fella...


His left hand side has had a bit of work done on the grey - the head is finished but the rest needs a little more work at the moment but I got carried away trying to do the arms. The Thunder hammer will have a white haft so I'm looking to use white to brighten up the whole model so if things change a little dont be suprised.

He would have been finished entirely if I hadnt of started working on the others, although having seen some cracking grand masters in black recently I'm going to email the comissioner and ask him if he'd like him done in black but I dont mind if not - this scheme is a joy to paint.

For now though...

25-07-2007, 21:47
I feel sure the grey will work out in the end, it looks a little rough etc the now, but I have faith!!
Oh and post the pic of the girl, you know you want too, everyone will be your friend....

26-07-2007, 06:26
Looking good AD
Know check ur pms, i sent you something bout the LR

dave is the best
26-07-2007, 08:45
Like i said earlier awsome work!


26-07-2007, 10:24
I really like the idea of Red and Grey mix for the armour. If I hadn't already done my Grey Knight Terminators for my log I might have used this idea. May be I'll do some more ??


26-07-2007, 11:21
Well knowing that if I posted her picture up that chances are I'd get found out, I decided it was best to tell her.

Was not impressed. In the slightest. I think there was castration mentioned. I even mentioned how it was the new thing, and that many had done it - which earned me a frosty stare and a reiteration about castration.

Gah! Ill see about melting her heart with a cool island song :D

Yeh do some more Bungaroo - Havent seen any in your log though, or are they a suprise?

Reply sent Kieran :)

Anyways, little update to keep you all interested but, yet again, done on the fly so forgive the rubbishness..



Nearly there really. The grey looks excellent on his left arm, and the white on the hammer looks nice and crisp although I'm tempted to carry it over onto the hammer section itself - thoughts?

Well I've been up half an hour and already its been a bad day - Jobseekers wont let me claim because I'm going back to Uni in september, meaning that hour on the phone the other day as well as the round trip to the job centre was a complete waste of my time. I've been told I could probably still get housing benefit (which would have been included last time, but now means another bloody form and trek). I've also found out that my over draft limit is being reviewed tomorrow - meaning that should my bank feel evil I will have 1500 to pay off by the end of the month. Suffice to say I'm going to see them now.

26-07-2007, 11:32
Nicely done AD!

30-07-2007, 21:59
Evening fellas

Right, been a bit busy sorting my room out - Now have a dedicated painting area which makes me happy no end.

I've been given the go ahead to do the grand master in funky black armour so I built him up today while the house mate (whose castration threats grow each time I mumble putting her picture up) watched hair spray which is suprisingly very good.



I'm happy with that bit of green stuffing considering my skills are limited to filling in holes and hoping for the best. I had to lop off about 1cm of the daemons head (which is from the Inquisitor scale daemonhuntress), and to get it all on the base I had to move him over to the side but apart from that he looks great. I added a bit on the other side of the hand as it looked unnatural - it obscures the trigger mechanism but I dont think that matters too much.

The hammer is a temporary solution mainly because I know I wont be happy painting an incomplete model -He was meant to have Corteaz's hammer however clever b*ll*cks here forgot to order it.

The dreadnoughts are coming along nicely, just need that dettol to work a little faster so I might whack it in some warm water tomorrow to quicken the process.

Comments appreciated as ever

Next on the list for some work is the land raider - the termies are coming along nicely but Ive been looking at that kit for too long now, and seeing as though I can afford black spray I might as well use it!

31-07-2007, 15:17
Doesn't seem to be too much wrong with your GSing there mate, looks good, can't wait to see it painted. Are you going to do the deamon's head is some realy bright colours to off set the grey?

I reckon the Landraider would be a nice addition as well, will it get deamon trophies?

31-07-2007, 20:25
Marovian - cheers for that. Now its sprayed it doesnt look too bad but ill see how it looks painted first (currently thinking Blue or yellow as I can do both quite bright with some confidence). The land raider is for a seperate comission, and is to be done in deathwing colors.

Satan Dingo - Yeh I was thinking that the other day. I tried to do one of my own grey knights in metal and several coats of different metalic shades and inks later it still looked tripe, but this fella in grey looks the buisness.

Anyways, the grand master is ready for painting so expect an update sometime in the next 24 hours - should really finish off the squad first but... temptation...

31-07-2007, 20:53
Really liking the conversion, especially the tongue lolling out and the red makes a change from the usual all silver Grey Knights i keep seeing.

Currently Listening too - William Shatner, 'Common People'

Although that makes this painting log my official favourite. The Shat rocks :D although many others would disagree.

31-07-2007, 21:34
Yeh reds one of those colors I really love painting for some reason - it screams imperial and theres so many ways of doing it but few ways of buggering it up (unlike cursed yellow and more cursed green)

I'm currently watching have I got news for you but I need some other stuff and te Shats not really getting me in the mood at the moment (he's great crom bless him but since common people shot up my most played list ive kinda gone off the fella) - anyone have any suggestions for painting music?