View Full Version : Epic - how do different Eldar Craftworld armies compare?

27-07-2007, 21:27
I've been contemplating painting my AI Eldar fighters with an eye to them being useful someday if I ever take up Epic Eldar, but while considering paint styles I'm wondering how the various Craftworlds compare in Epic. I understand the official list is Biel-Tan, but given those guys strike me as arrogant bastards even for a race that has a certain default status as arrogant bastards (and I'm not looking forward to trying to paint thorns on itty bitty Epic-scale stuff) I'm leaning against them and was hoping to take up a different Craftworld. I've seen experimental rules and whatnot for various Craftworlds, but I was wondering how they play overall in Epic. I was leaning towards Altaioc color-wise, but I'm interested in hearing about actual play value for the various army types. Worst case I can obviously always take a Biel-Tan list painted and named differently, but as a fan of fluffy armies I'd rather take the "accurate" list if possible.

12-08-2007, 23:59
1st, I'm sorry no one had replied to this yet, 2nd Altaioc would be the easiest craftworld to play based on the Swordwind list: take more rangers. Technically, that's all you need to do. No wonky mass formations of Wraithguard, or Jetbikes, or tons of Farseers, just try and have every main formation supported by a decent number of rangers and buy lots of blue and (to a lesser extent) yellow paint. You might want to include more guardian formations as Altaioc doesn't have as many aspect warriors to call upon, but they do have a decent number...

13-08-2007, 05:35
How did I manage to miss this.

The E:A lists are something that in general can be substituted for any other "variant". So the basic marine list can be used as any chapter as does the steel legion IG. So in this case you can use the swordwind list for any craftworld. There are even examples of using the IG list for chaos traitor army and so on.

There are variant lists. However at the moment there is no development done on them and it remains to be seen whether the army champion for them makes a return or not. You can find all lists from below.