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Dr Death
29-07-2007, 10:45
Hello and welcome to the home of my endless quest to get something resembling an orthodox army completed. The two E's in question are Empire and Eldar (Ulthwe specifically), two starting armies that i purchased back in January and have been assembling ever since. Said E's notwithstanding though, you should also get some wonderful pictures of swathes of bare metal and plastic Lord of the Rings figures so "stay tuned" is all i can say:rolleyes:.

A bit of background may be in order for both my army choices. The Empire were the only army i ever truly fell in love with. Said love being love enough to paint them long enough to assemble any kind of reasonable army. That army now being very dated as far as my relative skill goes and best left buried, i thought the release of the new armybook a good chance to shake up my enthusiasm again and give the entire 'collect an army' thing a second go. To this end i decided to splurge out on an Empire army, and just because i'm an utterly 'oooh shiney'ist and couldnt resist went for the whole hog and bought an Eldar army too.

In addition to some soldiers of the empire sprues, the limited edition army standard bearer, a cannon and the contents of the 6th edition boxed game which i purchased to get a shiney new copy of outdated rules (as well as a shiney copy of the updated rules thanks to the offer GW ran last year) i bought the following from a wonderful discount retailer to kick start my empire army-
I've since bought a couple of boxes of wizards with an eye to replicate those shown in 'Blood on the Reik' so they should make an appearence

The Eldar purchase consisted of the following-
Forgeworld Avatar
EoT Seer Council (and another warlock)
32 Guardians
5 Rangers
6 Jetbikes
2 Vypers
3 War Walkers
1 Falcon

One of the reasons i chose both these armies was that they would require minimum conversion work to make them look the way i wanted. Conversion work i've always found to be a distraction when trying to construct an army and so i wanted to avoid it for the purposes of this project. Unfourtunately that plan rather went out the window with the Empire when i decided that those which i had used the old style slash and puff arms on looked far cooler than those without and so embarked on sculpting said clothing on every model in my army. Time will tell whether this will work out...

So there you have a very brief introduction to this project, more pictures will soon be forthcoming. As the old phrase goes "Hold on to your hats; you're in for a bumpy ride..."

Dr Death

29-07-2007, 12:48
Always nice to see another Empire army. Cool that you're gonna sculpt the clothing. Did it myself last week, so I can post a pic of the result if you want. Also great to see you've got a forgeworld avatar.

Good luck and looking forward to see more,


Dr Death
29-07-2007, 16:27
Right, here's a couple of pictures of a few halberdiers i've sculpted the clothing for. One point i found was that you can get away simply with doing the arms since not only are they the most visible limbs once ranked up but also the style of clothing really is there to almost 'fake' muscle mass, giving the impression of upper body strength. If you were to do the legs and ignore the arms models look too bottom heavy. You'll also notice that the feather on the middle model has been trimmed significantly from its original form. With the exception of the head with mutton chops all of the new heads with feathers have either been trimmed extensively or just plain cut off.

Another thing i've been experimenting with is ideas for new empire knights. Considering the Pistollier horses are so much larger i decided to do a bit of trick photography to see what the general horse's barding would look like on each of the different poses. I had separated the barding from the rest for a conversion i intend to do. Still, here are said pictures-

I apologise about the huge image size on these, they were uploaded to the net at the same time and i had forgotten about the 'scroll-bar of doom'.

Edit: Fixed images on this post, should be smaller now

Dr Death

29-07-2007, 19:04
Holy hand gernaides Dr Death, the idea for the horse is nice. Might have to steal this idea from you(Dino looks left and right and sucker punches Dr Death and runs of with his idea(just kidding)). The horse at the bottom looks perfect fot the barding.

Dr Death
30-07-2007, 15:07
Well Dino, here's the rest that i couldnt post last time due to the 4 picture limit-

Some look better than others but considering there's a good centimetre of distance between the barding and the horse, it should fit more comfortably over the horse if you were actually to do the conversion.

Dr Death

30-07-2007, 15:27
Hmmm... I have a spare few Pistoliers lying around, and 10 Knights to make....

Nice idea.

Now c'mon man, paint :D

Dr Death
07-08-2007, 13:20
Now c'mon man, paint

It'll come- in time. I've actually got an order of paints winging it's way to me as we speak. I'm planning to make this army from Altdorf, not for any background reasons but because i've always liked the muted navy blue and crimson. My last empire army was Middenheim so it'll be a nice change to go for something a little more Sigarite (and besides, the plan is that if this army grows large enough i'm going to add contingents from a few other states as well). If anyone has any particular requests though i'll be happy to consider them.

Until then, more unpainted models-


These are conversions using the old arms with new bodies and a few of the old heads. I'm particularly keen on the bloke on the left in the third picture, and the standard bearer that required extensive pinning through pieces not much wider than the drillbit (a party trick that i've been utilising on some Uruk-hai pikemen as well)

The final picture today is of a model that has been touched with a brush- a WiP shot of Eomer. I've been trying to follow the film more accurately than the 'Eavy Metal model so the leather is a more brown colour than the bright red GW chose, and Karl Urban's 'not very rohhiric' dark moustache and beard are in full showing (highlighted lightly with a little desert yellow)



Dr Death

07-08-2007, 13:44
Sweet mother of jesus! That horse idea is great, and the halberdiers already look fabulous! I can not wait to see this painted.. Really awesome. I am surely going to love this.. :D

Dr Death
30-01-2008, 14:26
Yes, this thread was dead, however, i do intend to maintain it better from now on. So, onto some pictures. Here are some eldar guardians i've painted for my Ultwe army. You will notice a slight purple hint that i've added just to get that kind of 'in touch with the warp' feel:


I'm currently working on another 6 of these and i have now finished the greenstuffing for an entire regiment of halberdiers which i will be bringing you in various stages of paintedness shortly.

Dr Death