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Pete - Witch Hunter
30-07-2007, 19:28
I was drawn to Necromunda due to it being a somewhat more detailed game than 40k, and downloaded the free rules from the site. I like the look of Escher but to be quite honest am surprised at the aparent lack of background material about the gang. Or any gang for that matter. Is it just me skipping over the pages by accident due to it being in PDF, or is there really only that one box and the little bit of text above the gang weapons list to detail their background? I want to be fluffy (to an extent, it's hard for me to not take shotguns no matter what army or what game I'm in. Multiple ammo types make me happy, too :) ).

Not to mention that 'they like close combat' (or somesuch) and I don't get bloody meltaguns. Though I do get plasmaguns, which irks me, as plasmaguns hould be rare and prone to melting your hands off once in a while. Oh well.

30-07-2007, 19:49
Plasmaguns, along with every other weapon in Necromunda, can malfunction. The rules were written back during 2nd Ed 40k when Plasma weapons had to recharge. This prevented the crazy overheats that are so common now.

As far as Meltaguns go, you aren't missing out on much. They have a very short range and are very expensive. Plus are somewhat overkill when you are only fighting people.

But yeah, there is very little background printed for the different Houses. Try the Necromunda novels that Black Library do.

Loketh Latheliu
18-08-2007, 02:59
Try the Necromunda novels that Black Library do.

I highly recommend Outlander. Great book.

18-08-2007, 14:05
Outlander is very good. Also try Junktion, Back from the Dead and Fleshworks.

Those are my favourites. They give you a good idea about life in the Hive as well as a bit more info on the Houses.