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30-07-2007, 19:58

Points for the match game.

1 point for playing a game
3 points for winning a game
1 point for a draw
1 point for a match report
1 point for each death, SI and BH even if succedfully healed by Apothecary Regeneration or other means. If there is a recorded injury in information bar the point is earned.

You Was looking at Me Award

This is treated separate to the points. If a player is moved to the dugout during play then these injuries are tallied up. If you use an apothecary and it is successful the player remains on the field so the injury is not counted for this award. You MUST end up in the dug out. Some injuries are more painful than others keep a record of what injuries your player has.
A serious injury is worth 5 points of damage, death counts as a serious injury. A badly hurt is 2 points of damage and a KO is worth 1 point. If you have regen that negates the effects then great, still tally the points. Sometimes like a crowd push you are only stunned but still removed from the pitch into the dugout this counts as a KO. so give then 1 point.

Just to make this clear, this award is for a single player. The player whom has been most beaten in the tournament.

30-07-2007, 20:14
Ahhh ok this makes alot more sense the the blabber you sent in msg lol i'll have to rewatch the replay and give the points to each individual guy in their bios to track them thanks

30-07-2007, 23:56
well thanks to Th0rs 'supa stabby ninja rats of doom' I had a whole lot of casualties and racked up quite an impressive score - even though I lost :D

Now if I cn just get through the next game relatively unscathed Ill be on track again...