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31-07-2007, 00:58
just wondering when the current league finishes?

its a bit annoying not being able to play anyone(not even friendlies) due to the tourney...


31-07-2007, 02:33
Yea its dragging on... I've been done for a week and can't use my team.

31-07-2007, 02:44
i still have one game to play than i will be able to use my team again.

i will gladly play against you, my skavens are not fit enough to play in this league

31-07-2007, 13:28
I had to retire my team due to a mangling ... do I create and apply again now or wait till the current league is done?

Also what is next? If I remember right the warzone north/ south were only in place to give Autobot HQ time to get the next league sorted (or am I remembering it wrong?)

31-07-2007, 13:30

31-07-2007, 14:15
? was there some sarcasm in your cackling :)

Perhaps we need to get a another thread going on what people want to do next ... I for one don't want weeks between leagues as we try and decide.

That said a post by Autobot or one of the staff could set us straight pretty quickly.

31-07-2007, 15:09
That said a post by Autobot or one of the staff could set us straight pretty quickly.

I think i'll join in now on some uncontrollible laughter.

Just make a new team and apply.

Autobot HQ
31-07-2007, 21:08
I'm quite, quite sure everyone has recieved deadline updates (which have been followed) with the final matches of this round being Thursday night, the next and end deadline being next sunday. After which, as also said in various PM's, there will be the big Warseer Cup (this was also announced in the Warseer Issue 4 so you really have no excuse not to know whats happening th0r so no need to be an ass), after which will begin the new system as decided before in the previous "what the ****** we doing" thread, where there will be a mixture of Round Robin league matches broken up with tournaments on a quarterly basis.

Thanks for listening

31-07-2007, 21:23
cloud of smoke begins to dissipates

th0r looks around in all directions....

What the? The league manager will not be seen or able to comment for another 3 weeks.

31-07-2007, 21:55
"What the ****** We doing"

Sounds like a WSFA tournament title. Stolen.

01-08-2007, 12:44
"What the ****** We doing"

Sounds like a WSFA tournament title. Stolen.

Count me in!!! :)
hummm.... Maybe I should finish this one first :)

02-08-2007, 22:13
yeah, at least the "What the **** you doin'" tournament will run...

we were actually concerned about the deadline being overlooked, as usual :)

get the new tourney up and running

02-08-2007, 23:53
It would have been nice if we'd had more than 5 days to play the round that just got forfeited on us.

And not checking back here means that I never saw this Thursday deadline imposed which was not notified on Fumbbl.

03-08-2007, 00:33
Just wondering.. is the offer for a staff change still valid at the end of the tournament? Think it's time to talk about this.

03-08-2007, 09:01
Autobot did set up the tournament well. I was concerned at what we were getting but the tournament we got presented with was fine. The tournament length was fine for me, I wasn't too quick putting pressure that you had to play in a week and where we in the Southern league played ahead of schedule there were no such worries of running out of time. Autobot just needs help in the communication department, he should get his staff to do more. Buy longer flails Stuart and don't hold back.

I know from running the WSFA that communication is the key and you have to repeat yourself so everyone knows what is happening. Even messages that do not say anything help. You know Hi coach good to see you doing well in the tournament, look forward to future games...type thing gives coaches a security feel that the tournament is still very much alive.