View Full Version : Where to find used pitch

31-07-2007, 16:23
I know I can build one, but I am looking to obtain the pitch and rulers for a little less than the money being asked for. Any suggestions?

I don't mind spending the money on the teams but...

31-07-2007, 17:56
Why don't make your own pitch? AS for the ruler... humm... tried to borough one from a friend and make a copy of it.

[edit] follow this link for passing guidelines :

19-08-2007, 06:47
Ebay is your friend.

30-08-2007, 18:08
Maybe you could advertise in the warseer trading forum? It has a "wanted" section.

Also, if you were to just buy the box set, you could probably recoup a fair amount of the money by selling unwanted components (like teams, presumably) on ebay or in the trading forums.

30-08-2007, 21:51
See my thread. Whole pitch made for about 15

floyd pinkerton
22-09-2007, 00:06
I'm intersested too.

which thread, DigitsDavid?

11-10-2007, 14:46
I did know a few people who made a rubber bb pitch that could be rolled up for ease of transport. Don't think they sold them all after the tourney last time and they were only 10 euros, so I might be able to get in touch with them (if they're still track downable!)