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01-08-2007, 00:31
Well a few buddies of mine are starting a mordheim campaign. I've decieded to fight for the merchant lords of marienburg which may or may not be a wise choice in a prolonged conflict but I'm more concerened about creating a nice narrative as my warparty advances rather than winning the tournament.

Here's my roster:

Kleiber Kaufmann - mercenary captain
Warhorse (:cool:)
heavy armour

Disgraced son of Herz Kaufmann, renowned merchant lord of Bogenhafen, Klieber seeks to regain his honour in the fetid streets of mordheim. Foppish and arrogant in equal measure he was the spoiled middle sibling. Despite his decedential upbrining he is a notable horseman and rides into battle upon Tierkrieg, a warhorse possessed by a ferocious temper.

Heinz Lieterbeg - champion
hammer x2

Lifelong mentor and friend of Klieber, he keeps an eye on the hot headed youth that has become his charge. The warband's most ferocious fighter, imbued with an oddly disturbing, silent menace when in combat. Level headed and stelly he is a trusty companion.

Swordsmen x 4

Klieber's personal guards led by Leopold, Klieber's childhood friend.

Jasper and Jarque Zwillinger - marksmen

A pair of twins from around the provinces that surround mordheim, they act as guides for the warband of intrepid adventurers. Masters of concealment and trickery, this mischievious twosome have been the cause of many a stolen gold coin among Klieber's bodyguard. Entertainers to the end, they give Klieber a welcome distraction from the warband's sombre surroundings, and, if a few stray valubles find thier way into thier pockets, well it's thier form of a tip.

Master Bates - youngblood
extra dagger

Sorry about the name - couldn't resist :D
Formerly the abused cabin boy of ca'n Pugwash's pirate vessal, he made a break for freedom at one of the many ports along the west coast of the Empire. He was hunted down for sport by a rival mercenary band but saved by an un-character-like whim of mercy from Klieber. Now unflinchingly loyal to Klieber's cause he mops up the remnants of the front rank's devastating charge.

Monkey - youngblood
extra dagger

One of Cap'n Pugwash's more exotic treasures, he was rescued from a life of humiliation by Master Bates the cabin boy. Deadly with his pair of knives, Monkey is often the last underestimation the foe gets the chance to make.

The main warband tactics will be to charge into my opponents 'ardest unit with the heavies (swordsmen, Klieber and Heinz), hopefully breaking them on the charge. The marksmen will be added to, but for now they will be stationed in cover and used to pick of enemy archers which parry abilities aren't too good at defending against. The two youngbloods, master bates and monkey will be used to 'mop up' , knifeing any stragglers left behind from the main charge.

Tell me what you think :)

Aflo (Adam)

03-08-2007, 02:31
Not bad; I like the narrative you've tried to go for- much better than trying to power-game in MH. I'd consider going for another hero instead of a couple of swordsmen- you'll be able to afford more henchmen sooner than more heroes, and maybe giving the swordsmen bucklers instead of shields (Can't remember their rules, but I think bucklers are more favourable on them.)

03-08-2007, 10:25
Thanks thunderwolf. I was thinking of replacing a pair of swordsmen to make room for another champion, namely Leopold although I felt it would leave me a little short on numbers - would this be the case?

I'll look into the bucklers as well, they are no doubt cheaper and we Marienburgers are a stingy lot ;)

03-08-2007, 23:53
I don't think so, really- you'd be starting with 9 as opposed to 10, not a huge deal IMO. (The last band I ran was Dwarfs- I had a starting number of around 6.) You can always try to hire more Swordsmen with enough XP to fit in with the existing group, or (perhaps better) have another henchman group- more chance of a promotion to Hero that way.

The other thing I'd think about grabbing early on is a few more marksmen, maybe with crossbows- being able to put a dent in big gribblys like the Possessed is not to be underestimated, not to mention the increased likelihood of putting enemy grunts OOA.

Also, remember is that Mordheim is not WFB- there's no shame in running if it means you live to fight another day, especially early on in the game. If you hit your Rout point, give serious consideration to whether it really is beneficial to hang around for a short-term win, or think long-term.

07-08-2007, 11:56
Thanks again thunderwolf - I'll definately take your advice into account.

Well model wise I've bought the new empire general mini who'se now assembled, 10 empire soldiers (who are being painstakingly green-stuffed to resemble the german landsknecht infantry, with ruffs and puffy clothing aplenty) and the plastic monkey (!!!) from the handgunners set - nearly ready to rumble ;)

11-08-2007, 00:25
Started work on the swordsmen. Here's the link if you're interested:http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98080

11-08-2007, 05:54
That swordsman looks great! :)

Fastforward rlz
02-09-2007, 04:47
wow I really like it. Playing for fun not to win. My sugestion would be to skip out on the horse for now because that will give you a lot of extra gc. remember you can get one latter on. If you decide to though then it's still ok. you should also update your work so we can see how it's coming.