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01-08-2007, 09:43
Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the first Tale of 40K Painters monthly update extravaganza!

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91272). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month. Participants in the Tale should post here ONCE and ONCE ONLY, for each army you are painting! If you are not participating, please do not post here - If you wish to comment on anyone's work please use the current working thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96508) or look at their project log. :)

In your post, you should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit.

Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators.

Finally, if you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours. If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered July.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted. Photos should be cropped or resized to less than 1024 by 1024 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc., and any additional photos you wish to show. However, please post no more than 4 images per month (i.e, please don’t use multiple posts to add extra images). If you want to add more than 4 photos, then either include them as links to your photo album, or as attachments. You could, of course, take a photo including more than one unit as long as the image isn’t too big. Also, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread can give you some feedback if they want to.
Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)

01-08-2007, 09:51
I'll get the ball rolling then I guess...

McMullet's Custard Tyranids: July 2007

Unit 1: 14 Hormagaunts, no upgrades. 140 points.

Unit 2: 3 Ripper Swarm bases, with "leaping" Upgrade. 42 points.


<EDIT> I've added some more details as in Harry's post - feel free to do the same

The setting for this army is a ruined/ruinous city that is being partially reclaimed by the desert as the Tyranids and Imperial forces fight over it. I'm also keeping a purely close-combat force as I don't like the ranged bio-weapons the tyranids use.

A few minor conversions, which for the moment are just reposes and the like. Notable is the now-famous "Karate Kid" Hormagaunt and the Rippers emerging from the sewer. Sowever, since these models were assembled some years ago, and I wanted to concentrate on sorting out my painting method for the month, I didn't go to much trouble with conversions.

Ahem. Well, some of them have white undercoats, some black, some Tamiya Nato Brown. From there I use Cobra Leather, Smokey Ink and Scrofulous Brown (Vallejo colours) to achieve the yellowish exoskeleton.

The green carapaces are a very old Dark Green colour, then Snot Green, then Scorpion green.

I'll be more specific about this next month when I do them all the same...

Rocks, urban stuff, sand. The sand is based with Beasty Brown, then drybrushed with Plague Brown and Khaki.

The sewery base is down using Camo green, washed with smoky ink and them painted with PVA. See my log for how to make bubbles.


One these guys, nothing but varnishing. They aren't great, but that just means they'll be the first models to go as casualties.


The bubble was a definite high. The lows were repeatedly repainting all the bases.





Ripper Swarm:


Overall, I'm quite happy with how these models turned out. The Hormagaunts are all painted using slightly different techniques as I spent this month trying to work out how best to execute my chosen colour scheme. The bases were also a bit of a last minute decision. Hopefully next month's work will be a bit more consistent. :p

Speaking of next month: Next on my list are 3 Tyranid Warriors and another 8 Hormagaunts. That will give me a nice 400 point combat patrol, so who knows, the next update might even include a battle report. ;)

Feel free to check out my project log (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50634) for more pictures and information.

01-08-2007, 10:12
Eldrad36 Necrons "Who just wont stay the f*K* down"


Robots, who don't like to sit the hell down. Dam them DAM THEM ALL!


1) x5 Destroyers 250 points


Using standard painting techniques, then mixes of green and brown inks, im glad how it turned out. They where converted easily through a bucket load of junk on their bases. A PS2 controller was dismantled to make the wire bits, it worked preety well as well. (the models, not the controller.)

Highs/Lows of the month?

I really enjoyed this months, they where great fun to paint and convert, and they didn't take me long at all.




Next month:

A monolith, which is looking ******* awesome at the moment. You guys are gona splat your pants. Or a unit of warriors, which i have already done, but the power that is Mc.Mullet has struck me down for posting to many points.

Oh and check my log for more pics, and a sneak peak of my monolith/ and warriors i spose!

steve over and out
p.s sorry for doing so many points, i couldn't help myself.

01-08-2007, 10:44
Heldane's painting. Month 1

Units complete.

6 Tactical marines including heavy bolter. Infiltrate skill in game. - 118 points

1 Land Speeder Tornado - 80 points

Total - 198 points.

BACKGROUND/THEME: I've got an entire companies worth of marines to build and paint, all armed with mk8 errant armour and M40 pattern deathwatch bolters. Originally they were going to be Blood Ravens, but I painted a total of 5 models for them in 2 years, so I changed my mind to Raptors as I fancied doing a quick to paint and underused chapter. I do have plans to complete this force as a complete company with additional support units though.

A few minor conversions, generally just reposes. The landspeeder was built in multiple components.

Ogre flesh basecoat, catachan green armour with a mix of VMC ivory and desert yellow added to highlight with 2 drybrushes and 2 line highlights. After that a glaze of catachan green and brown ink. Black was done with either codex or shadow highlights depending on what it was, guns or armour. Metals are boltgun with an armour wash.

Rocks made from plaster of paris smashed up, painted grey and drybrushed. Sand is just that, sand. Painted Scorched brown, dry brushed snakebite and then bone.

Thinking about putting some scorched couloured static grass on aswell.


Possibly the static on the base. Also, finishing the unit off wiht another 5 marines at some point.


Finsishing a unit for the first time in years was a definate high! The land speeder being in pieces all through the painting process was rather demoralizing and seemed like it would never be done.

Well on to the pictures

Tactical squad 1

Land Speeder

And both together

For next month I'm thinking either some scouts or possibly a bike squad.

Well, thats that done.


01-08-2007, 10:52
Ok these are the grey knight termis that i have painted this month. Now these guys cost a stack of points and as such there is no way that i can actually paint an entire unit of ten in one month so im breaking the units up into about four or so guys a month so i can spend a decent amount of time on each guy.

So far there is a brother captain with a psycannon, two grey knights in terminator armour and a grey knight in terminator armour with an incinerator.


I know the picture quality is bad (im using my phone) and its not even worth thinking about close ups, but when my mum gets back from the UK and France with the good camera i will take some more photos and edit this post when it opens again next month and i will also hopefully post some work in progress shots.

Next month its more terminators!

01-08-2007, 11:41
Deakor: Month 1 Painting

Army Theme/Background[/b]

I decided I wanted to try out a Blood Angles army based on the new codex update in WD. Overall it is going to be an assault heavy army designed to move fast and get into close combat.


5 Assault Marines
- Plasma Pistol and PF for the Vet. Sgt.
- 2x Plasma Pistols for the squad

1 Death Company Marine (cost is included in the Assault Squad cost)

[U]Total Points: 210


The first completed squad:

The Death Company Marine:


Fairly simple technique (I'm still pretty new at this). I primed black and basecoated with Merchite Red (for the bodies) and Iyaden Darksun (for the helmets). I followed that with a fairly heavy wash to provide shading and then layered up with Blood Red on the armor and progressively lighter shades of yellow on the helmets.

Bases are pretty simple urban style; drybrushed up from black with progressively lighter shades of gray.

The Death Company marine is the only thing I could really call a "conversion" (and that's really a stretch). I took a robed Dark Angel body from the new DA spure, combined it with normal Marine arms and a normal helmet (though I did make sure it had a skull on it) and added metal shoulder pads with the BA and DC insignia. I painted the robes a dark red (similar to the power armor on the normal marines but instead of layering with Blood Red following the wash I used Red Gore and then just drybrushed Blood Red).

Thoughts on this Month

All in all I'm fairly pleased with what I got done. This was my first time painting red or yellow so it was definitely a trial by fire. The Foundation Paints were immensely helpful to me in getting good coverage for the basecaot.

There is a lot I still need to work on. My highlighting (where I attempted it) is generally poor and needs to be improved significantly. I also need to work on achieving the same smooth finish on my helmets that I think I've managed on my power armor. The yellow looks a bit too thick in spots.

I think I am going to experiment with a slightly lighter wash for the second stage of the painting and be more selective in how I apply it. That, along with trying to get more practice with highlighting, will be my main goals for month two.

Still to Do

Transfers...but I'm not sure what Company I want to represent, so these will probably wait for awhile (and I don't trust myself to apply them well yet).

Month Two Project

Most likely another five Assault Marines. I may try and throw in something random (a Dread or Attack Bike or something) just to have something different to paint.

01-08-2007, 11:53
( I've used McMullets post as a template, hope thats ok)

Crazed_Monkey's cadian guard force: July 2007

Unit 1:

Infantry Unit 211: 89pts
- 10 men
- Missile Launcher
- Grenade launcher
- Vet Sgt

Unit 2:

Infantry Unit 212: 89pts
- 10 men
- Missile Launcher
- Grenade launcher
- Vet Sgt


The army is the 2nd Company 110th Cadian also known as the 'Shadow corps'. It'll be a rather generic looking army [as cadians should be], for now, with the usual guard toys. As the project progresses it may develop more of an identity once I've worked on background.

[background to be included once created]

Conversions for this month are few and far between and to be honest the only noticable conversions are a few 'scarves' that two guardsmen sport as this month was mainly to see if I could get the units painted.

I started with a black undercoat and did the skin first:
-tanned flesh
-tanned flesh with a bit of white
-tanned flesh with more white

Then onto the fatiuges:
-catachan green
-catachan green with a bit of white
-catachan green with more white
(are you seeing a pattern?)

Then re did black armour and then gloss varnished the armour. Then added silver etc

Was graveyard earth, then brown inked then drying brushed bleached bone. I was hoping to add some dry grass flock but the parcel hasn't arrived yet.


Just to add the dry grass to bases.


Low was painting 211 & 212 on 20 shoulders. High was seeing both units fully painted (which is almost a troop choice for guard!)


Unit 211: [edit: working on better pics]


Unit 212:


Next Month:

A Leman Russ and the command squad for the infantry.

Jim Reaper
01-08-2007, 12:32
Jim Reaper's Guard: July 2007

Unit 1: Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Grenade Launcher. 83 points.

Unit 2: Conscript Squad. No upgrades. 40 points.

Unit 3: Heavy Weapons Team, Missile Launcher. Er, 31 and 2/3 points.

Unit 4: Stormtrooper Sergeant, Honorifica Imperialis, Power Weapon.

Total: 200 2/3 points.

This army is from a very mineral-poor planet so can afford little in the way of tanks and fancy equipment. Thus this army is one designed, to paraphrase a great captain, to clog the enemy's kill zone with bodies. There are eight sentinels, and everything else is men.

I plan to get an Imperial Dustpan and Brush with which to remove casualties.

Er, more or less none. I don't really plan to heavily convert this army, there's just too much painting to be done. Future conscript squads will be outfitted about 50/50 with autoguns and lasguns, just to point out their general shoddiness and lack of decent equipment, and I plan to convert the command HQ, but that's about it.

Pretty basic... fatigues are Scorched Brown drybrushed with Bestial, armour is Scab Red given a watered down Chaos Black wash, then rehighlighted with Scab Red and Scab Red/Blood Red. Skin is Dark Flesh, Tanned Flesh and Dwarf Flesh. Fancy models such as the Stormtrooper Sergeant have more layers put in between almost all of the colours mentioned above.

Not done yet evidently, but they'll be sort of Mars-like, rusty red sand with brownish rocks in it.


Basing for these guys, plus I'll probably varnish metal models.


Well I was pleased with the Stormtrooper. Lows would be realising exactly how much painting I've got to do over the next year :cries:


The whole lot:


Squad 4 of "A" Platoon:

For next month: Another infantry squad, a sentinel, two stormtroopers and a lascannon team.

EDIT: Can't post any more pictures, as bizarrely it claims I have already posted 4. Ah well.

01-08-2007, 12:50
Penguin663's Death Guard : July 2007

These guys are the new seven company of the Death Guard

Chaos space marine’s squad
7 marines
Aspiring champion
plague sword
demonic stength
Nurgles rot
7x mark of Nurgle
2x meltagun


Most of the models have sculpted "foust" on them and are made from a mix of marine and chaos marine parts. All the Aspiring champions will have have chaaos warrior head just to help make them stand out from the others

Still to do

I need to varnish them ad touch up them bases.

The way the banner turned out

The transfers didn't work right.

Snow flock with brown inked sand underneath


Armour is deneb stone with bleached bone highlight and then brown ink.
Guns are boltgun with chainmail highlights and brown inked




Next month a demon prince.

01-08-2007, 15:27

The setting for this army is space marines :) ....of the imperial fists
On a more serious note, it was my return into the hobby, ive collected IF's before and sold up thinking i never wanted to know again....

Most of it is pretty basic out of the box type stuff. no notable conversions this month. sorry.

This month was more of a test hence i started with a simple basic unit, the scheme/method has changed slightly during painting of the unit. i believe i have now found my method

just my own mix of chopped up sprue, modelling sand pva glued on and drybrushed with a black trim as i find it sets of the yellow nicely

on this unit? i never got the hatch sprue sent to me for the razorback so its missing hatches! they are on their way as i type so they will be added in due course.

Highs was getting new models again and the fun of assembling, the low point was "forgetting" how to paint and having to relearn!

Im a little below 200 i think the unit totals up to around 150 or so, though i will make up for that in the coming months.


01-08-2007, 15:47
Just using McMullet's post as a template.

Thoth62's (Sean's) Brotherhood of Iron (Space Marines): July 2007

Unit 1: 1 Master of Sanctity, Jump Pack, Bolt Pistol, Preferred Enemy (Eldar). 123 points.

Unit 2: 1 Land Speeder Tornado, Assault Cannon. 80 points.


The general setting is an urban style camo and basing scheme, which will become more apparent as I move forward. The Brotherhood of Iron is a splinter chapter of the Deathbringers Space Marines, and have the Traits Blessed be the Warriors, Suffer not the Alien to Live, Aspire to Glory, and Die Standing. The Chapter executed its first campaign against the Eldar, and since then have provided a highly needed and specialised force against the Eldar in the eastern fringe. Being a relatively new chapter, the companies are not all up to full strength. This is especially true of the Veteran 1st company. The chapter also has a large number of Deathwatch Veterans (who will be represented through modelling but not through rules on the table) and it is extremely rare to see a veteran marine who has not spent some amount of time in the deathwatch.

No conversions to speak of in this update, but there may be more down the road.

Black undercoat, with a base of codex grey for the speeder. Bleached bone shoulder pads, and red rimes to represent their association to the Brotherhood's 4th Company. Chapter symbol is a simple maltese cross.

Some sand, Plasticard cut to represent flagstones. Sand is painted an earthy colour, browns, and Graveyard Earth. Flagstones are based black, coated with Codex Grey, drybrushed fortress and space wolf grey respectively. Edges highlighted with Space Wolf Grey. Green Flock to finish.


Just the rim on the base of the chappie. I haven't decided what colour I want to do that yet.


The high was probably getting these done. A low was realizing that there are still many mistakes to be fixed.






Land Speeder:




Next month: Next on my list are the scout squad, and several Devastators to bring the total to 200 pts. I'll do some calcs to see where that turns out.

If you want, you are more than welcome to see my project log. (Linky's in the sig)

01-08-2007, 16:08
Will edit in my pics for my malcador as soon as it stops pouring, I can seal the thing, and take it outside for good pics. love the way it came out, but not overly fond of the text I wrote on it, not horrible, but not spectacular.

Finally, a clear morning when I could go out and get some shots of the tank before it started pouring (if it does today)

First month for the IG is:

Malcador, super heavy tank, base cost 285 points, with upgrades and sponson weapons, 324.

Malcador, sponson lascannons, extra armor, camo netting, smoke launcher.


01-08-2007, 17:14
Done my 200 points for the month, however my camera is currently in a box waiting to be moved to my new residence. As such I won't be able to post pics until end of this month so I'll post them then, along with the august update.

Sorry >_>

01-08-2007, 18:35
Apologies for ripping off the template!

El Diablo's painting. Month 1 - July

Army - Black Legion or, Which Black Crusade are we on now?

Units complete.

10 Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Champion, Power Weapon.

Total - 193 points.

BACKGROUND/THEME: As for background, I haven't really thought about it yet. Theme-wise im going for a very stereotypical Black Crusade, so at some point Abaddon and a nice big terminator retinue will pop up.

The basic chaos marines were put together without conversion, but using bits from various marine and chaos marine sprues, with a few metal parts thrown in as well. The champion on the other hand has had quite a bit of work done. The legs and waist have had a stretch, chainmail has been added to a templar torso front and the arms have been reposed. Another thing to note is the ammo belt on the bolt pistol which comes from the plastic chaos heavy bolter.

Because im a dirty conversion fiend, everything apart from the absolute basics will be converted in some way.

Pretty simple, black undercoat, with the metals painted in a standard basecoat, ink, highlights kinda way. The black was highlighted with a mix of black and bleached bone. Flesh is basecoated with dwarf flesh and washed with a 90/10 mix of brown/purple ink. Dwarf flesh goes back over this and elf flesh is added in multiple stages for highlights. Everthing else is painted in a pretty standard way.

Nice and easy, sand washed with brown ink, drybrushed with bubonic brown and bleached bone, static grass and a dark flesh rim. I might go with a darker shade of grass and a scorched brown rim though.

An icon bearer, but i'll wait until the new codex hits to sort that out, at which point i'll re-point the unit to fit.

The face on the champion and the source lighting on the plasma gun were the 2 big highs for this month (apart from ordering my chaos army deal)

Lows would be the standard of the paint job on the basic bolter armed marines. Could of been better.

Pictures Ahoy!!

Army as it stands now -

Champion, Plasma Gun, Missle Launcher -

Champion -

Next month will be some close combat armed Chaos Marines, and pictures of me salavating over the new codex.

02-08-2007, 01:07
Oh dear I've been a bit out of it recently. Gonna have to play a wild card this month....


02-08-2007, 02:57
If everyone else is taking the template, I guess I can too.

Army- the Shadows of Orphan VI, a mixed band of 13th Company and Catachan Devils.

Units complete- Understrength Storm Claw pack of five Claws and a Wolf Guard. Total 181 points, with the Wolf Guard's Mark of the Wulfen, thunder hammer, and runic charm.

Background/Theme - Hoo boy. The Wolves are hunting for the brother of their leader, the treacherous Thousand Sons sorcerer Sahmit (who joined the Legion after the Heresy). The Devils have been cut off from the rest of the Chapter during the Imperial retreat from Orphan VI, and have joined with the Wolves in order to survive the Chaos-infested city.

Build/Conversion- Replace chainswords with Fantasy Warrior weapons, use about 50/50 Imperial/Chaos parts, and carve runes into any obvious Chaos iconography.

Painting- Base of codex gray, vaguely blended highlight of fortress grey. Gold is brass, chestnut wash, warm gold, and just toutches of light gold. Metals are drybrushed boltgun metal followed by chainmail. Skin is (I think) dwarf flesh, then...manflesh? Can't remember the names. Lightning is enchanted blue/ice blue/white over regal blue.

Basing- Sand / itty bitty rocks. Drybrush with shadow grey, then patches of brown and green. When the squad is at full strength it'll get patches of grass.

Still to do- The infamous Walking Powerfist still needs gold, and three other Claws are in the pipeline to bring the unit up to full strength, with an additional powerfist. I had two big conversions going, but they'll take a while so they'll be in the Wolf Lord's retinue.

Highs and lows- The high was easily seeing my first really finished batch of miniatures. I have plenty of models assembled and half-painted (including some especially fine Sword Brethren cloaks), but this is my first fully done unit. The 13th Co. symbols are another favorite, and any chance I get to paint the Night Lords scheme is a good thing.

Lows were not getting a -full- unit done, some sloppy jobs on keeping the lines black, and getting white paint all over one guy's knee. I also can't stand the paint job on the Wolf Guard's axe; that'll get redone when I fill out the unit.

And on to the pictures!
Group photo-
Wolf Guard and Claws-

Up next, gobs of Catachan Devils!

02-08-2007, 05:43
ok, time to add up some points here... Since my character doesnt have a command squad yet, i totaled up the points the model would be worth without them.

Fishborne's 1st Gan-Haden 'Wildcards'

Pic 1- Colonel Dutch Fishborne- Upgrades include Jeweled necklace (retractor Field) Medallion Crimson, Trademark Item, Master-crafted Power weapon, bolt pistol, Gan-Haden issue cameleoline uniform. (total 109 points)

Pic 2-Squad Yellow 1- Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Gan-Haden issue cameleoline uniforms (total 95 points)

Regiments that hail from Gan-Haden are very well equipped with plasma weaponry. They wear earthly brown greatcoats that have slight veins of plasma running though them that, if properly charged, can temporally blur the outline of whomever is wearing the coat. They are in the same class as cameleoline and the 'Wildcards' are well known for their ambush abilities.

The squad has a small conversion of combining the steel legion missile launch arm with the steel legion grenade lancher troopers arm. Also the missile pack is from the loader model.

The fishborne model is my pride and joy though. The base model is the steel legion lieutenant (with the karate pose). The sword arm is from Leopolds Leopard Company (the commander) shaved down, the bolt pistol is from the last chancer 'grease monkey' model, added some purity seals for the numerious medals hes earned, and greenstuffed the joints where the conversions met the main model body.

Still with me? ok...

Black undercoat, vermon brown coats, bubonic brown webbing and pants, burnt umber boots, gloves, and gas mask, chaos black rebreathers, guns (with metallic grey drybrushing) and helmets. Pale flesh for exposed skin with flesh wash over.

Small sand painted burnt umber with bubonic brown drybrushed on.

Varnish, 300 other steel legion models :cries:

High, putting the drybrushing of metallic grey on to give depth. I just like the way it turns out.
Low, constantly trying to remember which browns I used in which order...

Colonel Fishborne
http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/Fishborne/th_WildcardPics001.jpg (http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/Fishborne/WildcardPics001.jpg)

Squad Yellow 1
http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/Fishborne/th_WildcardPics002.jpg (http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/Fishborne/WildcardPics002.jpg)

Next month im going for 2 squads of plasma armed vets and an autocannon sentinal.


02-08-2007, 10:55
They are the minis I have done in july.
http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/5124/imgp1427xk1.th.jpg (http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?image=imgp1427xk1.jpg)
Crimson Fists Scout squad(3 bolter, 4 sniper 1 heavy bolter) 129p
Crimson Fists Devastator squad(3bolter, 3 ML) 150p
Total: 279p
And there is an IF test-mini.
http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/4152/4hifvf3.th.jpg (http://img181.imageshack.us/my.php?image=4hifvf3.jpg)

It's a bit more than 200p, because I didn't know I was painting for ToP:) My army will be a 2000p IF-CF mixed force. It's fluffy, because after the tragedy on Rynn, when the chapter was only 128 marines strong, forces from the IF and all successor chapters came to help them defeat Snagrod's WaaaAAAaaagh!!!

Next month I will paint a huge IF biker squad:
5 bikers,sarge w/pf, 1 melta, 1 plasma, multi-melta attack bike:275p
Again, more than 200, but I want to do the huge units in the summer break.
Here are the things:
1 Captain (HQ) @ 280 Pts
Power Fist (x1); Storm Bolter

4 Command Squad @ [190] Pts
Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x3); Meltagun (x1)

1 Apothecary @ [40] Pts
#Narthecium [0]
#Reductor [0]

1 Company Champion @ [35] Pts
Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon; Combat Shield

1 Veteran Sergeant @ [45] Pts
Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1)

7 Tactical Squad (Troops) @ 175 Pts
Bolter (x5); Lascannon (x1); Plasma Gun (x1)

1 Veteran Sergeant @ [45] Pts
Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1)

7 Tactical Squad (Troops) @ 180 Pts
Bolter (x5); Plasma Cannon (x1); Plasma Gun (x1)

1 Veteran Sergeant @ [45] Pts
Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1)

7 Scout Squad (Troops) @ 129 Pts
Bolter (x3); Sniper Rifle (x3); Heavy Bolter (x1); Infilitrate Skill

1 Sergeant @ [18] Pts
Sniper Rifle; Infilitrate Skill

5 Devastator Squad (Heavy Support) @ 150 Pts
Bolter (x2); Missile Launcher (x3)

1 Sergeant @ [15] Pts

9 Devastator Squad (Heavy Support) @ 210 Pts(IF colours, because I painted the HB as IF)
Bolter (x5); Heavy Bolter (x4)

1 Sergeant @ [15] Pts

4 Bike Squad (Fast Attack) @ 287 Pts(IF colors, CF-s are more sneaky...)
Twin Bolter; Bolt Pistol (x2); Meltagun (x2); Frag Grenades; Melta-Bombs

1 Attack Bike @ [67] Pts
Twin Bolter & 2 Bolt P.; Multi-Melta; Frag Grenades; Melta-Bombs

1 Veteran Sergeant @ [64] Pts
Twin Bolter; Frag Grenades; Melta-Bombs; Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist

0 Land Speeder Squadron (Fast Attack) @ 50 Pts(IF colors, CF-s are more sneaky...)

1 Land Speeder #1 @ [50] Pts
Heavy Bolter

1 Whirlwind Battery (Heavy Support) @ 85 Pts
Vengence Missiles

4 Terminator Squad (Elites) @ 220 Pts(IFs, first-founding chapters have more dreads and terms)
Power Fist (x4); Storm Bolter (x3); Assault Cannon (x1)

1 Sergeant @ [40] Pts
Power Weapon; Storm Bolter
#Terminator Armour [0]

1 Dreadnought (Elites) @ 125 Pts(IFs, first-founding chapters have more dreads and terms)
Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Dread. CC Weapon;
Storm Bolter; Twin Lascannon

4 Assault Squad (Fast Attack) @ 150 Pts
Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x2); Plasma P. & CC Wep. (x2); Close Combat Weapon;
Frag Grenades; Jump Packs

1 Veteran Sergeant @ [52] Pts
Frag Grenades; Jump Packs; Power Fist (x1)

Models in Army: 67

Total Army Cost: 2041

02-08-2007, 14:01

Sorry all.

I will be back on track next month though hopefully.

Brother Loki
02-08-2007, 15:29
Well, I'm afraid I'll have to play a joker for july as well, as I only discovered the Tale with a day to go. August's painting is well underway though.



02-08-2007, 18:24
Lostanddamned's painting. Month 1


Leman Russ 172

Techpriest (about) 50

Total (about) 222

BACKGROUND/THEME: Armoured Company - with an eventual aim to expand on to do an Armoured Regiment. Cadians, with all the Militarised awesome that goes with it.

The Russ was an old one I had that was (aw)fully built, with a whole frame of stowage on it, so I took all that off, scraped back damaged plastic and repaired broken parts. Then all the original Russ weapons were removed and replaced with the newest IG heavy weapon team ones.

Tech Priest was straight from the bag.

Chaos Black Undercoat on both. The Russ was given an all over coat or three of Catachan green, the Metal drybrushed Boltgun Metal, All the rivets picked out in Chaos black, Boltgun Metal, then inked with black ink. Any White details were picked out with Codex Grey then a few coats of Skull White (!), Leneses were Ultramarines Blue, Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and Skull White.

The Techpriest had his robe painted similarly, as did the metalwork, then the Hood was based with scab red which I layered up to Blood Red, then white and black details on AdMech icons, picked out the screen on his backpack in Goblin Green, with a Camo Green/Bleached Bone highlight, and black text. His Skin was Bestial Brown, then Dwarf Flesh, Chesnut Ink, and Dwarf Flesh/Elf Flesh Highlights. Cable was yellow (no idea which) and black.

The Crewman Has Catachan Green Fatigues and Scorched Brown Armour - an idea I have wanted to use for some time. The stubble on his head is stippled on chaos black, and his 'tache is Bestial Brown.


I'm going to do this all at once at the end.

Basing at the end.

Recovering the Tank, Painting every funky darn rivet, Getting Lenses right at last, and doing loads of them

Going away for two weeks and losing out on it, Deciding to number the techpriest (number 4020) in binary.

And then there is the group shot:

This Month I Are Mostly Painting A Leman Russ Vanquisher

03-08-2007, 07:24
Hey guys, I have my first squad done, but I need some good day light to take pics. I work 4pm - 1.5am, so I sleep through most of it. I have off Monday so I'll try to get some good ones in then.

03-08-2007, 12:12
As I've already mentioned in the august working thread......I've had to play a Joker for July due to being ill for the best part of the month

the not very amusing but fitting image is here (http://www.gamesandprint.co.uk/Cards/Jumbo/joker.jpg)

03-08-2007, 16:53

Sorry! Too much work and not enough time. Made a start on the painting so definitely on target to post for the August entry.

03-08-2007, 17:27
James' (greyclaw) Renegade Guard using The Siege of Varks army list.

Unit 1 Renegade Militia. Autoguns, Autocannon, Plasma gun, Vox-caster and Veteran with Sniper Rifle. 110 points.
Unit 2 Renegade Militia. CC Weapons and Las pistols, Flamer, Vox-caster and Veteran with Bolt pistol. 77 points
Unit 3 Incomplete Worker Rabble. CC Weapons and pistols. 40

Total for the month 217 points.


The Militia squads are based on the forge world renegade militia combined with cadian and catachan parts, and a few weapon swaps. The sniper rifle is a lasgun with an extended barrel and scope.
The worker rabble stared life as warhammer Flagellants with the heads and backpacks scratch built

Still to Do

The autogun militia squad have a different shade to the gass masks so I may bring them in line with the the other two squads. I would like to do a bit more to the bases.

Highs and Lows

Highs the worker rabble have work out really well. Lows trying to complete 30 basses in a night.


Autogun Militia

Close Combat Militia

Worker Rabble

Army so far

Plan for next month
Finish the worker rabble squad and a couple of heavy weapon squads

04-08-2007, 02:56
wat do we rekon of this then boys/girls a terminator lord in world eaters color scheme:

04-08-2007, 18:38
joker joker joker

got a big project dumpped in my lap at work

04-08-2007, 20:48
Soulnova - I'm glad to see that you have based that up again, a vast improvement that an amazingly painted model deserved.

There seem to be a fair few East Sussex Gamers here, I've met most of you too... we should have some kind of group game at the end...

04-08-2007, 23:28
Well, i'm jokering for many reasons, personal craziness aside, i'd like to spend more time developing, converting, and painting my kreig army to high standards. So i'm switching armies to my eldar which 1,500 points of it is assembled. i'll add shining spears and war walkers to get up to 2,000pts and all will be well. As I speak my basecoat on dire avenger squad 1 is drying and some solar orange is already on my dragons. (see its already 62 pts over, it'll be made up in no time:o) Since its the summer, I may even have time to do my Pathfinders which will get me to exactly where I need to be.

So untill September (or if I get around to a mid august update)

05-08-2007, 15:56
DarkStarSabre (Rocco Davis)'s Log- Month 1 (July 2007)

Unit 1: Canoness- Inferno pistol, Blessed Weapon - 90 points
Unit 2: Sisters of Battle squad 1 (incomplete) - 15 Sisters including Sister Superior with Power Weapon, Heavy Flamer, Flamer, Imagifier, Frag - 232 points

Total for Month 1 - 322 points

EDIT: OMG! That's a lot of points! Bad DSS- Er...I know. As it's a comission and the guy has...a lot of stuff I'm painting it's more a case of 200 a month minimum for me and it might not even last the whole 12 months (in other words I might switch to Imperial Guard, Eldar, Space Marines or CSMs depending on how fast I get this lot done ^.^)

Background/Theme: Nothing fancy. I leave that for my client and friend to think of. Pretty standard Sisters of Battle force really.

Conversions: None. Sisters are a PITA to try and pull conversions off on and besides, the models are nice enough without me trying to butcher them.

Painting: There are two versions of the paintscheme for the basic infantry, one pre-Foundation paints, one post-Foundation paints so I'll post both.

Without Foundation Paints- Black undercoat, 2-3 drybrushes of Red Gore followed by a similar amount of drybrushing of Blood Red. Finally touch up the armour neatly with pure Blood Red. For the robes and bolter casings start from a Bestial Brown basecoat and work up with layering of Snakebite Leather, Graveyard Earth, Bleached Bone, Skull White before finishing with a watered down Bleached Bone wash into the recesses. The metals are simple- Boltgun Metal, Black Ink, Boltgun Metal, Chainmail for the 'silvers' with Tin Bitz, Shining Gold, Chestnut Ink, Shining Gold and Mithral Silver for the golds. Any pouches, handles, leather straps are chaos black with Codex Grey highlights and purity seals are done in the same way as the robes.

With Foundation Paints- Armour is Mechrite Red, Chestnut Ink, Blood Red. Robes and Bolter cases are Dheneb Stone, Bleached Bone and Skull White. Metals don't change. Foundation paints are #@$%ing awesome like that.

In both cases the flesh is a simple Bronzed Flesh, Chestnut Ink, Bronzed Flesh and then Bleached Bone highlights with the hair being Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Blue ink and then Skull White.

The Canoness is in an inverse scheme to the normal sisters as the Celestians will also be.

Note- The image and text detail on the banner in the picture ARE hand painted.

Basing: Glue on sand. Apply Black Ink and allow to dry. Overbrush sand with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey. Then apply patches of static grass.

Still to Do: 5 sisters to complete the 20 strong squad. These shall be done next month, possibly with the Celestians and their ride. And the rest of the army.

Highs and Lows: Definate Low- Metal, single part models with little change in pose and variation. I can't see this getting much better as there are large numbers of them to do but hopefully spacing it out with other units such as Celestians, Seraphim and vehicles will ease that pain. A high on the other hand is just seeing how well it all turns out. Sorry my camera sucks.

Pictures (About fething time!)


A nice group shot- sorry, camera sucks. Will try to save up for a better one, lol.


And a WIP shot of the Imagifier's banner.

Next Month- The final 5 of the first squad, A second squad, some Celestians and a Rhino.

05-08-2007, 16:15
White Scars task force Vachir (that's Mongolian for "thunderbolt")

Traited Marines (Be Swift as the Wind, Die Standing)

Painting for July
Bike Sqaudron Taban: 4 Bikes and 1 Attack bike; 1 flamer; Veteran Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol. 215 pts

Two features stand out. First is the large amount of bags and canisters on the bikes. I tried to show that White Scars fight on the ground and so require plenty of supplies. Second, most bikers have ritual weapons from their steppe homeworld, like bows and spears. In addition to spiritual significance, these are used to hunt for food during prolonged campaigns (I don't imagine there being a lot of rabbit left after being hit by a bolter.)

You can't spell paint without pain. White is a cruel, unforgiving colour.

I like GW sand. PVA it to a Bronzed Flesh base and you don't even have to paint it. And I just happened to have half a Monolith in the bitz box :angel:

Still to do:
Chapter badges on the left shoulderpad. I haven't decided whether to use decals or freehand yet.

Next month:
I'll be busy with exams, so it looks like HQ painting time. My biker Librarian comes in at 191 points, so that's just 1 model to paint for the whole month :D

06-08-2007, 02:06
BrightRedRazor(Wally) Month 1
Angels of Absolution 2nd Company (Dark Angels)

First off... Great work to everyone that has posted so far. it is very inspiring to see the evolution of everyones army, and great motivation for me to work on mine as well... i'm looking forward to seeing everyones armys a year from now!

Unit 1: Scout Squad x10 (Combat Squads)
Combat Squad 1 - 5x Sniper Rifles
Combat Squad 2 - 1x Sarge w/ Plasma Pistol/Chainsword
1x Rocket Launcher
3x Shotguns

Also another Rocket launcher and shotgun scout because they were just sitting around.

Total for Month 1 - 205 (plus a few more if you take into account the 2 other scouts.

Background/Theme: This army is based around the Angels of Absolution's Second Company. I am still in the early stages of making the list, however, i think its going to end up being highly mechanized w/ lots of rhinos/razorbacks, tanks and such.

Conversions: A weapon swap on the sarge to equip him with a plasma pistol, but thats about all.

Painting: Scouts were primed black. The armor started out with a base coat of Bronzed Flesh followed by a thinned out wash of flesh wash, After that was complete, a coats of Bubonic Brown -> Bone White -> 50/50 Bone White/Skull White -> Skull White. Pretty standard stuff, however time consuming. Still not sure whether to freehand icons or decal.

Basing: Bases are sand, with cut up sprue and a few other details. Painted black with drybrushing's of Codex Grey -> Bubonic Brown -> Rotting Flesh. It produces a nice burnt up, urban look.

Highs and Lows: I painted these scouts very quickly (for me) and they came out in my opinion a high table top standard. So it was a good exercise in turning out models quickly.. something i have a difficult time doing... Armor is very time consuming, Scouts have not much amour, but marines and tanks do... it'll be interesting to see how those go.

Pictures... (i am truly sorry about the quality of these pics. My digi cam is missing and i had to take these pics with my cell phone. If i happen to come across my camera, i will retake the pics and re-post them in the working thread. I just wanted to get something up here so i wouldn't have to use a joker for this month!)



Again.. sorry about the quality. I will post better pics when i find/get a new camera.

06-08-2007, 09:55

wat do we rekon of this then boys/girls a terminator lord in world eaters color scheme:

Very nice, but I don't have you down as being in the tale. If you'd like to join please post in the Working Working thread or send me a PM. :)

Soulnova - I'm glad to see that you have based that up again, a vast improvement that an amazingly painted model deserved.

There seem to be a fair few East Sussex Gamers here, I've met most of you too... we should have some kind of group game at the end...

*ahem* :p

For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month. Participants in the Tale should post here ONCE and ONCE ONLY, for each army you are painting! If you are not participating, please do not post here - If you wish to comment on anyone's work please use the current working thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96508) or look at their project log. :)

06-08-2007, 14:55
Hey Guys, well I guess I'll shamelessly use McMullet's template too.

Skidrows Ghost Templars: July 2007

Unit 1: Master of Sanctity with Frag Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armor, Jump Pack and Rosarius. 142 Points

Unit 2: Veteran Sargeant with Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grinades, Termy Honors, Purity Seals, and Infiltrate. 57 Points


Unfortunately I suffer from imagination defecit disorder so fluff to me is just something you fish out of your naval. Anyway this army is using the traits "See but don't be seen" and "Trust your battle brothers" with the "Eye to Eye" disadvantage.

Nothing really except adding the power fist from the commander sprue to the Sargeant which required a bit of cutting and greenstuffing to get to fit properly.

The Chaplain is pretty self explanitory.... Its Black mostly.
The Sargeant is a base coat of Codex Grey with a 50/50 mix of Codex Grey and Fortress Grey for the first highlight and then a final Highlight of straight Fortress Grey.

The bases are Resin bases from a company over here in Oz. First time I have used them and I can highly recommend them.


The Sarg is finished completely but I am going to change the base on the Chaplain to fit in with the resin bases. Should look ok once it's all done.


High: Definately the Sargeant. I wasn't sure about the colour scheme at first but I am stoked with how it's turned out.

Low: Definately the Chaplain. I hate this model with a passion. It looks better in person than it does in the pic but I still hate it. He will definately be banished to planet Ebay when this tale is over.






Overall, I'm really happy with the look of the Sargeant and look forward to seeing a whole army of these little guys. Assuming I manage to finish it that is.

For next month I think I'll work on the rest of the squad to go with the Sarg and see where that gets me points wise. May even Start on a Predator if I get bored.

Thanks for lookin.

it's coming this way!
06-08-2007, 15:44
ahh! sorry guys, Project: Deff (Kompany) From Above is gonna have to joker for this month. Between joining late and a host of other things I wasn't able to get stuff up in time.


06-08-2007, 16:25

06-08-2007, 17:45
Jumps on the band wagon and loots McMullet's template.

Silvereyes' Eldar Titan Clan

"Unit" 1: OK, units a bit general, the Revnant's a whole chart to itself.... So 1 Revnant Titan with Pulsars (790 points)

TOTAL PAINTING FOR JULY: prepped, undercoated and mostly basecoated 1 Titan

Basically, I got a Revnant from Forgeworld a while back just because it looked really cool. With the revision of the Eldar codex a while back and the shiny new models, I thought I'd get a force to go with it with walkers in.

The model comes in many, many individually poseable parts. So creating an individual and dynamic pose was dead easy. The majority of the model was assembled, however the head, collar, shoulder engines, shoulders, hip engines and waist armour has been left off to make painting easier.

OK, all that was done so far was to undercoat in Halfords white primer. I found this went on heavier then GWs white, but a light sanding and a second coat with GW white finished it off pretty smooth. Basecoats of Midnight blue and Codex grey were applied to most areas, however some areas remain undercoated as I've yet to decide how they should look.

Colour scheme was mostly tested on a wraithlord. (It was handy at the time...).

The model was pinned to a 6" diameter, 1/4" thick disk of MDF, some texture was built up with milliput and coarse sand was used to texture it.

Continue painting it. I'm aiming to get the torso, thighs and arms done this month. Codex Grey areas will be shaded back to white, and the Midnight Blue will be shaded to somewhere near Regal Blue (I generally want it a very dark blue).

High point was looking at it when the second undercoat went on. Lows were the Midnight blue going on really badly. It took around four coats to get an even covereage.

(I did take some pictures over the weekend, but the nice girl I borrowed the camera off said they were rubbish and took some for me today. Pesky art students...
The Wraithlord is my colour test model. Basically because it has a similar structure to it as the Titan.

06-08-2007, 23:09
Harry (Harry :D) : DESERT LIONS:

Space Marines. Tactical squad. Desert Lions chapter.

Long forgotten space Marine Chapter. Last mentioned in 2nd edition. Here is everything I have got on them :

Legio cohorts are occasionally attached to campaigning Marine Chapters, such as during Operation Carthage (the Second Pacification of Isstvan V). When the Desert Lions Chapter took the planet's defence forts they were preceded by a complete Legio Cohort of Robots. The Robots had been programmed to advance in an apparently mindless fashion, and proved easy targets for the defenders. However, the Desert Lions used the opportunity to map out the defenders' fire-plans and blind spots. In the Lions' ensuing assault only seven Marines were lost. All the surviving Robots were inducted into the Chapter as honorary members as a mark of respect.

Straight out of the box Battle for Macragge Space Marines. Except for squad leader. He has had a head swap with a knights Panther Empire Knight with the mask from the original head put back on again.

I wanted them to be desert Lion coloured. :D

Trying to match existing desert terrain and boards. (see below). Ripped cork tile and sand. drybrushed.

Loads still to do. Another extreem highlight. pouches, metalics, squad leader chappies face Company colours all the other iconography, a lot of tidying up, etc , etc

High: My first time painting something for 40K so that’s exciting. Low: How much flippin detail is there on a space Marine these days?!?

POINTS: No idea. I am reliably informed that properly tooled up with grenades and so on I can bring these in around the 200 point mark.



07-08-2007, 16:50
Sir.spamalots order of the garter: July 2007

Unit 1:Cannoness: Blessed weapon, cloack of st. Aspira, inferno pistol, mantle of Ophelia, Book of st. Lucius. -130 points

Unit 2: priest: master crafted power weapon -55 points


The order of the garter is a noble order of purely adeptus soritas with the exception of the ordo malleus that is occasionally represented. motto: Honi soit qui mal y pense.

fighting primarily in an urban setting utilizing the power of cleansing fire in he close quarters of urban combat. I will be using rhino rush tactics..I know I should be ashamed....:o

no conversion on the cannoness, I liked the stock model so much that I didn't want top change it. The priest how ever is based off of IG legs, some empire torso(I'm not sure what, it was in my bitz box) Empire generals hammer, IG holding hand, vox caster backpack, and enough skulls to bury him alive.

light grey armour, dark dark red robes, plenty of gold.silver bling. Pretty basic.

GW sand base coated bark grey and drybrushed white. Black rims.

nothing on these two, maybe a little touch ups.


getting a priest model out of my bitz box was defenitly a high. Low was getting white paint from my thumb all over my cannoness!


these guys are a lot of fun to paint, I really enjoy them, looking forward to finishing the army.
next month I'll be doing my canonness's retinue in an immolator.

My thread for more pics and such, it is not all sisters, go to the end to see the sisters, more zoomed out pictures, they look better :P

07-08-2007, 18:51
here is my vanquisher which i was painting this month. it will be part of my death korp of kreig tank company.

07-08-2007, 20:30
yah.. I'm jokering, as I just joined, but will be ready for AUGUST!!

07-08-2007, 22:56
Cpl_Hicks painting. Month 1


1 Grey Knight Justicar = 50

1 Grey Knight with Incinerator = 35

5 Grey Knights = 125

Total = 210

BACKGROUND/THEME: None decided on at the moment

All models are straight models, no conversions

Chaos black undercoat, boltgun metal first coat, with chainmail highlighting.

Details picked out in red gore/enchanted blue/ice blue/bleached bone


I am trying to work out a proper basiing scheme so will most likely be done later.

Basing and some minor details I only noticed in the images.

Getting back into so proper painting, and starting on a simple colour scheme

Waiting for my camera to charge, and generally not being motivated. Taking really bad images at the last minute.


In august i will be painting another batch of the same models, to give me 1 and a half units (1 model missing from this unit)

08-08-2007, 07:51
Alpha Legion (usng current codex rather then new one):

Lieutenant w/ power fist, combi-melta, mark of CU, Infiltrate: 95 pts
4 chaos marines w/ bolters, infiltrate, plasma gun, lascannon, champion, power fist: 113 pts

total: 208 pts

BACKGROUND/THEME: alpha legion as described in index astartes, full army will deploy using infiltrate/deep strike.
NB: i know this wont be valid with the new codex but that wont stop me painting cultists and the like.

BUILD/CONVERSION: zombie scythe arm melded to marines armour to create third arm. slight conversion on champions backpack.

PAINTING: Chaos black undercoat, regal blue base, enchanted blue over the top, wash with blue ink, reapply enchanted blue on flats, some edges picked out in goblin green. metal is boltgun metal with black ink wash and chainmail highlights.

BASING: sand inked black then brushed with codex and fortress grey. stati grass over the top.

STILL TO DO: finish first unit off with a few marines, make proper start on cultists.

Highs: getting this army done

Lows: detail on chaos marines is ridiculous. photos are rubbish.



EDIT: Marines that are unbased in this shot now are

08-08-2007, 08:45
(Jumping on the sexy band wagon with McMullet's template)

AnkhAngel's homebrew SM chapter 'Ankh Angels': July 2007

Unit: 5 Assualt marines, meltabombs; vet.sarge w. master-crafted lightning claws, bolt pistol, artificer armour, combat shield. 205 points.


*coming soon, watch this space*

Only notable conversion was the lightning claws on the vet.sarge. I didn't have any lightning claws to hand, so I had to make some. I used some of the combat knives you get with most SM sprues (I never use them). I used an old CSM bolt pistol for the wrist-mounted bolt pistol, I just cut off a bit of the back of it to make it fit on the forearm. The shield was a Tomb Kings banner that I attacked to get it into a fitting shape. Appart from that the only 'conversions' were the 'bolter-supporting' arm to hold the meltabomb, and an old CSM head on on of the marines.

I'd forgotten how much I dispise the Skull White spray until I used it for these guys. I'm going to be trying out some different bases on the next few months models. I went for a mostly monochrome scheme of roughly 50/50 black and white, with brazen brass for most of the metallics.

A few pieces of rock and sprue to make rocks. I'll be basing them with sand and painting the rocks at a later point.


Basing and transfers. I'm thinking of getting some custom transfers made based on my avatar to use for the chapter symbol.


The Skull white spray was a definate low, it stole my models detail!
Making the lightning claws was fun though; I like custom making stuff like that.


Whole squad:




I may or may not have time to do painting for August, because I'll be in france at the end of it. But I'l be doing a Chaplain if I do paint for August.

Feel free to check out my project log (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92029) for more pictures and information on the chapter as it progresses. :chrome:

08-08-2007, 09:38
OK, that's this thread closed for July submissions! I will post in the working thread with a "List of Shame" for all those who didn't even turn up. :p