View Full Version : Hierophant Bio-Titan Weapons

05-08-2007, 19:44
Does anyone know what weapons are on the Tyranid Hierophant as I haven't got the Imperial Armour with it in. Based on the FW model and experimental FW rules the weapons used were 2 biocannons of some sort. I was just wondering if they are the actual weapons and whether there were any alternate armaments (like the old epic versions) in the current FW rules or rumours of different armaments maybe related to Apocalypse.


05-08-2007, 19:47
in IA4 it sez its got 2 scything claws and 2 bio-cannons and may take lase wips at a extra cost

Bolter Bait
05-08-2007, 20:50
Correct, the only option it has to take a different weapon is to add Lash Whips at +XX points, but these do not actually replace any existing weapon. So this means that the 'phant has a default of four bio-weapons and can be upgraded to possess a fifth one. A very nice monster.