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05-08-2007, 19:28
I had on older epic40k player that wanted to get some games on Armageddon. So I brought out my Scions list for spin. And in opposition I got Speed Freaks. I forgot to take the army photos, so no pics :(.

Rules used

All experimental rules
- Landers cannot contest conditions on turn they land
Scions of Iron v1.1
- http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin....y215816 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=73&t=9891&st=#entry215816)

Ultramarines "On the Road" Tour

Armour Detachment
- 4 Annihilators
+ Hunter
Land Raider Detachment BTS
+ 2 Land Raider Helios
Tactical Detachment 1
- 2 Vindicators
+ Prometheus
Tactical Detachment 2
- 2 Predator Destructors
+ Hunter
Whirlwind Detachment
Thunderhawk CAS

Ork "Bensaa Suonissa" Horde

3 x Warbike Outriders
Blitz Brigade
- 1 Flakwagon, 3 Gunwagonz
+ 1 Speedsta
Big Blitz Brigade
- 2 Flakwagon, 3 Gunwagonz
+ 2 Speedsta
Fighta Bomma squadron 1
+ 2 extra Fighta Bommaz
Fighta Bomma squadron 2
2 x Kult of Speed
- 4 Skorchas, 4 Buggs
+ 1 Speedsta
Fortress mob
- 2 Gunfortress
- 1 Nobz Bike, 3 Boyz, 4 Trukks
+ 4 Skorchas
+ 5 Stormboyz
+ 1 Speedsta
+ Mekboy Bad Ork Bikeboy
Big Warband BTS
- 2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 8 Trukks
+ 2 Skorchas
+ 6 Buggys
+ 2 Speedsta

05-08-2007, 19:30

Marines started with putting the blitz near centre behind a hill east of the road. Orks put the blitz in west behind a forest and a forested hill. First secondary objective on Ork end was put to a same forested hills southwestern end. And the second east of the ruined town. Marine ends first objective was east near the centreline and second in west behind a hill.

Marines declined to garrison anything. Orks garrisoned Outriders 1 behind the ruins in centre and Outriders 2 behind the forested hill in northwest. Both were on overwatch.

Marines deployed the Annihilators behind a hill in west. Next from them were Tactical 1, who were between two hills and forest ahead of them. Then came the Land Raiders around the road to centre of town. Whirlwinds were next behind the hill near the blitz. Last on west was Tactical 2.

Orks deployment was a bit thicker. Within the northwest corner was the Big Blitz. Next to them was Outriders 3. Then came the Kult of Speed 2. Next to Cult in the centre was the Big Warband. So BTS on both sides were on the opposite side of the road. Then was normal Warband. More to west was Blitz. And lastly in the eastern corner were Kult of Speed 1 and Fortress mob mixed within each other.

05-08-2007, 19:30
Turn 1 "Start your engines!"

Initiative: Marines

Not wanting to be first to enter range of weapons, the Marines let Orks go first. Orks ponder a bit and then move the Blitz Brigade on double. Orks just rev their machines and move to western side, but don't enter too close to the Marines, staying on their side of the board. Marines respond with sending Thunderhawk CAS to fire on the Bigmeks Warband as Flakwagon just left them alone. Death toll is an empty Trukk and Skorcha as the Orks make saves.

Orks then move the Outriders 3 on double as well. The bikes move with almost full speed and stop behind a hill in west in Marine end. Pondering their next move for a while the Tactical 1 is sent to clear the just moved Orks. Moving on double the Prometheus and Vindicators clear the hill and Marines jump out. In the weapons fire two units of bikes is killed and rest break falling back to Ork end behind the forested hill. In retaliation the KoS 2 doubles ahead and fires at the Tacticals. 1 Rhino and a Tactical unit is killed in the fire.

In the east the Tactical 2 is next to act. They double ahead at maximum speed and reach the ruins clearing the corners to reach their targets. Targeting the Outriders 1 they manage to kill one unit, but fail at breaking them. Speed Freaks respond by doubling with Kult of Speed 1 and blast the marines killing two Tactical units. Seeing that the situation is becoming worse the Whirlwinds sustain next. They target the Kult, but manage to only kill one Skorcha. After a quick pondering the Orks decide that it's more fun to engage and order the Outriders 1 to assault. There seems to be some problems however that the Bigmek needs to sort out and after that they are on their way. Orks go into close combat as much as they can. That however doesn't help them as the Marines wipe them all out losing a Tactical unit and a Rhino in the process.

The Marines respond with ordering the Imperial Navy Thunderbolts into combat air patrol.

Orks respond in kind and order the Fightabomma squadron 2 to ground attack. The three crude planes close in on Tactical 2 and fire with all they got. However that doesn't seem to be much as all they do is 1 BM.

Next it's Land Raiders and they double to bring themselves behind some forest and target the Kult of Speed 2 in front of them. With a torrent of missiles and las cannons the Orks lose two Skorchas and a single Buggy as well as a power field from the Speedsta.

In centre the pounding on Tactical 2 continues with the Fortress mob that doubles ahead and unloads a torrent of fire, which does 1BM.

Last to activate from Marines is the Annihilators. Commnets hear a muttering about ******* Kults and they advance ahead to the top of the hill. Their target is the Kult of Speed and more las cannons are shot at them killing 2 Skorchas and a Buggy breaking the Ork formation.

Then it's only Ork activations left. First the Big Blitz tries to advance in the northwest. They however fail and choose to remove BMs. Second is the Big Warband which doubles ahead and closes in on the Land Raiders. They open fire, but only manage to do 1BM. Third is the normal Warband which goes for engage. However they have problems with engines and stop to fix them by throwing grots into the engine (remove BMs).

Then the last activation is the Fightabomma 1. They do a ground attack going after the Whirlwinds. This prompts the Thunderbolts to come after them. In the dogfight Orks fail to hit Imperials, which drop 2 planes in return. The remaining 3 fire at the Whirlwinds scoring two hits, which are then promptly saved by the Marines.

End Phase

All planes leave without further incident.

Orks fail to rally Outriders 3 and Kult of Speed 2. Marines rally the Tactical 2 with the help of Supreme Commander.

Land Raiders vs Big Warband ... BTS formations about to clash!

05-08-2007, 19:32
Turn 2 "Engage"

Terminators teleport near the Big Blitz with one unit within the forest. They get 1BM for their trouble.

Initiative: Orks

The turn starts with bloodcurling WAAAARGH as the Big Warband engages the Land Raiders. As many of the Trukks and Boyz as possible go to close combat with end result that all the Land Raiders have 2 units on them. Land Raiders try to fight back, but are unable to hit any. Orks however don't have the same problem as 2 of the Raiders are scrapped. The support fire from the nearby Annihilators is enough to vapourise one Trukk but that is too little. Orks win by 4 and two more Land Raiders are lost as they accelerate away from Orks. They move near the objective behind a hill, while Orks consolidate a bit to the forests. Retaining the Big Blitz in northwest sustains at the Terminators in front of them. They score impressive 7 hits but Terminators heavy armour means that only one unit is lost and they remain unbroken.

Marines ponder a bit on what to do and then order the Tactical 2 to engage. They move to outflank the Outriders 3 to do a clipping assault from north. One biker is in close combat with other on firefight range. End result is 3 Warbikes lost and the remaining orks break to hide behind the hills in southeast. Marines consolidate to bring them all on the road.

Then it's time for Orks again the Fightabomma 2 is called to make a ground attack. They move to fire the Whirlwinds as they don't have any aircover and one of the Whirlwinds is destroyed in the process. Marines reply in kind and the Thunderhawk CAS moves in from west to fire at the Warband with Bigmek. The aircraft comes in to fire from east and Bigmek is the second in line to get bullets. Again all weapons are fired and this time there is more casualties. Two Trukks with boyz inside are blown apart and while the Skorcha saves, Bigmek does not and the Orks lose their Supreme Commander.

Enraged the Orks move to retaliate and the Fortress mob is going to be that. They engage the Tactical 2 and barge within the formation, bringing all units into close combat. This bodes bad for Marines but things turn around. The Orks lose 2 DC on one of the Battlefortresses, while Marines save all 3 hits that they got. However the resolution dice is for Orks and Marines lose by 3. Tactical then falls out losing a Rhino to the northwest while the forts keep the junction.

Marines call for interception of Fighta-Bommaz from the Navy, but they complain that there is holes in their wings from the Fightabommas and stand down.

The Orks have no such complaints as the Kult of Speed 1 doubles ahead to bring the Whirlwinds into their weapons range. They surround the Marines and blast all they got, but manage to do just 1BM. Whirlwinds ponder their dire situation and choose to sustain fire as they cannot escape the Orks around them. Target is the Big Warband, but the barrage is not very effective as only 1BM is done.

In Orks end the normal Warband tries to marshall, but with Bigmek killed there is little coordination between the Orks. Instead they hold and have a little bashing to find out whose biggest and baddest of the rest. Effect is removal of 3BM.

In northwest the Terminators turn has come. They shout "For the Emperor" and charge into the blazing guns of the Blitz Brigade. All 3 units get into close combat with the Orks. There is 4 casualties on Orks side while Marines save all hits. Resolution is for the Marines with +1 but it's tie and a new round of combat. This time there is two more lost Ork vehicles while Marines lose none. In the end only the Speedsta manage to escape the Terminators and they move towards the forest where the Land Raiders were wrecked.

In the east the Blitz is next and it doubles moving west at full speed.

Then it's the last two activations by Marines. First the Annihilators sustain at the Big Warband. Las cannons blazing they remove 4 Trukks and two Buggies. Then the Tactical 1 engages the Orks into fire fight. They move full speed towards east and end up just behind the Annihilators. Orks counter charge a bit but try not to bring units within Annihilators support are too much. The battle goes for two rounds and Marines lose one Tactical unit and a single Rhino. Orks however are on the losing side and total of two Skorchas, 3 Buggies and 4 Trukks are destroyed in addition to two units of Boyz killed. The Orks move to the ruins while Marines consolidate a bit to northeast.

End Phase

All planes leave without problems. Thunderhawk takes a BM from one Ork Flakwagon.

All broken Orks fail to rally. On Marines Land Raider fails while the Tactical 2 rallies.

Whirlwinds being surrounded by the Kult of Speed.

05-08-2007, 19:32
Turn 3 "Desperate Measures"

Initiative: Marines

After some a bit of though, the Marines decide to double with Annihilators. They move fast towards west and occupy the smaller hill near the road to south. From there they have plain view of the Fortress mob within the ruins. Lasers fire and soon the lead one is reduced to a smoking hulk of a vehicle. The second moves out undamaged, but broken towards the Ork deployment zone. Retaining the Thunderhawk attacks the Blitz from east and manages to drop one shield from Speedsta, while Gunwagon saves the hit it got. There is some grumbling on why did I attack on the side of the Speedsta with Marines commander.

The Orks get to go and it's the Kult that starts. Without any problem they engage the Whirwinds into a fight and wipe them out without losing any vehicles.

In Ork end the Tactical 2 advances towards the norml Warband. There is just enough spece for a rhino to squeeze between Gunforts ZoC and tables end. Predator leading the charge most of the Marines get to fire (with two suppressions) and 3 Stormboys units are lost in addition to a Skorcha. The shot warband gets even more confused as the they haven't yet found the largest Ork and continue to beat each other (and hold removing BMs).

Then it's Imperial Navys time to act. The Thunderbolts are called to make an airstrike on the blitz and they come in from the west opposite of the Thunderhawk. The sole Flakwagon fires at them, but misses. Navy pilots however do not and they wreck Flakwagon as well as a Gunzwagon, breaking the formation. Ork pilots don't want to be put to shame and Fighta-Bomma group 1 makes and attack run towards the lone Helios. It is hit twice and destroyed.

The Tactical 1 is next and they are ordered to double on ahead to make sure that objectives stay on Marines. They move to the forested hills and blast the broken Big Warband. Total effect is very small as single Buggy and 2 powerfields are removed. Orks order the second Fighta-Bomma squadron to blast the Tactical 1 and they manage to destroy a single Vinficator in addition to killing one Tactical unit. Lastly the Terminators double spreading out and and taking control of the both objectives.

End Phase

All planes leave without problems.

Orks manage to rally the Big Blitz and Outriders 3, while rest broken fail. Marines remove BMs from all.

Fighta-Bommas making ground attacks against Scions tactical formation lead by Prometheus.

05-08-2007, 19:33
Turn 4 "Foiled!"

Initiative: Orks

The turn starts with the Kult of Speed 1 wanting to engage with the nearby Annihilators being a juicy target. However there is problems with some of the Buggies and they hold removing BMs. Ork commander isn't too pleased at the failures to activate at this point.

Marines thank and order the Thunderbolts to strafe the rallied Speedstas of Big Blitz Brigade. One of the Orks vehicles is blown up by the rockets and the second breaks and moves to block possible Annihilators advance to contest the Blitz.

The Orks reply with a double from the normal Warband (it moves, finally!). They move quickly towards the objective in east and take control of it. Marines reply with sustain from the Annihilators which reduces 4 Buggies to burning wrecks in addition to removing a power field from the Speedsta. The Kult is broken and moves away from the blitz.

Orks are not foiled yet as the Fighta-Bommaz make their attack run again. Target is the Tactical 1 again and second Vindicator and Tactical unit is destroyed by the Ork planes. Then Tactical 1 goes and advances to target the rallied Outriders 2. The heavy bolters on Prometheus fire with high accuracy and the nearby Warbike unit is gutted, breaking the formation and Orks hold on "Take and Hold".

In last attempt to reduce Marines hold on the objective the Fighta-Bomma squadron 2 attacks the Terminators. However they miss.

Last two activations are Marines. First eh Thunderhawk tries to kill the Big Warband in the ruins. However the Orks save every hit and only one Nobz unit is lost. Last it's the Tactical 2 which advances to fire at the Big Warband as well. However they also fail to do any damage and Speedsta is wrecked by BM.

End Phase

The situation is clear. It's 2 - 1 for Marines with "Take and Hold" and "Blitzkreig" against "Break Their Spirit".

Fighta-Bommas aren't able to prevent Marines taking control of the battlefield.