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06-08-2007, 05:15
I was playing a Nemisis Crown Tournament last friday night, and went ogre hunting! The table was pretty long and the Forces of light had 2 Lizardmen players a wood elf and me, the dwaves. First turn, fired me bolt thrower....and did nothing(killed one bloodletter the whole game). My dwarf lord on sheild bearers, with a M.R. of Swiftness(always goes first), rune of cleaving(+1 strength) rune of fury(+1 attack) in a unit of 18 ironbreakers with the rune of courage, were charged by a unit of 5 bulls with their battle mage. Unbeknownst to him I always go first and hacked the mage away. He killed 1 guy total with all his attacks plus the bull rush impacts hits. the ironbreakers won combat resolution and the ogres fled. The tiny legs of the dwarves ran fast enough to run down the burly ogres and slayed my first unit in one fell swoop. Next turn i charged a unit of nurle daemons. Killed 7 first turn, they hit but i made my save. Still locked in combat the daemon prince charged my flank, lucky for me i did 2 of his 4 wounds, the lord and the fron ironbreakers dished out 5 more kills and i won combat on both fronts. The Daemon lord poofed and the nurglings followed close behind. For taking 2 wounds and killing well over 500 points these guys are a sound investment in any army you can afford them. At the end of the fight my Ironbreakers and Lord killed 800+ points and captured 3 standards and slayed 2 lords (Daemon and Ogre). He was deffinitly the character of the match!
Hope you all agree too.

06-08-2007, 06:15
Think you meant to post this in Battle Reports mate, :)