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06-08-2007, 08:42
i am new to playing 40k and have only just got used to the idea of buying stuff from FW but i cant get the imperial armour updates from FW and i was just wondering some background info and what they are all about.

Brother Loki
06-08-2007, 11:34

The Imperial Armour books come in 2 flavours:

IA1 & 2 focus on imperial vehicles, and are essentially big catalogues with rules, background and paint schemes.

From IA3 onwards they changed the format to make each book a campaign book, containing background, fiction, scenarios, army lists and rules. They're done in the style of military history books.

The one you want for Tyranids is IA4: The Anphelion Project, which contains the rules for all the Forgeworld Tyranid beasties.

It's a great read in its own right as it has a good story about an inquisitor's expedition to find out what has happened to a secret Adeptus Mechanicus facility that was experimenting with tyranids. Lots of the info is presented as transcripts of reports and secret documents etc. Obviously the 'nids have escaped, Jurassic Park stylee and things go horribly wrong from there. It's essentially 'Aliens' in the 40k universe. It really gives a sense of how a small outbreak spreads terrifyingly quickly.

There are some big superheavy beasties like the Heirodule (bigger carnifex type creature) and Trygon (giant Ravenor), and of course the bio-titan, as well as lots of cool support units like the malanthrope (a sort of harvester/eating machine) and things like aerial spore mines, flying rippers and so on.

It's a good book. The FW books tend to be quite pricey, because they're printed in small quantities, but the ones I've bought so far (3&4) have been money well spent.

06-08-2007, 19:49
I field the Trygon and the Malanthrope (on occasion). Love the models, rules and fluff.

07-08-2007, 09:08
seconded Brother Loki, grab imperial armour 4 it is a great read. I also have that book and a trygon, very cool stuff. Plan on getting a scythed heriodule some time for apocalypse games!

20-08-2007, 20:03
cheers for that brother loki that was very helpful. i just wasnt sure if i should buy the book if i was only going to use 1 thing from it but what you are saying makes me want to get it cause the story and the amount of stuff in it

bye the way is a malenthrope like a bigger and better zainthrope

Cry of the Wind
21-08-2007, 16:41
Not really...a zoanthrope is more of a battle pysker beast while the Malenthrope is like a giant floating ripper. It's job is to eat the best genetic material and find the uses for it rather than just aimlessly collecting bio-mass.