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07-08-2007, 20:57
Reposted as the poll was corrupted some how with another poll, strange.

As a poll this needs to be in a seprate thread from the main "Are you looking at Me " thread. So only post relevant to the poll here otherwise continue to use the Are you looking at me thread for everything else.

As some of you may understand the new points scoring seriously effects the final outcome of a game. With points being given for CAS received it is possible to loose the game in touchdown and still come out the winner because most of your team has been mauled. This was excellently displayed in lardidars game of his squigs against snotballs eshin.

So I thought I would gauge the opinion to see if any coaches are playing differently to play a tactical game and pull their punches so to speak while sending their canon fodder on suicide blocks against big guys.

I always play to kill, and eventually that leads to winning the game.

The Mecca can afford to play to kill on the grounds that droves of str1 slaves will die anywat to balance it all out.

I play no diffrently, Snotti did just maul me that bad :)

But I suppose it is in your head that there is ne need to dodge away from that big guy as if he mauls you then at least you can grab some points.

I like it gives my snots a chance overall as otherwise theres no chance of me scoring many points. Also i want my snot to win the award for the bestest injury taker

As I said in the turney thread. The Steaks are too happy to do more cas. And with a St 5, mighty blow, multiple block, frenzy, razor sharp claws player the options of free meat is just too good to turn down.. I have tryed to expalin to the players that it's not a good thing to block too har in this turney. But the sight of a meal get's the upper hand on them. And I'm afraid that's there nothing I can do to stop them.

08-08-2007, 22:42
Well so far I've played as I used to. I won most matches last season and frankly got a s**t-load of CAS's against me, which I hope will carry over to this season ;) Seriously AV7+Regen should reduce the CAS's somewhat

08-08-2007, 23:06
Ha, everyone is voting for number 1 option. You sadistic lot.

Deng Ham
09-08-2007, 16:54
It's not compleetly true. It's easyer to shuf a player next to a big brute just to make him block that player instead of doing a bliz and taking out one that you like to keep.

But even if I play the "normal" way. The I still think its a nice twist of the rules.