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09-08-2007, 04:48
Well, my local gaming group is contemplating some Necromunda action, so I got onto Armybuilder and mocked up a list based on the models I'd like to buy and use.

VanSaar gang
195 - Leader: Autopistol, Autogun w/ Telescopic sight
235 - Heavy: Laspistol, Heavy Stubber w/ Monosight
510 - 6 Gangers - Laspistols and Autoguns
40 - Juve - Autopistol

Stash: 20 creds

Is it rules legal? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to buy the gunsights right away. If I can't I suppose I could buy some more juves or gangers. Also, is it effective? I figured that I could use Autoguns to get the nice bonus to hit at close range and if I should fail an ammo roll, my gangers could fall back on thier laspistols. Should I forget about doubling up on guns at the start and get more bodies instead? Should I drop some of the gangers for more Juves, getting even more bodies?

09-08-2007, 08:16

Sadly you are not allowed to buy gunsights straight away, they must be found after game by rolling them up on the rare trade chart which means you can never be sure of getting them. Army builder can be misleading with games like Necromunda, best bet is head over to Specialist Games website and get all the rules for free!!

Your gang looks quite boring, one of the main strengths of Necromunda is having individual gang members, so having everyone armed the same takes away from that,but its your gangand Vansaar do organise themsleves like squads of soldiers. Plus your games may be a little one sided. If theres no terrain you'll gun down the opposition without him getting close. With lots of terrain he'll close in rip you apart. Consider a mix of weapons and maybe a close combat bod or two. You might want a couple more juves, they make excellent ablative armor. Finally, as its VanSaar, maybe another heavy with plasmagun?

Have Fun

09-08-2007, 15:59
Yes and sights are rare, so you have to get roll for them on the tradechart or invent them.
BigRob is absolutely right about any close combat orientated gangs ripping you to pieces. You can win with this roster (except for the sights), but you will have to be sure, you can and will dominate on overwatch and don't have any blind spots anywhere where enemy close combat gangers can apporach. The more buildings, the more blind spots you have. Although Van Saar is a shooty gang, and has really little access to the ferocity, muscle and combat skills, it's important that you do equip some, one or two gangers, with a sword and an autopistol. Be careful, the sword is limited on the house lists, so if you are playing with the houselist from the new Living Rulebook, you have to take a club. And get a ganger to buy a sword after the first game!
Why autopistol + sword? The autopistol has an unmodified long range until 16" and you will get a really important +1 Attack dice bonus in close combat. I know it's fun to use the +2 ToHit modifier at close range, but at that range you should be charging the target. Also a really cheap option, that I sometimes incorporate just to get that extra ganger, would be a stubgun as pistol, downside is that it does have -1 on long range, so I would always opt for autopistols. Only the chainsword from the common weapons list is better than a sword. So when one of your gangers increases in WS or A, make them a Close Combat ganger (this also counts for your leader!)
Drop the secondary laspistols for the gangers and equip them only with lasguns. Lasguns have the same strenght, the same ToHit modifiers but a much better ammo roll. It's worth the extra creds, and won't cost you anything when you drop the extra pistol. Also being able to use a hotshot powerpack to boost the lasgun to boltgun stats is favorable.
You WILL need to have some gangers ready for close combat as your opponent will know your weakness and will try to engage you in close combat on every opportunity he has got. At least, I would. As deterrent you could also get a Heavy with a flamer (available on the house list) Flamers are really spooky when you want to charge. Sometimes the threat alone is enough.

Good luck!

09-08-2007, 22:43
Hmm. I gave them autoguns because I wasn't planning on using GW figs, and they're carrying assault rifles that look like autoguns. Also, I figured that the VanSaar techno skills would help with the ammo rolls, but I suppose that wouldn't be until later in the game, huh? Still, I like the idea of autoguns, even if their ammo roll is poorer. I think I'll keep the Autogun/Laspistol loadout on the Gangers, even if it's not as reliable as just taking Lasguns.

How's this for a better list?

Leader: Chainsword, Autopistol
Heavy: Heavy Stubber, Laspistol
5 Gangers: Laspistol, Autogun
5 Juves: Autopistol
Stash: 20 creds

I'd try and get through the first game by having my leader lead the juves around so they could hose enemies at close range before he charges.
Immediately after the first game, my first buy would be as many swords as I could lay my hands on.

10-08-2007, 08:32
Nothing wrong with Autoguns, you probably could drop the laspistols for either more guys, frag grenades :) or to boost a guy to another heavy. In all my years of messing about in Necro, the only weapons I have seen regulalry fail ammo rolls are the 6+ Bolt weapon types.

New list is still looking strong, the juves autopistols make up for thier rediculous BS and the leader can use them as meatshields to get into combat.

You should do fine vs most gangs if you cna get the overwatch advantage.

Watch out for Scavvies (Lots of em) and Pitslaves (Big nasty chainsaws!) and remember that most of the time you wont be using your whole gang (The Scenario table in Necro is fantastic) which is why alot of people go for some variation, making a gang for all shootouts.

Have fun

10-08-2007, 11:00
Hmm.. that list is very much better, but I would take less juves.
If you drop the laspistols on the gangers (who won't see Close Combat) and drop 3 juves, you can take one more heavy and one more close combat orientated ganger. One heavy with a flamer or plasmagun to get in on the frontline. in the future you want to tailor your gang with shotguns and other rare items, but that all depends on your rolls on the skill table.

Also I've surprised an Escher gang with my Van Saar gang. The guy playing Escher thought I was all shooty, with 2 heavies, and rather went in hard with all his gangers. But they were disposed of quickly with my close combat gangers and flamer heavy, while giving the rest backup from a stubber heavy and a leader with a plasmagun on overwatch. My tip: mask it as a weakness, let them take the bait, then strike hard.

Good Luck!

Fire Mountain
10-08-2007, 12:25
Please, don't buy as many Swords as you can.
A word to remember in Necromunda is variation. It may not be as good as a ordered gang with all of them armed exactly the same way, but it's more fluffy (and alot more fun). Give one a Sword, one a Flail, one a Club etc.
Create a bit of variation. Throw in a couple of Shotguns in that list too.
They have always served me better then Autoguns.

I always begin with a couple of Shotguns with Man-Stoppers (Or if you have the creds, Bolts!). And after a few games I start kitting them out with Bolt Rounds. Their Shotguns are worth 40 creds with it's various ammo's now, but are also the most versitile and fun guns in the game.

So my sugestion to you is to mix around a bit. Give some of your Gangers Shotguns, some Autoguns, some Lasguns. Maybe a CC Ganger too.
Then give your Juves a bit of variation too. Get one a Stubgun, another a Laspistol, the next a Autopistol. Then give the Juves some CC weapons too.
A Juve with a Autopistol and a Club is a versitile and formidable fighter for example, and only costs 50 creds.

And have fun playing Necromunda now.
Probably the best GW-Game i've played...

10-08-2007, 22:42
I agree with a bit more variation, but shotguns are the samurai swords of necromunda... ooh how I love the scattershot to take pot shots at those pesky overwatchers in full cover. You do need to know when to use which shell and know how to get into that golden range (18"-16" inch).
But too much variation also kills the tactical game, as you lack focus and don't excel at long range or extremely short range/close combat, depending the situation. If you lack focus, you have to spread the CC and shooty overwatchers to far out, and you either run into full CC gangs or other shooty gangs picking off your CC gangers before they get close.
A BS5 heavy marksman with an autocannon or heavy stubber on overwatch, that's scary ****. But so is the juve that charges him with a sword.
A charging juve with a sword and pistol will win, as
WS2 +1 charging + 1 D(best of 2D6) against WS 3 - 1 encumbered + 1 D(reroll-able D6) = 3 + avg.4 against 2 + avg.3
That makes more than 75% chance to score 1 or more hits, and therefor a 66% chance to take him out of action on the first turn, 55% on the 2nd and afterwards. Can't be bothered to do the maths.

But a club for a juve? Useless as hell. Most of the time they are cannon fodder anyway and you can take on another meat-shield slash Juve with autopistol when you leave those 4 clubs at home.
Your gangers are equipped with a knife by default, so you don't need the club as extra for the extra attack dice. the "S as user +1" is a big laugh for an extra 15 creds. Swords are excellent early on, but later on you could buy flails to use against sword carrying gangs.. like the Eschers.

25-10-2007, 11:16
So, the local campaign has started, and I figured I might as well put up the final gang roster I ended up using for review, just to see people's opinions on it.

Van Saar Gang
Leader: Chainsword, Autopistol
Heavy: Heavy Stubber
Heavy: Plasma Gun
Ganger: Autogun
Ganger: Autogun
Ganger: Shotgun
Juve: Autopistol

Stash: 280 creds.

The idea was that I came across a really nice looking autocannon model and wanted it in my party ASAP. After the first game I blew my stash on the AC and passed the plasma gun off to my leader. This setup also had the side effect of dropping my rating to under 1000, giving my whole gang +6 experience after their first game.

What d'you think?

25-10-2007, 18:01
well with only 3 gangers you won't be collecting income very well but i guess the extra xp will make up for that fast enough, but i'd still take 2 extra gangers

(leader, heavy's & juves can't collect income)

25-10-2007, 19:24
True. I only have three territories really worth working, but if any of my gangers actually gets taken out, I could be in trouble. The XP bonus has put my juve on the fast track to ganger-hood, but he's not quite there yet. I'm currently debating whether I should spend my stash on back up pistols or another body.

25-10-2007, 19:42
i would go for another body or two over the extra pistols first.

reason being that you would then have 9 "men" in your gang and you'd still be in the same income bracket (7-9) that you are in now so you would only gain more income that way by being able to work more territories.
and in the event of a few casualties still be able to get it from the 3 work-able ones.
also more people working territories is more money is faster back-up weapons.

but those are just my 2 cents

26-10-2007, 00:28
I'd ditch the Heavy Stubber.

The 120cr saved on not buying the HS would buy you two more gangers and some weapons. By having at least 5 gangers, you can earn a bigger income after the first games and still make up that 300cr for the AutoC.

That way your heavies would have a PG and an AutoC in your second game- which is plenty. I'd leave the Leader as-is TBH.

Not an ideal scenario, but then again you are trying to cram two expensive guns into your early lineup...

My $0.02 anyway.

floyd pinkerton
26-10-2007, 13:20
Right, i'm going to throw a spanner in the works here...:D

Take the heavy stubber, or even two. It is possibly the best gun in the game. Period:)

27-10-2007, 03:05
I'd probably just take the Autocannon in the starting lineup. If you want it, take it from the beginning and get it out of the way while you have the cash. Saving up for it will take ages.

I will echo everybody else and say you need more Gangers. Even 5 would be better.

You can make up numbers with a Ratskin who may also get you better/more territories.

Sticking with your lineup and expanding upon it could give you this:

Leader: Autopistol, Sword
Heavy: Autocannon
Heavy: Plasmagun
Ganger: Autogun
Ganger: Autogun
Ganger: Shotgun
Ganger: Lasgun
Ganger: Autopistol

Total 1000 creds. Bottle check at 3 casualties, 5 Gangers for territory working, good income bracket, you have the big guns you wanted.

Not the best lineup, but certainly able to cope. Personally I'd swap the weapons about so the Leader had the Plasmagun, the Heavy had an Autogun and a Ganger had the Autopistol. High BS on the Leader means the PG will be more effective. The Heavy can still shoot and get some XP while you save up for a Flamer, Plasmagun or whatever else you fancy.

27-10-2007, 06:13
Right, i'm going to throw a spanner in the works here...:D

Take the heavy stubber, or even two. It is possibly the best gun in the game. Period:)
I'd have to agree. My Heavy with the heavy stubber have been my MVP's thus far. The good range, Str, and 2 sustained fire dice make it really vicious. I've had my Heavy inflict 4 wounds on a three man group with a single bout of shooting.

I'd probably just take the Autocannon in the starting lineup. If you want it, take it from the beginning and get it out of the way while you have the cash. Saving up for it will take ages.
I'd have taken it in my starting lineup if I could, but I'm playing a Van Saar Gang, and autocannon are not on the house list for me. Hence the putting aside 280 creds to buy the thing with after Game 1. The plasma gun did get swapped off to my leader as soon as I had the autocannon.

27-10-2007, 06:24
Ah, missed that you were using the House Weapon Lists. My bad. I don't use them and forget that some people do.