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11-08-2007, 14:02
Well Iím back from the out post AI tournament. Thought Iíd do a report.
Well having gotten out to Beaconsfield by nine ( itís 50km from the city or 47 from my house) we found that the field was 6 players. Not a huge turn out but still a fair few and it also ment me and Luke (Tyra_Nid) had a hope of not playing each other. So on to

Game one: Yay new opponent
CAP 90pts limit opponent Chris M (Commissar Cmar)

First game of the tournament and I was delighted to draw tau as I havenít played them before and new opponentís / force was a big reason for going. My list was 3 nightwings he took 5 barracudas. Chris deployed fairly spread out I had one plane in the centre and two together on my left flank, every body was at alt 7 . Turn 1 almost every body moved straight up me at speed 9 him at speed 3-4 no shooting. Turn two. He won the initiative roll and moved first moving a barra on his left up at around speed 6, I had decided to power dive with my central nightwing I only rolled a 1 however and looked in allsorts of trouble. Chris move up at max speed to get some shots off. however I was able to move the other two night wings to get shots at the attacking planes. he killed the over cautious elder. It looked tough from here but evenly poised. on a brighter note I ejected fine. Turn three he won init again, I pulled spiral on both plains witch caught him off guard, shotting I managed a kill and the 4 burst firing cannons did jack in return. Turn 4 this turn I made a mistake but didnít feel to bad about it. Chris moved a barra though a half loop first up I had a five and was in a position to fire straight at him but I decide this must be a bait and instead of moving up 2 alt to fire at him I went down 2 to avoid being tailed. it turned out the other 2 plans in the formation were doing the same manoeuvre so all I had done was get my self 4 alt below the action. I had managed to get a good shot with the other night wing and shot down an other barra. We were both one plane away from disengaging. Turn 5 my biggest mistake of the day cris again won the intit and moved a barra as bait assuming I had spiral witch I did. Did I take the bait? Yes, were two barras firing at me in the shooting phase yes I didnít manage to kill the bait and got blasted from the sky. Next turn I disengaged. Result 56ptís to him 2 planes, 36 pointís to me. Chris got a superior victory. 16 Ė 4

Game two. Good god thereís so many of them
Recon 120 pts opponent Jayden Barr ( Fattex)

Have only played chaos once I was happy to again be taking on a new opponent with a relatively un familiar force. Jayden was attacking with 8 hell blades and 1 hell talon, I had 4 night wings. He deployed as a group of 3 hell blades on his extreme right a group of 3 blades in the middle and the talon and 2 blades on his extreme left . I placed all my wings around 4Ē apart from my left to the centre most planes were at alt 6-7 except his centre group who were on alt 5. turn one all his planes move ford at around speed 4, turned with every one towards his hell talon group. Turn 2 I had card 5 on my 3 right most wings and 6 on the lefty he won init and started by moving a hell blade on his extreme left straight again. I responded buy bringing the closest nightwing into a close rang shooting position. He moved the hell blade and other blade in the group straight as well with me getting a shot on each of them in turn. The group on his extreme right then made turns to wards the center and I used the last night wing the engage them finally his middle group all power dived. The shooting phase was eventful I downed 2 blades and damaged the hell talon, despite having 2 hell blades firing at my left most night wing jayden only managed one to do hit. Turn 3. surprised at my success and the fact that I still had 4 planes in the air I chose a 50-50 split of spiral and rolling high g turn. The in the movement phase jayden made a big blunder chousing ultra high g turn for his hell talon. He fail his 5+ pilot skill check and crashed further manoeuvring gave me only one good shot but him none. In the shooting phase I bagged another hell blade just one to go. Turn 4 due to huge alt differences I was powerdiving with 3 planes and he was with a couple as well in the end I had one quite good tailing shoot and he had a bundle of different alt shots at me in the shooting phase another hell blade went down and no night wings were damaged. Forcing jayden to disengage. Result 72 point to me and 7 to jayeden ( my damaged night wing disengaged) giving me a massacre 20-0 result (for a total of 24pts)

Game three revenge is sweet
Air raid 140pts v 105pts vs chris m (Commissar Cmar) I was attacking ( a big advantage)
He took 5 barras and a sky ray in this mission, I had 2 night wings 2 phoenix and one vamp hunter . the target was a single 8 hit titan which chris promptly placed this behind a huge alt 1 hill. This dictated my deployment to a large degree. I had a phoenix and the hunter deployed on my extreme right the other phoenix on my extreme left ( that how wide the hill was) and the two nightwimgs in the centre. Chis deployed his sky ray on his left next to the hill and had a group of 3 on his extreme right and a group of two on his extreme left. First turn all my ground attack craft went straight my night wings both turned to the right. Chris moved straight. Turn 2 moving the hunter first baited the two barras on the left forwards and allowed me a 3 on two contest his other aircraft moved in to the centre where the second night wing engaged them. The shooting phase went alright with I barra going down to the vampire and another being wounded, the nightwing by itís self got damaged as well. Turn 3 both the phoenix and the hunter on my right moved up to short range against the sky ray while he did a group of rolling high g turns the phoenix on the right was able to tail these and both the nightwings spiralled into firing positions. The shooting phase was disappointing while the sky ray was killed by the vamp and another barra was damaged. The phoenix tailing one of the barras was shot down by burst cannons and the one attacking the sky ray was damaged. Turn 4 the vamp pulled a rolling high g turn to attack the target and the remaining phoenix spireld to get a shot at it most of the remaining barrers followed these two and where inturn tailed by nightwings. In the shooting phase the hunter did 3 hits on the target, the last phonix was shot down, a barra was damaged and a barra was shot down. Turn 5 tailing fire killed a barra leaving two on the table. The rest of the game consisted of the hunter getting one more bit at the objective and doing 3 more hits and another barra going down. Result 133 point to me and 74 pts to chris giving me a superior victory and a total of 40 battle pointís.

The top 3 final place getters were
Jaydon Bar 57pts (fattex)
Chris Penwarden 56pts(me)
Luke Hutson 56pts (Tyra_Nid )
With Luke also wining the painting

The winner got one packet of nightwings and one packet of phoenixes
Second got a packet of tbolts, third got a flack battery and best painted got a packet of air cast pilots.

All in all it was a grate event with great looking terrain, (for me) new opponentís and new forces, well worth the effort and well done to jayden the worthy winner( he won the last scenario as defender!) and organiser..

11-08-2007, 14:59
Well done all, and good reports.

Now, if only there were some piccies I be a happy man! ;) (I'm sure they'll be along later!)

Thanks for sharing and sounds like you all had fun.


15-08-2007, 02:49
Ok, time for a brief report on my part. Memory is a bit hazy, so it will definately be brief!

Game 1 - Imperial Navy vs Chaos Raiders (Bryan)
First game, CAP, 90 pts. I had 4 Bolts, two with Skystrikes. Formed into two pairs, each pair with a set of 'Strikes. He had a Hell Talon and 5 Hell Blades.

We zoomed towards each other. My left pair flipped over with some loops to face the bulk of his force that did the same thing to face me. My right pair turned in towards the swirling melee on the left. From here on in the game becomes a bit confused, I dont recall the details. I know that his Talon shot down a Bolt, and I got rid of some of his Blades. I believe the end result had him disengaging with me having 2 full Bolts and 1 undamaged, but Im not entirely sure.

In any case, it was a narrow victory, 12 pts for me, 8 pts for him.

Game 2 - Imperial Navy vs Tau Air Cadre (Commissar Cmar)
This game was a bit more interesting. Recon mission, I had the recon plane.
My force consisted of 4 Bolts and 2 Lightnings with Skystrikes. He had 6 Barracudas and a Skyray(?). My recon plane was a Lightning.

We both started slow and high- I didnt want to get low enough for his Skyray (deployed on one side on a hill, could fire up to Alt 7) to hit me. He had two groups of three, I had three pairs of two. By the third turn, we were in firing range. I had 2 Bolts and 2 Lightnings up close to one of his Barracuda flights, and 2 Bolts facing towards his second Barracuda flight which was closing towards the main brawl (at medium range- yes!).

Unfortunately the main brawl was taking place mostly at close range, not exactly where I wanted to be, but great for him. Unfortunately his shooting was quite sub-par. He damaged my recon Lightning, amongst other planes, and that scared me immensely- if he had focussed more firepower on it he could have won the game right away. I was cursing myself for not having dived with the Lightnings immediately, but that would have made it immediately obvious which was my recon plane. Still, luckily the Lightning survived. I managed to take down a couple of his planes, which was great.

Next turn the dance began. I power dived with my Lightnings (out of range of Skyray) to get them out of harms way and my Bolts dispersed. One moved quite a bit away from the battle, which convinced the Tau that he was my recon. One 'Cuda moved to intercept and took it down, but unfortunately that didnt mean too much. I believe I managed to knock another 'Cuda down this turn.

From here it began a game of avoidance. I wanted to stay away from the Skyray, he pursued my Lightnings for a while, while my Bolts stuffed around at high alt being useless. Finally his 3 'Cudas moved up to intercept my Bolts. I maneuvered them to disengage, except for one Bolt (one full health) who heroically moved to take some shots at medium range even though he didnt need to. I was sure he could take down a single pesky Barracuda... but Tau shot first and took him down. Finally their bad luck had turned to good, although too late to save the game.

Final result was a Superior Victory, 16 pts to me, 4 pts to him.

Game 3 - Imperial Navy vs. Chaos Raiders (Bryan- again)
Final game, bombing mission against Chaos again, with me defending two Shadowswords (4 hits each). I had 4 Bolts and 1 Lightning, he had 3 Hell Talons and 4 Hell Blades.

My forces were clumped on the right hand side near the target, except for the Lightning which was on the left flank. The Lightning had 2 Blades opposite, Bolts had the rest the force opposite. Zoomed towards each other. My plan was to take down the Blades and force disengagement before he could hit the targets. It worked to an extent... first round of shooting saw me take down one Blade on the left flank, two near the middle, and lightly damage a Talon. For the life of me, I couldnt get an extra ammo pass all game... Next turn he pulled a tricksy bombing maneuver with the Talons. Moved them towards the target at Alt2, then flipped up to Alt3 facing backwards and bombed without even going over the target. I wasnt expecting this, so he managed to get off enough bombs to obliterate one the targets a turn earlier than I thought he would. So now I was at a 40 pt disadvantage... One of his Talons had moved towards the other target. I took down the last Blade that turn, so disengagement would follow. His two Talons who had bombed the first target fled the scene, one had been seriously damaged so it was good that it got off the table. His last Talon attempted the same tricksy maneuver as the others did, but Bryan forgot that he was on Alt 1 to start with and ended up on Alt2- wrong altitude for bombing!

In retrospect, he should have just flown straight over it and up to Alt 3, but in the heat of battle he didnt notice his altitude. It was good for him anyway- if he had done that then my Bolts would have been in a good position to take him down. As it was I only got one shot from Lightning, which luckily took the Talon down to seriously damaged. My own damaged Bolt didnt make it off the table, so was work half rather than quarter points.

Game ended in a Draw(!), with 69 points each. Lots of [i]ifs in this game. If he had bombed the second target rather than being at wrong alt he would have won. If I hadnt taken that extra hit point off the Talon he would have won. If I had got that damaged Bolt off the table I would have won. If he hadnt got off with his other seriously damaged Talon I would have won.

If it had been a non-bombing mission I DEFINATELY would have won- disengaging him in 3rd or 4th turn with no lost planes...

Ah well, I was glad to force a Draw as defender in an Air Raid... Usually I lose them :).

10 pts each.

What a great day! Two wins and a draw, 3rd overall, a Players Choice prize, and some games against new people and new forces. I would have preferred to play 3 new people, but 2 was still ok.

Massive thanks again to fattdex for organising it! And congrats on his first place.

17-08-2007, 13:36
Well done all, and good reports.
Now, if only there were some piccies I be a happy man!

Make that two happy men