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Cry of the Wind
16-08-2007, 16:59
I'm building up a 'The Tower of Ecthelion' force based around the scene in the movie where Faramir rides with his knights to certain doom against the orc hoard. The core of the army is the knights although with the idea of being a useable army I included characters and troops I felt would be appropriat for being 'wall defenders' as the knights ride out. Well here it is what do you think?

Faramir 90
Heavy Armour, Lance, Horse

Beregond 25

Peregrin 25

Captain 55

Denethor 30

Warriors of Minas Tirith (15) 120

Warriors of Minas Tirith (14) 126
Shields + Spears

Warriors of Minas Tirith (13) 104

Warrior of Minas Tirith (1) 32

Citadel Guard (9) 81

Citadel Guard (12) 120

Knights of Minas Tirith (11) 154

Knight of Minas Tirith (1) 38

Heroes 5
Might 7
Warriors 76
Bows 25

16-08-2007, 17:50
That is a good list! Lots of might, lots of warriors and finally! someone who uses lots of cavalry!

Cry of the Wind
17-08-2007, 16:48
I could also kill 3 Citadel Guard with spears and add 2 Foutain Court with Shields plus give Faramir a Shield. Then I'd have some Def 7 to shield with in case Denethor goes crazy. I think it also fit into the theme well with the Steward being guarded by the Foutain Court (who stand out as specialer in this army full of Citadel Guard).

And yes I know I said specialer...

Papa Nurgle
17-08-2007, 17:55
Generally I like the list very much!

For my personal taste, I would like to have second (smaller) cavalry unit but of course, this depends on your opponents and how much and what kind of terrain you use....