View Full Version : Is a exalted daemon power gaming in 1.5k

16-08-2007, 19:28
so what do you think?

*edit* damn your warsheer i wanted poll :(

Mad Doc Grotsnik
16-08-2007, 19:37
Good god no!

They are pretty easily duffed over, due to the high basic cost of the rest of the troops!

Saw one in something like 750 points, and it couldn't even take out Empire Knights in a flank charge!

16-08-2007, 19:41
lol thats what i thought until i noticed a certain person claim this (you know who you are) on another board, i was going to add a poll but warsheer died

16-08-2007, 20:15
No need. It's not cheesy to tie up a lot of points in a fairly vulnerable single model even if it can fly...

16-08-2007, 20:23
Exaulted daemon flank charging empire knights.
The knights take a terror test.
The daemon has 4 attacks and isnt large enough to generate a flanking bonus.
The knights will outnumber and have a standard bearer requiring the daemon to cause 3 kills to win the combat,as 2 kills results in a draw and him losing by 1.
They'll get a 3+ armour save vs him,unless he has the blade of ether.

The deamon has little chance of beating those knights,unless he has the flaming sword (and soul hunger).
Usually resulting in 5 very dead knights.

Exaulted daemons generally need supporting properly to be of any real effectiveness,so long as you do that they are great,if not,they arent so great.

Hardly powergaming though.

16-08-2007, 20:31
Well it wasnt a undivided one it was a khorne one with soul hunger and might of khorne, first battle he has actually survived, i just bring this up as a person i play from this board told me to check out the vampire count board to look at some battle reports and what not. He mentioned he had started a topic about how to beat khorne (ok cool), what do i find, claims that it was a tad powergaming to use a exalted daemon in a 1.5k game (which is the only viable way to do a none SoC daemon list, the magic item to make a guy a daemon just sucks!)

I think hes just upset that he charged it on turn one with a wolf form vampire count and large unit of dire wolves and managed to do a single wound and then got ripped apart.

I think i also saw some moaning about bloodletters as well.....

16-08-2007, 22:42
First message!!, Yay

Okay now on to topic. See the problem is they aren't OP or considered power gaming due to the fact that magic runs them over like mad. I also cannot believe that a VC player even said they were.

I honestly am a VC player myself and I usually end up killing the exalted by turn 2-3. He also made the mistake of sending in wolves on it, regardless of him sending in the vampire (a Von of course it being in wolf form). He should have sat back and hit it with something a bit harder, aka Gaze of Nagash would have ate it alive. Now people say, well its Khorne, they have a lot of dispel dice....

Okay so you cannot get a spell off on it, use a larger unit to get an out number win and overrun, so if he had sent in another unit, not just the wolves and vampire he could have won.

The only thing in Fantasy thats OP or Power gaming is SoC, and im so glad its going out soon (Or no longer considered legal for tournaments.)

16-08-2007, 23:41
thanks for these replys, frankly i dont rate exalted daemons or daemon princes however i just converted a balrog into a kkhorne prince and wanted to use it, as i said i was abit shocked being called a power gaming when i actually used the worse version of the daemon list about (as i couldnt make a 1.5k with beasts or mortals).

the list was basically

1 exalted daemon

2 x 15 blood letter
8 furies
5 hound
5 gor + 10 ungor + fore-render + mus
2x 3 khorne minotaurs

I pretty much made the list on the spot and suddenly i see the guy saying stuff like its power gaming cos i couldnt kill it, be honest, the list isnt the greatest but fun to use! i think i was nearly 80pts under)

On the issue of magic, his rolls were really bad, i got half vps for both his wizards thanks to miss castes, at the end of the day my exalted had one wound and basically if i had rolled one higher for a instabilty he would have dies giving away 400vps (orignally i took him off but re-added up combat res and i lost by one less meaning he didnt dies, thankgod!)

At the end of the day liked the guy i played but that was abit of kick in the balls

17-08-2007, 01:25
I would say thats actually more of a pretty solid list tbh. I've come up against one like it and its one of those lists that wins big or loses hard based on the rolls, and the deployment. You probably noticed that with the instability's and the like.

The two units of bloodletters aren't that big of a deal, most of the lesser deamons in Fantasy aren't so bad to handle. Furies are great for both line of sight to keep blinders on frenzed units, and or to use them as march blockers/rear area raiders.

Hounds are also good for this and for handling good flanks.

The only part I am a bit suprised about is the use of the gors and ungors. I mean they aren't bad at all, but most I have seen run a block or so of maurd's to use as bait, and then use the letters to flank with the mino's close behind. Only bring that up being that you said you're about 80pts under, and I don't remember the costs of Gors/ungors since I don't have a beasts of chaos book.