View Full Version : BadNagz Bad Boyz Farewell game!

17-08-2007, 16:04
After the scandal of all veteran teams being booted out of the Warseer BB League Coach Epsteiner of the BadNagz decided to play one last friendly against their nemesis team Lethal Justice. Although the game was slated as a friendly, the coaches of both teams decided that an all out brawl was to be played where the winner would walk away with the league honour. The teams have a history of 2 games played, both ending in 2-2 draws. This time both teams went out on the pitch looking for the win, no holds barred!

Well come game day a huge crowd of 82000 hopeful fans turned up in what was the hottest day of the century, a day of sweat and sweltering heat! BadNagz got to receive but before they could do anything fans from the BadNagz goon squad threw a rock at star player Marcus from Lethal, Knocking him out cold! The orks quickly set out to injure the humans in a brutal wave of blockage badly hurting a catcher. Lethal Justice mounted a desperate counter offensive but the might of the orks proved too much and a mobile cage saw the ball end up in the TD zone after 4 turns! For the second drive the heat took it's toll on the humans leaving 2 players on the bench. Game started by Blitzer Marcus yet again hit by a rock. What did he do to deserve the attention of the BadNagz goon squad?! Lethal quickly set up an offensive with 2 catchers breaking free and going for it. But alas it was only a diversion as they quickly changed positions from the right side tof the pitch to the left side causing the orks to fall in disarray and scoring 1-1!

Second half started with Lethal receiving and they quickly set out to score with the double catcher advance again. Despite their best efforts the orks just couldn't catch up with the catchers who danced all the way to the end zone. 2-1! Having 6 turns left to score BadNagz felt slightly pressured as the game wasn't going to plan. The might was theirs but the humans were making dodges left and right that would make even a pro elf blush in shame! The orks set up a drive to the left of the pitch and tried to create a funnel through which to transport the ball to the endzone, but the humans made great efforts to not make it so. In the end a lucky block by the orks saw the ball-stealing catcher lose the ball to the crowd, who threw it towards a blitzer standing in the end zone. The blitzer set out to retreive the ball and consequentially scored the game ending 2-2 TD!

Well a great end to the BadNagz reign in the Warseer League against a tough coach and equally tough team. Three games and a total record of 6-6 beggons for a re-match, all in due course! As for now this game goes to show what the team fans can do to uplift a team by helping them out in various situations. A well played game I enjoyed quite much!

Ending commentary from the head coach of BadNagz Bad Boyz: "Dem humies wuz tuff but we put da boot in an made dem skweel! So what we'z didn't win, we scored more 'urty and dats all it takes! In da future we will join da panzy Pride FC Leeg and look fer new skulls ta bash in. WHAAAGH!"

Deng Ham
17-08-2007, 17:46
I loged on to Fumbbl today. And saw your game, and wanted to spectate. But unfortunatly I cam in at turn 2/8 so I did not get so see any.