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17-08-2007, 15:58
To start off, never played a game of 40K before. I have been playing WHFB for a while now and looking to get into this for the flexibilty of being able to play either game at the various game stores I frequent. I would find this much better than calling ahead to find out if it is fantasy night and i can play, or 40k night, and can't.

Anyways back on topic. I have seen the models for DKoK, and decided that for nothing else, would love to collect and paint these models.

That being said, is this a legal army? Are their lists accepted for tournaments and the such. I ask, because of the Rhinox issue in fantasy.

As for codexes, what should I get? I have seen in another post the IG codex as well as the IA5 book.

I appreciate your help.

17-08-2007, 16:16
The siege list from Imperial Armor 5 may or may not be tournament legal depending on wether or not the organizers say so. I believe in games workshop's tournaments you would probably wanna stick to a normal codex list to be on the safe side though always try and check ahead. I'm not a tournament player so I couldn't really say for sure though someone else here surely can. As for normal games however, that depends on your opponent. Forgeworld rules are totally legal as has been said time and time again but if you're up against someone who's a total **** then they might refuse to play you. Although honestly I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't wanna play you using the siege list as its a very difficult list to get the hang of and win games with (unless you go with lots of artillery of course). Bottom line is all games require opponent's consent and I don't think most people would refuse to play you.

As for what you should get, you're spot on. You'll need the imperial gaurd codex and imperial armor 5. Though if you plan on using the models and using a normal gaurd list all you'd need is the Imperial gaurd codex. There are also some other options within the siege list that you may need another imperial armor book for such as the other superheavies that aren't described in Imperial Armor 5.

17-08-2007, 16:17
Each tournament uses it's own rules. Whether a particular tournament allows the Death Korp Siege Regiment list from IA5 is up to the tournament organisers.

However, nothing stops you using the models as a normal Codex: IG army, there are even Death Korp doctrines listed in the Codex (and these doctrines form the basis of the IA5 list anyway). While it's still possible for a tournament to disallow even this, it's rare to see (imagine the problems caused by a tournament banning a codex list ...)

If you decide to use the Siege Regiment list from Imperial Armour Volume 5 you might not need Codex: IG - it's pretty much a self-contained list. However, I'd suggest you get Codex: IG to allow to also play non-Siege Regiment lists. If you're not planning on using the Siege Regiment list at all, or any of the DK "generic" units (Centaurs, Heavy Mortars, Quad Launchers, etc, which can be used by a Codex: IG army - subject to tournament rules of course), then you could just get Codex: IG and skip IA5 altogether.

There are also some other options within the siege list that you may need another imperial armor book for such as the other superheavies that aren't described in Imperial Armor 5.

Good point. You'll also need Imperial Armour Volume 1 for the Leman Russ variants (Vanquisher, etc) and the Thunderer (if you use one), although you can get the Vanquisher rules (and a few other FW tank variants) from the Armoured Companies PDF on the GW site: GW Online : Warhammer 40,000 : Imperial Guard : Armoured Companies Vehicles (http://uk.games-workshop.com/imperialguard/ac-vehicles/1/)

17-08-2007, 16:31
If everyone doesn't stop having such a hard on for the Death Korps, they are going to be as common as the Baneblade is about to become. ;)

18-08-2007, 00:32
Thanks for all of the replies, and I am glad to hear that the DKoK models will work fine enough in a IG list as well.