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18-08-2007, 11:59
Thought it might be fun to compare our player's points for the special tournament award. Just to remind you all of the rules:

1 point for a KO , 2 for a BH, 5 for a SI or RIP

Remember your player MUST be placed in the dugout to receive injury points - if they are saved by apothecary they don't get any.

Regenerating players still get points if they regenerate.

Being stunned on a crowdpush and placed in reserves counts as one point.

Being placed in the dugout without being hurt (e.g. by the ref after making a foul) does not grant any points.

After two games the Fakshun's highest living scorers are

Bazza KO SI 6
Oglug SI 5
Zagga SI 5
Durshak SI 5
Naffgrot SI 5
Rugbat SI 5
Snagafork KO BH BH 5

18-08-2007, 13:38
Here are my top prospects after 4 games played:

#9 Phocomelia: 2SI+BH+KO = 13 pts
#5 Colitis: SI+BH+KO = 8 pts
#7 Ischemia: 2KO+SI = 7 pts
#13 Diverticulosis 3KO+BH = 5 pts
4 others at 4 pts each.