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18-08-2007, 17:09
Hi to all here,after a mate of mine re-read the Inqusition trilogy recently he's been inspired to dig out and run and Inquisitor campaign for a couple of us.

Now ive not played in a good while but im all keen for the games to come and this is what ive knocked up for my warband modding a few of my old models and i was kinda seeking an outside perspective as im stuck in the middle of nowhere for the weekend and my ideas may well be choz...

The campaign calls for 2-4 models and Approx 450 ready reckoner points in each warband, plus a reason to be outside "Home ground".

So without further ado...
(Oh and Incidentaly Lo Tsung is my old Inquisitor a Radical hooked up with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and Haley was his self righteuous Interrogator, thought it'd be nice to evolve)

Inquisitor Douglas Haley

Haley did not have an Auspicious start in life, born to a Noble family on the hive world of Caspia whose breeding practices had obviously become a little too selective. His overlarge eyes, wasted frame and additional finger required extensive cosmetic surgery even before his tenth birthday. It was during his recovery from this that the doctors noticed that he healed noticeably quicker than expected, a sign of his nascent psychic abilities but combined with his deformations sufficient grounds for the surgeon to make a discreet report to an old acquaintance of his, one Inquisitor Kelgan.

Kelgan responded to his friends tip off with a thorough investigation into the Haley dynasty, and while he found no evidence of heresy he had several of the family converted into servitors for encouraging inbreeding amongst the family, weakening a key family in Caspias ruling class something which Kelgan as a hardline Amalathian abhorred.

As part of the investigation Douglas himself was examined, and found to be a psyker of some raw talent which of course lead to the black ships and a voyage to Earth. Douglas remembers little of these times except the horror of the dark holds and the stringent tests he was put through, and passed with flying colours. His results indicated that the boy was best suited to a career in the Inquisition. Despite his physical weakness, a keen mind lurked inside, aided by what had been an excellent education.

He was assigned as an Interrogator to Inquisitor Lo Tsung, whose close association with the Adeptus Mechanicus gave Haley an in depth knowledge of that strange organisations workings and practices.

Indeed it was during an investigation into a rouge Mechanicus sect that Haley both qualified as a full Inquisitor and found his role in life. The Herectics involved were capturing large quantities of pilgrims seeking interstellar travel between worlds and performing unspeakable experiments upon the unfortunates. It was Haley’s exceptional conduct during the conflict which ended the affair including the slaying of Renegade Magos Darwinius and the salvation of a shipful of innocent pilgrims he was threatening to cast adrift in warpspace whilst his master and peers were more concerned with dividing the credit (And he suspects, the spoils) which both assured his Ascension and estrangement from his mentor.

After this, and plagued by nightmares from his own experiences on the Black ships. Haley decided that he would travel incognito up and down the major pilgrim routes of the Imperium. Protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty as he found them.

Haley is technically an Amalathian by inclination but considers it important that innocent civilians be protected whenever possible, a view that often leads to clashes with his peers, some of which he considers butchers little better than the enemies they face.

He prefers to be circumspect in his investigations, rarely appearing well armed or armoured unless the situation requires it, masquerading as a typical pilgrim albeit a well off one. Haley thinks well of Gann, and enjoys his company but occasionally feels he is a little quick to strike first, and never ask questions. Cristo he is not sure of, he clearly has the Emperors blessing and is devoted to him, but his presence sometimes grates, and he is far less subtle than Haley would prefer, although he is learning.

Inquisitor Douglas Haley
59 77 47 49 82 91 85 86 83

Leader, Ambidextrous
Detection, Bloodboil Enfeeble, Regeneration

Staff, Battered Autopistol, 2 Digi Lasers, Digi Melta, Digi Needler (Choke poison), Smoke Grenade, Knife. 2pts of Armour to all locations except head. Displacer Field. Filtration plugs.

Reckoner Value 200

Haley’s Model is based on Eisenhorn, with a bit of greenstuff giving him a goatee and with the Scabbard replaced with an ordinary wooden looking staff and blade with the Rogue Trader hand with a grenade. (And Digi Weapons).

Gann NaBascna

Gann was born amongst the Dalriadan Sword Masters of Erain 7, a world where nearly all disputes are settled in formal duels, many of which are to the death. The use of champions is often sought in these encounters and the Clan of NaBascna is widely acknowledged as producing the finest of these champions. They emphasise a lightning fast style which calls for a single precise strike to the head or neck, drawing blood or killing in a dramatically fast display of skill (And in Erain law, righteousness).

NaBascan children are raised to be a part of this “industry” the fastest and strongest will be fighters, while their kin serve as agents, physical trainers and other related roles.Gann was chosen to be a fighter at a young age, did well in his training, and in his first few years upon the champions podium, earning a reputation as one of the better NaBascna fighters, and a pretty sum in commissions, as well as lavish gifts from some of his clients.

Feeling a call he did not entirely undertand, Gann felt the call to pilgrimage, and invested his fortune into a trip to Earth to see humanity’s birth world. It was on this trip that Gann was caught up in Inquisitor Haley’s investigation of a Rogue trader who had been trafficking pilgrims to Xenos in exchange for alien weaponry. His quick wits and quicker blade proved more than a match for the Rogue trader and he impressed Haley enough for him to “hire” him in a more permanent fashion.

In the years since they met, Gann and Haley have formed an unusual friendship the weakling highborn psyker and the lithe warrior born both gaining something from the other. Haley gaining a skilled trainer and a sense of humour and Gann a conscience and a purpose.

Gann is a quick witted and sometimes irreverent man but is deeply religious, believing the Emperor guides his sword arm. He is utterly ruthless in a fight however, once his blade is in hand, someone is going to get cut… He also genuinely likes Cristo although you would be hard pressed to see through the banter the two of them through at each other.

Gann NaBascna, Blademaster
76 45 60 55 75 65 56 78 55

Feint, Lightning Reflexes, Dodge, Deflect Shot (Thrown Weapons only) Swordmaster (Blademaster, but with swords instead of knives)

Master Crafted Sword, Short Sword, 2 Throwing Knives. Laspistol, 2 Smoke Grenades
Flak Armour on Legs, Filter plugs.

Reckoner Value 116

Gann im planning to be a stone conversion with his glaive replaced with a Saber, a different head (not sure which yet) and the various other bits and pieces of kit on his webbing.


Cristo is an odd character, born on Necromunda to House Goliath he was considered a giant even by his massive kin. He enjoyed fighting and quickly found himself in an underhive gang “The Skull Crunchers” who enjoyed some notoriety for a while around Grant Falls. Cristo in particular standing out because he was so damn big, which might favour him in intimidation, often left him wounded after encounters with other gangs due to being hard to hide and outright threatening looking.

The Skull Crunchers of course were happy with the situation, every bullet the big lunk attracted wasn’t going their way after all. But Cristo’s mother was less sanguine about the situation, and would rather her boy wasn’t a gangster at all, let alone a bullet magnet!

He however disagreed, unable to see how he “friends” were using him and his house elders were happy with him there too, he reflected well on the Goliath after all. But when he took a serious gut wound and was rushed to hospital she finally had enough, and resigning herself to him fighting volunteered him to the Imperial Guard whilst he was unconscious.

He woke up part of the Necromundan 12th and already on charge for missing training. His career in the guard went far from well, fighting insurgents on Ganis 4 he was again wounded in action, and again fighting against Waaaagh Slamskull and was so badly wounded in action against Hrud raiders that he had half his head replaced with Augmetic replacements.

He awoke from that surgery however a changed man, he now saw how the Emperor had been protecting him all this time, carrying him on to an important task that lay in his future, his destiny! He began quoting verse to his comrades and was often found reading a battered copy of some Ecclesiarchy work or another.

Miraculously, he managed to survive the Battle of the Falleen belt unwounded when his regiment suffered 40% casualties and again passed through Hive Fleet Lazarus unscathed as the Necromundan 12th finally slipped below the thresholds the munitorium considered a fighting unit and its handful of survivors were released back into civilian life once more.

Older and considerably more devout, Cristo sold the majority of his plunder he had gained over the years and along with his mustering out pay headed down the route of Marcharius’ crusade.

It was on this pilgrimage that he ran into Inquisitor Haley and Gann, aiding them against the vile cult of rebirth which had been sacrificing pilgrims to the dark gods in order to grant their members renewed youth and vigor. His faith alone protected him from the Daemon Skalathrax on Hakkar and Haley has found a use for him ever since.

While he is slow, Cristo is not particularly stupid, although the amount of wounds and surgery he has recived over the years have not left him unchanged. He considers Haley as the Emperors emissary and is devoted to him. Gann he considers a little brother, one that needs to be protected and often insulted, but he does appreciate that he is a skilled fighter in another vein.

Cristo, Giant Veteran
66 44 83 75 55 64 45 69 48

Heroic, Nerves of Steel, Word of the Emperor
Big Lad (All attacks get _+10% to Hit Cristo due to his bulk)
Nerve Damage (Reroll failed System shock rolls, +1 “Armour” all over)

Heavy Stubber (1 Reload), Chainblade Bayonet, Laspistol (1 Reload), Knife, Chain (Armoured Gauntlet) Flak Armour to all except, 3pt Bionic Head w/ Average Bionic Eye (Infavision) and Crude Ear. Gas Mask, Pentagrammic Wards.

Ready Reckoner 134pts

Cristos model was initially going to be an Ogryn, but my GM disliked the idea so hes just abnormally huge. The metal Giant is the Basis for the model, with extensive greenstuff giving him decent trousers, combat boots, bionics and bits and bobs to Inquisitor-ise him. His gun is a scratch built Ripper Gun-alike out of a bunch of IG heavy weapons, spare gubbins and an Old titan chainfist for the bayonet.

So? What do people think?

19-08-2007, 11:27
Why don't you ask your GM?

Background wise this looks quite cool, but I can't comment on the rules. That's for your GM to do.

20-08-2007, 02:28
I think it all looks quite good. Decent amount of background rather than the 2-3 lines some folk do. Nothing overpowered in the stats or equipment except maybe Blademaster with swords, but that's up to the GM to judge.

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing them in a game. I definitely want to see your models! :D