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18-08-2007, 19:32
Hi! srry that I make a new thread but i want to start over with some new ideas!

Okay I ahve been thinking about a full cavalery list, the question is would I go for Tzeentch, slaanesh or undivided list and how about Cult of Slaanesh?
I read the rules for Cult of Slaanesh and it looked really good for cavalery list, I liked the Colden one knights and the Druchi Anointed :). So with undivided army i wcou÷d have both slaanesh and tzeentch magic and both Khorne knights and mounted demonettes, but in other hand the Cult of Slaanesh have more options....help me please!

What is the best cavalery list in the waharmmer world?? beside bretonnia ofcourse:D

18-08-2007, 19:42
Go Undivided with Khorne and Slaanesh knights. Khorne for hitting power and Slaanesh for magic(and that bad a** banner).

18-08-2007, 20:12
Chaos gets core cavalry and can do an entirely cavalry list.
Plus chaos hero's are virtually as strong as a single annointed is.

The only real difference between the 2 lists is that the cult of slaanesh has access to dark riders,although thats at the cost of cold one knights.
And you have to choosen between heavy cavalry and mounted daemonettes.

Chaos gets all bar the mounted daemonettes as core choices.

I'de go with the chaos list personally.
Core knight units,mounted daemonettes as special slots,maruader horsemen as additional fast cav units for support.
And no need to spend points on foot troops to actually make a legal list.

19-08-2007, 19:44
Tank you man!
Anyone who want to give a comment?
I think of going chaos but are there mounted chaos lord undivided and mounted heroes?? And how do you make a strenght and thoughnes test?

19-08-2007, 20:11
Look under characteristics tests on page 5 of the rulebook.

20-08-2007, 00:49
do Tzneetch for wicked sickness