View Full Version : Technical problems

21-08-2007, 18:21
As you probably noticed, Warseer has been pretty slow for a few days now: We are having a few technical problems with one of the servers at the moment.

Sadly it's not possible for us to completely fix the problems (Nick already did some magic to increase performance as much as possible). Our current provider said that they are working on fixing the problem.

To avoid further problems like these it's likely that we'll move to a new provider soon. This move is planned to happen within the next month and there may be some downtime while we'll do backups of the database and all that.

We'll keep you updated on this...

22-08-2007, 13:46
We have investigated our options and we have opted to change hosts this weekend and as long as everything goes well we should be on a brand new server cluster on Monday. We have decided to host the server in America this time round due to the value for money compared to the UK or Europe. This should result in better performance for everyone as we will be on faster connections all round.

I'm planning to take the site offline for an entire day this weekend but there will be an announcement to explain as soon as everything is confirmed.