View Full Version : Game on Thursday - 500 points Gondor force

21-08-2007, 19:37
Hi guys,

This is my first time posting in the LotR section. Just starting to get back into it after starting up my Warg Riders Battle Companies last week, which, if anyone is interested, now has 6(!) Heroes thanks to lucky rolls, plus my friends Rohan battle company has taken a severe beating thanks to unlucky wound rolls ^^.

Anyway, this Thursday we have decided to have a LotR day instead of our usual 40k and mix of MtG and Battle Companies. I have whipped up this 500 point Gondor list from all the available models I have at my disposal (but I have many captain/hero models available that would fit into the Gondorian theme...Gandalf the White, Boromir, etc). Anyway this is my list, what do you guys think?


Faramir - Heavy Armour
Captain - Heavy Armour, Shield
Beregond- Heavy Armour, Longbow


Minas Tirith Spearmen - 12 Spearmen, shields, spears
Minas Tirith Swordsmen - 12 Swordsmen, Shields
Citadel Guardsmen - 6 Citadel Guard, Longbows
Minas Tirith Archers - 6 Archers, bows
Minas Tirith Standard - 1 Standard bearer

From what I have spare in my poorly neglected LotR box, I have 3 Knights of Minas Tirith, Boromir with Shield but no Banner (conversion), Gandalf, Pippin and a handful of swordsmen. I also have a Trebuchet kicking around but that would be way too big for such a game ^^.