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21-08-2007, 21:14
Welcome to the Swansea Wargames Society - Tale Of 4 Gamers!

The reason for this thread is that myself and 3 friends of mine at the Swansea Wargames Society will collect a fully painted 2250 point army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles over the space of a few months.

The agreement is that we initially collect 750 point armies, and then add 250 points each month, until we reach the goal of 2250 points. The each additional block needs to be completely painted before going onto the next. If one of us fails to meet a deadline, they must put £2.50 in the pot, which will go in the kitty for the night out we are going to have when we complete our armies. Good idea eh?

21-08-2007, 21:28
The army I am doing is the Cult of Slaanesh. There are a few reasons for doing this particular army :

1. Slaanesh magic is great
2. Good mixture of units (both Chaos and Dark Elf)
3. Loads of magic items (Chaos, Dark Elf, Cult of Slaanesh and Albion!!!!)
4. No-one at our club does them at the moment
5. Mounted Deamonettes (20 inch charge!!!)
6. Some great characters

The next step is to do a 750 point list, and order the miniatures....

22-08-2007, 07:22
As 1 of the other 3 members who was roped into this project :p I must say I'm looking forward to atleast getting a fully painted army i can play with.
The biggest problem i have is collecting miniatures and sticking/converting them together (which i prefer to do as i'm a modeller at heart) then not touching them with a lick of paint for months or years in some cases. :eek:

As the proud owner of roughly 3000+pts of unpainted, mostly metal, Von Carstein/Army of Sylvania VC, I'll be working towards getting these finally finished.

So my first step is going to be to work out a playable 750pt list with my current figures.
(I'm trying not to purchase many more miniatures - maybe the odd character conversion here and there, so i don't have to worry about painting more than what i already own)

The Jay
22-08-2007, 23:49
Well i'm one of the other four gamers and i'm gonna be fielding my dwarves in this journey, i've been a stout dwarf player since i got into warhammer (no pun intended) many moons past and have loved everything about them from the get go. I have of course grumbled and moaned as many others have about the crazy changes over the course of thier development, from metal bolt throwers and slayer armies to bath tub gyrocopters and longbeard bugman's. but in the end they're the army i feel has the most character.

And with this in mind when i went into collecting dwarves what i loved most about them was the viking feel that went with all thier background and so what better hold to do for me than kraka drakk, i bought my army with a very rustic dwarf list in mind, less of these new fangled gizmo's and more solid and simple dwarf engines. so my army list featured crossbowdwarves, bolt throwers and stone throwers instead of cannon's, organ gun's and thunderer's, and I kept this in mind when i wrote the 1st 750pt list.

My first and obvious choice was a thane to lead my troops, with a save already at 4+ and a toughness of 5 i figured he'd be a tough nut to crack in these small pt games i gave him a shield to make him that little bit harder to bring down, not as hot on the offensive as the other characters he'd be facing but in classic dwarven fashion i'm hoping to wear them down.

My second choice was a dragon slayer, for 50pts these little fellas can hold thier own without buying them anything!

I then chose a block unit of warriors for the thane to sit in, I decided to keep the units in my army small and add to them as we went along this way i got more choice in my list and meant I wasn't painting alot of one thing, to keep things fresh.

I own alot of the old longbeard models and think they've alot of character, it was a shame to see such good models gathering dust so I added 10 of these to my list.

i took a unit of 5 slayers for look more than effect and after reading some background fluff in the last dwarf codex about norse dwarves shaving thier head completly I figured this will help give a unique look to my army so after some intresting filing i'm fielding these fellas hoping they'll look ok.

what would a dwarf army be without at least one warmachine, so i popped a bolt thrower in for good measure, and not to be without any missle support i added 10 crossbowdwarves.

then on a whim, i added a unit of 10 norse maurader's from the dogs of war list as human allies and used the very old GW norse models just to add a bit more character.

with my painting i've used bleached bone and red as my primary colours and used alot of brown and earthy colours to keep them looking muted, i alway's felt madly dressed and coloured dwarves never have the right feel and all belong in the empire!

that all said and done i'm really looking forward to painting these boy's up and giving them a run.

Thane 67pts

Dragonslayer 50pts

14xWarriors 151pts

10xCrossbowdwarves 110pts

10xLongbeards 145pts

5xSlayers 55pts

Bolt Thrower 65pts
+engineer w/ brace of pistols

10xNorsemen 100pts
+great wpns

Will Keep you informed, Happy Gaming!

23-08-2007, 13:33
Props on the norse DoW, dwarf guy! And old models ftw.
Looking forward to the vamps and the cult too, good stuff.
Luck lads!

- Salvage

23-08-2007, 17:43
Player number 4 of this little project and im planning a Tomb Kings army with a bit of a twist. Ive been into ancient history all my life and have always tried to put a bit of historical realism into my fantasy armies. Kind of ironic as fantasy is all about escapism but there you go.
My plan is to build an army of Old Nehekara without all the crazy constructs and weird and wonderful things. I want my units to feel like they are as important to the tomb king in death as much as they were in life and not just a random of brainless (pun intended) undead (please see Rhyno's army for more of this ;) ). Im painting my chariots in cowhide colours resembling the auxiliary chariots found in some of Egypts allies.
We'll ill leave you for now but aim to post some of my painted units later tonight.


23-08-2007, 19:31


as promised
Painted these guys in 5 hours including assembly and for my usual lazy self thats not bad :D

The Jay
23-08-2007, 20:57

These Guy's are the first of Many (hopefully!) I've decided against the shield shown here which i got from the chaos maurader sprue, mostly because it's a pain in the neck to convert them all up, so to keep with a rustic look i've decided on the new orc wooden shields, my next unit to tackle will be my boltthrower and crossbowdwarves, and i'll pop them on over the next week.

If anyone has any comments please feel free, all critisism and suggestions welcome!

Happy gaming!

The Jay
29-08-2007, 23:53
Well so far so good on the painting front, My warrior unit now has the new orc shields on and looks great and the bare standard u see in the pic has some detail now, i've even whitened up the snow as i thought it looked to dull (more pics after the weekend!) My boltthrower and crew is done, tho i need to do the engineer for them, and i've only got 3 more crossbowdwarves left to do, i've been a little side tracked with finishing them tho by my slayers, and have fallen into painting them at the mo.
The bald headed slayers have turned out really good and i'm gonna keep my dragon/daemon slayers with thier big hair to differentiate them from the rest of the boy's.
looking at the norse boy's i think they're gonna take the longest to do as they've alot of individuality to each model but for that reason they should be quite intresting to do too. that all said and done i'm looking to have the dwarf lot of my army done by mid sept. so i've plenty of time to finish them before the deadline (fingers crossed)

Will keep you informed.

Happy Gaming!

30-08-2007, 20:40
Well, my order has finally been delivered so at least I have some figures to get to work on!!!!

30-08-2007, 22:48
Nice log so far, the white/cream on the skelton warrior shields looks very good and the blue works well as a contrast (never really see TKs in anything but solid blue!).

The old school dwarfs are amazing! Reminds me of the good old days when I first got into GW when I was really young. Proper classics!

Keep up the good work!

31-08-2007, 03:02
Looks great so far, guys!

@ Dai - How did you do the bases on your skeletons? They look great and I should be digging out my Tomb Kings soon so any tips would be great (and don't tell me that's just unpainted sand - if it is, that means I've been wasting my time "properly" basing my figures).

31-08-2007, 18:56
@Cygnusmaximus - I was watching Dai during a recent painting session, he flocked the base with a fine sand, sprayed the mini white (i do the same - i find it holds the flock on the base better) used a watered down flesh? wash over the mini & base. The rest looks like a bry brush over the flock and then painted the edges. I'll get Dai to list what paints he used.

On another note, i should! (hopefully) get photos posted this weekend of my army - prepaint.

01-09-2007, 20:33
yeah its sprayed white alongside the rest of the model and then brown inked. I then wetbrush the sand with Yellow ochre (Vallejo but im sure gw do a similar colour) followed by successive bleached bone (again Vallejo equivalent) and finally white. Im thinking of adding some static grass dry brushed with bleached bone to make it appear dry and dead but im not sure. Hope that helps :)

Also started my Tomb prince model. Think of the current Tomb Prince model (with great weapon) but with his head chopped off and a plastic Gold wizard head in its place. Looks kinda cool, ill link him once he's painted.

Stay classy,

03-09-2007, 17:15
Here is my list :

750 Pts - Dark Elves Roster - 750 Cult Slaanesh

13 Devoted of Slaanesh of Slaanesh
Mark of Slaanesh; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Hate High Elves; Immune to Psychology
1 Mistress
Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Speed of Slaanesh

10 Dark Elf Warriors
Hand Weapon; Repeater Crossbow; Light Armor; Hate High Elves

6 Mounted Daemonettes
Causes Fear; Daemonic; Fast Cavalry; Immune to Psychology; Poisoned Attacks
6 Mount

1 Sorceress of Slaanesh
General; Mark of Slaanesh; Mark / Spell Handler; Level 2 Upgrade; Hate High Elves; Immune to Psychology

1 Reaper Bolt Thrower
Hate High Elves; Repeater Bolt Thrower
2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armor

Total Roster Cost: 748

One thing I had forgotten is just how expensive elves actually are - after spending an age on Druchii.net reading about tacticas and such, I have decided I will probably go down the MSU road. Under 7th Edition this will probably do well.

The Jay
08-09-2007, 17:17
Sorry we haven't udated you guy's with any photo's yet, chris is our resident photographer and he's buggered off on a cruise at the mo, but here's an update on my progress through the medium of words:

My Painting Schedule seems to be on target i've 1 more slayer to complete and i've painted my dragon slayer to go with them, all i need to do is finish the engineer to go with the bolt thrower, my lonbeard unit and of course my Thane by about sept. the 20th and that'll leave me a good 10 day's or so to finish the norse mauraders, so i'm pretty much on track i reckon, which given my awfully slow speed of painting i'm relieved.

That all said and done i hope the others are going as well as mine (tho part of me doesn't coz it means more money in the pot and a free lunch for me :p )

Will keep you informed
Happy Gaming!

08-09-2007, 18:08

I'm really looking forward to seeing more updates, guys!
(especially from the Jay, as I'm currently painting my dwarf OOP army for the TOFP...)
The original white dwarf series was a great read, and hopefully so will be your tale! :D

Keep it up, everyone!

Oh! One more reason to keep an eye on this is that my brother actually went to university at Swansea! (but that got me wondering..do you guys have a GW store there?? Back in 1999 there was only an independent stockist, I think it was called "comic shoppe" or something like this..)

The Jay
08-09-2007, 22:37
Yeah there's a Main GW store here has been for many, many years. but the comic shoppe is a good independant stockist, cheap and will order in anything he doesn't have in store.

11-09-2007, 08:05
Here's a brief description of what i intend to fit in my 750pts. (sorry if its a bit vauge, but i'm in work at the moment and haven't got any books with me:P) I will updated when i get home.


Necromancer (General) 100pts
Level 2

Vampire Thrall (Von Carstein) 86pts
Heavy armour

14 Skeletons - 179pts
Light armour, Shields, Spears, Full Command

14 Skeletons - 169pts
Light armour, Shields, Spears, Standard & Musician

10 Ghouls - 80pts

8 Dire Wolves - 80pts

I was originally thinking of fitting a Banshee in but with Dwarves and their high leadership and the other two armies pretty much immune to psychology, she's going to be a bit of a waste. So if i've got any points spare, it will go towards either a unit of DOW crossbowmen/cannon or a small unit of Black Knights.

This leaves me with 56pts left to spend, not enough for any DOW units or knights, so i'll have to drop 1 ghoul and take a unit of 3 fell bats.

Necromancer (General) 100pts
Level 2

Vampire Thrall (Von Carstein) 86pts
Heavy armour

14 Skeletons - 179pts
Light armour, Shields, Spears, Full Command

14 Skeletons - 169pts
Light armour, Shields, Spears, Standard & Musician

9 Ghouls - 72pts

8 Dire Wolves - 80pts

3 Fell Bats - 60pts

Total: 746pts

12-09-2007, 21:02
OK finished my tomb prince. Looking very cool imo if a little arrogant, but that can only be a good thing ;). Reading up i notice the other guys have written army lists for you. Bugger that, im far to lazy and sneaky to let that on until my 1st 750pts is done. :evilgrin:

13-09-2007, 20:46
ok in hindsight that was pretty slack. So here goes:

Tomb Prince with light armour and great weapon 106pts

Liche Priest 115pts


19 Skeleton Warriors with shields, spears (S,M,C) 196pts

10 Skeleton Warriors with bows 80pts


3 chariots 120pts

3 chariots 120pts

Total 737pts (with the spirit of the original TO4G's this allows me 13pts to roll over to next month. Woohoo a skeleton!)

13-09-2007, 20:50
Should be interesting... consider me subscribed :)

15-09-2007, 15:12
OK update time.
Finished my unit of 10 skeleton archers. Painted their gear in very drab colours with the intention of them being auxiliaries in the Khemri army rather then regular soldiers. Kind of like Nubians and Sea Peoples were in the armies of New kingdom Egypt. Iíve got 2 weeks now to assemble and paint 6 chariots so the pressure is really on. Not as much as it will be from Chris when he gets back from Alaska though :p. Im thinking of applying static grass to the bases, drybrushed bleached bone to give the appearance of dried grass. What do you guys think?


17-09-2007, 20:18
Just finished my 1st chariot. The cow skin worked really well and looks exactly the way i imagined it would. got my 20 skeleton warriors, 10 archers, tomb prince and 1 chariot next to my computer and its starting to feel like an army! As soon as Chris gets back pictures will follow.


The Jay
17-09-2007, 21:52
Well I've decided on a colour for my Longbeards finally and have painted the champion, i've decided on a dark green which i'm hoping will fit in nicely with the rest of the army.

i've got to crack on with these fellas if i'm gonna leave enough time to finish the norse berserkers before the deadline, chris will be back soon and photo's a plenty will follow

19-09-2007, 14:45
I am back from my Cruise now so we can get some photos done. I need to paint some stuff too!!!

21-09-2007, 12:35
Not a bad list there Dai! I have been experimenting with test models and not doing very well, so I might have to rethink the paint scheme. I will try and get some pics up this weekend, so you can all see the results.

I have been thinking about the general tactics for the army overall, and I think I will be going for a firepower orientated army. I am definitely going to be including 2 Dogs of War units (anyone who knows me knows that I have this compulsion to include Dogs Of War with everything for some unknown reason). Can anyone guess which ones? :evilgrin:

All the lists are looking good. Everyone seems to have more stuff than me!!!

21-09-2007, 14:21
Sounding good... I think the idea of statoc grass dry brushed could work, but i'd be worried about it coming off on the drybrush... isnt there any 'dead grass' style static grass out there...?

And Chris_Tzeentch, from a personl point of view, please dont do any Dogs of War units... keep the list pure, and face the challenges it presents like a man ;)

The Jay
21-09-2007, 20:54
I agree with Crube, the only reason old chrisy here will be taking dogs of war is to include things in the army to counter any flaws of the original army, Be a man (or Elf) and face us with your chosen army!!

On an update point i'm well underway to finishing my longbeards and then only have the norse boy's left which i must admit i'm a little bit nervous about finishing before our deadline of the 1st oct.. should be a close one.

21-09-2007, 22:03
I wouldn't worry too much about the deadline Jay, my £2.50 is already in the pot :)

The Jay
25-09-2007, 23:24
Okay Guy's Monday's the deadline for the first stage and i'm not sure i'm gonna make it this month with the norse boy's, in order to make the deadline I'm gonna do my miners instead and do the berserkers in the next installment.

Even with the miners it's gonna be a close call!

Will keep you informed
Happy Gaming

02-10-2007, 12:15
I have had a rethink - I am selling my Cult of Pleasure, and going down the Tzeentch Cavalry road. This means I am behind everyone else in the painting program, although I think it will be quite easy to catch up. I will have selected my 1000 points and ordered the miniatures, so we shall see how things progress. I am even considering a very Thousand Sons feel to the army....

02-10-2007, 12:54
So, monday has passed; Any updates, guys?
Please do post some pictures of your armies so far (even half-painted), it adds extra flavour!

P.S. Don't worry, Chris_Tzeentch, after all the tale is about getting an army you like. (and judging by the name, you'd rather play with horrors than with deamonettes..no pun intended whatsoever :D )

No, how about some photos?? :evilgrin:

The Wudewasa
02-10-2007, 16:35
I've seen Dai's Tomb Kings in the flesh (bone?) and they are looking good. The Tomb Prince himself is really nice.

But I digress, I joined the Warseer Forums specifically to say "Come on you slackers"!


03-10-2007, 12:07
subscribed, im a vc player myself so ill be interested to see how the sylvanians turn out

04-10-2007, 11:23
The lack of photos is due to me not being able to post due to no internet yet installed in my new house. I am using this on another computer. Don't worry, its worth the wait - the new pics are really nice. Everyone (except me) is doing very well. Keep it up! In the meantime, why not describe what your next 250 point addition for October will be?

06-10-2007, 22:06
Here are Dai's figures :




Apologies for the crap pictures, but my camera's batteries decided to call it a night.

We will get some better ones done shortly.

Gazak Blacktoof
07-10-2007, 12:23
I'm subscribing to this thread as the tomb kings are done the same way I want mine. Its similar to the scheme on the cover of the book, nice to see it working on the models too.

I'd though about using that gold wizard head for my necrons (maybe in a cult list) forgot all about tomb kings. Works very well as a death mask.

07-10-2007, 19:27
751 Pts Chaos Beast Mounted List

1 Tuskgor Chariot 85 Pts

1 Tuskgor Chariot 85 Pts

10 Centigor with shields, standard bearer, musician, champion 225 Pts

4 Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne with standard bearer, musician, champion 275 Pts

1 Bray-Shaman with Mark of Chaos Undivided and Braystaff 81 Pts

I have finally decided to go for a mounted army, but after much messing about, I decided to go for beasts. The Tuskgor chariots are tough, and fairly good value for the points.

The Centigor form a nice solid core unit to the army, although I will increase the unit size to 20 as the army gets bigger. I will have a very fast, tough unit with a standard, musician, outnumbering bonus and 3 full ranks.

The Chosen Knights are going to be converted into heavily armoured Centigor, or Knightgors as they are sometimes known. Should be a nasty unit.

The Bray Shaman provides some magical support. I might change the Chaos mark on this one as the army develops. We shall have to wait and see.

So here goes!

The Wudewasa
12-10-2007, 10:10
Hmmm... update... Update.... UPDATE!

Come on Chris, I know your Broadband is back on now. Time to get some more piccies up!

Oh, and you might want to think about the title of the thread too with the recent changes in Swansea.

12-10-2007, 11:33
Oh? What happened?
Just curious as I live in the area, I tend to only go to the Vets Night at the GW store but I had heard about the Wargames Society from various places.

15-10-2007, 11:16
The Swansea Wargames Society has ceased to be. The historical wargamers have set up the Swansea Wargames Club, while the fantasy/40k/Flames of War/Warmachine players have moved to Glais Rugby club on a Monday night. We are in the process of deciding on a new name for the club - we got some good suggestions so watch this space!

We now have a forum set up for the club too - http://swargames.freeforums.org/index.php

The Jay
02-11-2007, 20:51
Well my fellas are done and are in their posing pouches and are ready for their close up :)
i've started my next 250pts now and when the slackers get a move on we'll be playing our first set of games with 759pts and i'll write ya all the battle report.

as for my next 250pts i've mostly started bulking out my existing units but i've started a unit of hammers (i have a unit of the old ones and i couldn't leave them out of the army they look to cool!!)

i'll bother chris this coming week and get him round one of our houses to get some some snaps done. i've even started making some themed terrain to go with them!!

Will keep u informed
The Jay
Happy gaming!

07-11-2007, 08:47
Likin them stunties :D

12-11-2007, 11:53
Well, I have totally abandoned the Chaos thing and gone for High Elves instead! I am working on my stuff at the moment, but the whole thing has gone quiet. We need an impetus of energy to keep us going. Some guys at our club have discussed taking part as well, but we need to discuss it.

The Wudewasa
19-11-2007, 12:50

Chris, you have the complete inability to stick with any army more than 5 minutes!


Disappointed of Swansea

19-11-2007, 18:51
C'mon guys - I subscribed to this thread... and there has been far too little painting being done...

I was enjoying it too...

Paragon Belial
19-11-2007, 21:38
I love the general idea of this thread. I would love to do something similar with some of my friends, but I doubt i could talk them into it!