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22-08-2007, 00:00
So, I was thinking of starting LotR, with a Gondor, Tower of Ecthelion Army.

500pts - Toer of Ecthelion:

Faramir, Heavy Armour, Bow
Beregond of Gondor
Captain of Gondor, Horse, Lance

8 Warriors of Gondor, Shields
8 Warriors of Gondor, Spears
6 Citadel Guard
5 Knights of Minas Tirith

Allied Continegent - Rangers of Ithilien:


8 Rangers of Gondor

So, is it any good?

22-08-2007, 07:59
Looks like a pretty solid start. But I've a few suggestions.

I'd drop the bow on Faramir. I'd either drop a knight, or a couple of the Citadel guard. I'd replace them with some more rangers. If I get a chance, then I'd strongly consider getting Madril in there. His reserves bonus is valuable as heck!

I also see that your spearmen aren't listed with shields. Is this oversight, or actually correct?

22-08-2007, 11:56
Just a technical point. Although the total number of bows in your whole army is not more than a third, due to the fact that the rangers are an allied contingent they must have atleast twice as many warriors without bows as rangers.

The purpose of this rule is to stop things like allying with elves to gain a full third of elven archers and combine them with any random army.

You can sort it really easily. The warriors of gondor just have to be moved to the rangers of ithilien list to make the army legal.

22-08-2007, 12:46
I do that myself in my Gondor lists... And I didn't see it. :(

Good catch that man!

23-08-2007, 21:40
It's a bit silly really. Technically the warriors have to be from one area but if you want to say they're from another in the background it makes no difference.
Still it stops certain types of power gaming.