View Full Version : St Andrews University Gamesoc prep

26-08-2005, 01:36
Right folks, I'm begining to think of what I should be ferrying up to St Andrews for use during the year. So, not only for me, but for everyone else wishing to coordinate/inform/etc please help the effort here!

Primarily I'm BFG, Inquisitor, 40k and Fantasy, so will be taking a selection back up, most likely:

BFG: Tau(4000pts+)[also own Imperial navy 3k, Chaos 3k, SMs 2k, Eldar 750]
Inq: 28mm Adeptus Mechanicus 'campaign' Warband + 2 Ad mech techies 54mm
40k: Tau or Dark Eldar(also have Salamanders, all up to or about 3k)
Fantasy: 2k Dwarfs

Any recomendations otherwise? I'd also request/hint that a wee bitty coordination wouldn't go amiss either, I sorely missed BFG last year, though I'm willing to bring up the rest of my BFG stuff to allow for proxying and perhaps borrowing(or even at the right price: sale)

So, any other St Andrews students heading back up that have thoughts on what they're bringing?